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Thread: Delightful Adventure! -My "exciting or very unusual experiences".

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    Venus I thank you deeply for your wonderful sign!

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    The adventure of seeing my mother

    We never wanted you to go to your easel,
    with a beautiful can of white paint, ONLY.

    "Itīs pure!
    Itīs uninhibited, with contrast!"

    -Itīs boring!

    The joy IS IN THE JOURNEY!

    from the clip
    Laugh with Abraham Hicks

    ... I WANT to be able to see it like this, always!
    I WANT to get there, fully.
    I am on a life-long-journey about it,
    and I get better and better. It stays to be an adventure.
    And I LIKE the excuse to learn to focus, masterfully, in this.
    I LIKE how clear it is that this is my job.
    I like the expansion.
    I like the wonderful sweetness, when I line up!
    I like this dance.
    I like my love for her.

    I like her intensity.
    I like her stubborness.
    I like her braveness.
    I like her laughter.
    I like her mischief.
    I like her uniqueness.

    "IB, can you see my mother?"

    Abe tell the story of Esther, not being able to see clearly at the eye-test
    for her drivers-license, but trusting Abraham to see clearly- and so, Abe did.
    Abe advice us to ask our IB to SEE what we canīt see,
    beyond our negative expectation and resistances, and to line up with that.

    You can see through the lense of your own eyes,
    the mother that your IB sees!
    "Abraham, can you see my mother?"

    "YES, and sheīs LOVELY!
    She means well, and she loves you, and sheīs out of whack
    and sheīs in a state of resistance, YES, but what a lovely mother!
    Who gave you an avenue to this time-space-reality."

    Now, we know itīs a little hard to go cold turkey about that.
    And to just feel good about someone you have momentum about.
    And we know, it never feels good to us, or anyone, to say to you
    "Your problem with your mother canīt be solved by you,
    with your mother doing nothing to change."

    Because, itīs unlikely that sheīs going to change!
    And so, in order for that pain to go away, youīve gotta find
    some other way of looking at it!

    Most people live very conditional lives. (...)
    Your IB looks in ways that allows continued alignment!

    2016-10-02 in Boston

    I like to be moved by her.
    I like how much I want to love her.
    I like how willing I am, and how irresistable she is to be loved.
    I like the contrast she gave me that was the fuel for the extraordinary expansion
    I took.
    I love how clearly I learned from her about what I want and what I donīt want.
    I love how I learned what just will not work.
    I appreciate that, DEEPLY. It made my path so much clearer, and more full and
    bold and so satisfying, after having figured all this out and lined up with it,
    in most ways.

    Love yourself enough,
    that you are willing to stop
    torturing yourself with negative emotion.

    Stamford, May 2014

    THANK YOU Mutti!
    Thank you.

    You and me. I see you. I see us.

    I see the eternal lovestory, between us.
    I love loving you.
    I love learning due to you.
    I appreciate this vibe of love, between us.

    Emotional Olympics...!

    So the work is remaining up here, and not let her drag me down there?

    Ya! Step 3 and 4 are! Step 3 and 4 and 5, really.
    Step 3: Feeling good, anyway.
    And step 4: Getting really good at it! To the point,
    that you are even appreciating
    her for the PRACTICE that she requires of you!

    "I love you SO MUCH, Mom, because if it werenīt for you-
    Iīd be expecting everybody to be behave in a way, that I feel better.
    And youīr not the only one in my world, who wonīt behave
    just because I need them to!"

    So, itīs emotional Omympics!

    Getting REALLY good at it! Thatīs what step 4 is:
    The MASTERY of Alignment!
    And then, step 5:
    Oh, thatīs when it really gets fun!
    Step 5 is when you dip back, you can look back at contrast,
    but it doesnīt upset you!

    "Oh, thatīs just Mom. Thatīs how she usually is!
    And it doesnīt bother me anymore, because it doesnīt
    dis-empower me, anymore! Because, I donīt let my attention
    upon her take away my clarity.
    My alignment. My vitality. My humor. My FUN!"

    2016-10-02 in Boston

    I so appreciate her for the fantastic soulmate she was, in making me see clear,
    and gain my joyful balance, and the momentum to become who I am, now.

    I used to blamed my pain on her, and now I praise her for having "made me" come into vicinity of the awe, the respect and closeness that I live everyday with my children.
    Thank you. I so love you.

    From inside the vortex,
    everything is beautiful.
    From inside the vortex,
    everything is working out
    really well.


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    My Adventure of choosing a WANTED focus,
    even when unwanted "what-is" has so much momentum.

    You don’t have to go someplace different,
    you have to be different in the place you’re in.

    You don’t have to go someplace different,
    you have to be different in the place you’re in.
    And when you are different in the place that you’re in,
    the place that you’re in will transform- and transform quickly.

    And if it isn’t transforming quickly,
    it’s because you’ve got what-is-it-is.

    And all that is, is a determination to explain what is.

    San Francisco 2009

    I am fascinated by this adventure, that Iīm on since so long.
    I understood even as a very small child, that there is a power that most of the world did not muster- while I was sooo eager to get my hands in, on.
    When I was 3, I started to "work" with our familyīs German Shepherd that was then a bandog, and not trained at all. We became closest friends, and since then, Iīm certain he got reborn into at least 2 other dogs of the 9 I owned, and we continue to "work", and he continues to be my dance-mate and teacher.

    I also was known to be best friends with the "bad" dogs all around in our community, and I also could handle the untouchable horses in my life.
    I was fascinated by the wonderful, non-violent work of the horse- dog- cattle- elephant- and lion-whisperers that crossed my path, and I understood far before Abe, that the "miracles" I and them achieved was about the clear, pure focus on what was wanted, and about the animals- as ALL nature and creation- flowing with that tone, totally reliable, joyfully, lovingly, eagerly, willingly and gloriously.

    I never saw the biblical story of Daniel in the lionīs den as a miracle carved out from terrible misery. For me, it was triumphant, clear evidence of living the natural truth, it empowered me over the years again and again- and I never stopped working on becoming even better in that, myself.

    Now, Iīm at a new level of this, once more.
    Now, Iīm getting this in the SUBTLE here and now, without the attention-calling outline of having mighty huge animals with sharp teeth or deadly hooves that challenge me, or having huge unwanted misery, or dramatic powers in my face. Iīve covered that.

    Now, itīs about the now-now-now.
    Now, itīs about the DELICIOUSNESS of every moment.
    Now, itīs about the "unneccessary" and whimsy, the just-for-fun.
    Now itīs about the JOY, the ease, the sweetness.

    Now, itīs about an even deeper level of trust...
    Itīs about me fully trusting the Wellbeing of life.
    Fully trusting and focusing- in ease, without any drama or need- the wanted Goodness, no matter what.
    No matter my momentum that might "prove" something less.
    No matter "what is"... but, unconditional.
    Joyfully. Clearly. Naturally. Normally. Easily. Gloriously.

    You cannot control circumstances.
    You never intended to control circumstances.
    You intended to discover unconditional love.

    You intended to discover a way to feel good,
    no matter what,
    because you have the facility,
    you have the power:
    you have the ability to focus.


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    The adventure of allowing the path to light up

    Just chill out a little bit
    and let the path light up,
    and enjoy it when you step on it.”


    I feel SUCH VICTORY.
    I feel invincible!
    I feel blessed with "seemingly no good reason"
    And I donīt care if others get my triumph!
    I SO LOVE IT to be where I am.

    My men (DH and two sons) managed to get to a point of fascinating result in
    our all mutual journey of restoring our "gentle black giant", aka the "Adventure car".
    Itīs an 30 year old regal Mercedes S-Class, that we bought last year knowing it would need some devoted care to be able to shine again in itīs original perfection, after having lived a colorful and not always friendly journey.

    My husband fell deeply in love with it at first sight, and all my 3 sons with him.
    They all are eager to inherit it eventually- aka, as soon as possible!
    Also, we had decided before that the decision what car we would buy would be this time my husbandīs choice to make solely. And, he WANTED THIS car!

    I loved seeing them all in this joy and eagerness, while I, myself, couldnīt wrap my heart around this car, at first. SO not *my* style! I was stuck in prejudices about sedans and especially unhandy huge luxury-sedans, and: Purchasing it seemed highly "unreasonable" for *me* for other several basic reasons- until I came up with the term "Adventure-car", to soothe myself.

    This car would be an adventure.
    An adventure of seeing my men following their "weird" dreams, unconditionally.
    An adventure, of trusting that the knowing, the guidance, the skills, all the perfect pieces that this car called for would show up in perfect timing.
    An adventure of soothing manyfold old trained resistant beliefs in all of us, and finding the own inner worthiness that matches a "royal car".
    An adventure of daring something completely new and yet totally unknown.
    An adventure of going into this, ALL TOGETHER, and trusting each other, our bliss and the joyous unfolding.

    And so, we all decided and committed to do that, and ohhh, was it worth it!

    Every moment of your experience
    is the peak of life experience.
    This is where your powerful now is.
    This is where the desire is radiating from you
    and is being allowed by you.

    Excerpted from: Houston, TX on January 05, 2002

    So, we all together restored the interior, I figured out how to put the car back on legal wheels without any of the originally estimated costs or aggravations, and DH and my son H got an inkling about what the main problem with the engine really could be, despite 2 expertīs opinions, that there was no hope and it would need a replacement engine.

    We all allowed the time and the balancedness, without need or pushing, to let the perfect ideas, the perfect insights, and the perfect co-creation in the perfect time occur, and noone was inspired to take action before. An extremely rare repair-manual revealed itself. The perfect "knowing" and inner guidance that the expertīs opinion was off, showed up. The perfect place in a heated workshop, with the presence of an old car-whisperer who showed up in perfect timing, who applied us with perfect specific advice and the perfect tools in the perfect moment. We even got fed with delicious homemade chocolates in the crucial hours!

    And finally, instead of "needing" a new engine for the price of at least 6000 Euro, or instead of that, appr. 2 months complicated work, the men fixed the whole thing for the cost of 7 Euro on material in one afternoon.

    Don't believe in the limitation.
    Believe in the expansion of your own desire,
    and trust that the Universe will give you
    exactly the vibrational equivalent.

    Trust that the Universe will yield to you
    a never ending unfolding of perfection,

    if you will allow it.


    Black giant, I so learned to love you!
    I LOVE the adventure around you that we all dared.
    I love the unfolding. I love the expansion!
    I love the experience of having lived this with my beloveds.

    Ohhhh, WHAT A RIDE!

    If you can be happy, ANYWAY...
    if you can show yourself, that how you feel is not contingent
    on what is, but how you feel is ONLY about
    allowing your vibration to be where it naturally is-
    that then the ideas will come. And we wanna say to you,
    we know for sure, that when this first idea comes,
    LONG before the fruition of it, when that first idea comes,
    itīs gonna feel great.

    And if youīve mastered alignment, the next idea will be feeling
    even better, and then the next and the next and the next.
    And then the rendezvouses, the convergences!
    The things that will come together! Itīs just this flow of MAGIC.

    The worthiness-factor goes through the roof,
    and you begin to feel invincibility.
    You begin to feel that there isnīt ANYTHING,
    that you can not accomplish.

    Because youīve got source-energy at your back,
    blowing you into the direction of anything that you want.

    And people say: "What do you want?" And you say: "THIS!"
    And they say: "What is this?" -"The RIDE!!!"
    "No, really. What are you after?" "The RIDE!" "But toward what end?"
    "to NO end!" "But what are you after?" "THIS!"
    "But why do you like this so much?"

    "Because I feel invincible! And I feel clear!
    Because I am surrounded by so many others,
    who are innovative, and eager, and having fun,
    and moving forwards."

    You left the battle way behind.
    The battle is what built your Vortex. Now your Vortex is ripe
    for the plucking, and itīs time for you to get into the receptive mode,
    and just be the realizer of the path. The delicious path.

    The path thatīs full of more good ideas,
    and more lovely intertwining,
    and more evidence, more streaming of more nonphysical consciousness.
    More insight. More seeing it, before it happens.
    More KNOWING it, before you have proof.
    More confidence, without reason.

    Leaving behind completely your need or desire to justify anything,
    to anyone.
    Just sheer happiness, as you look out into your world-
    you see one like that, who got it.

    And if you listen to them up close, they are not trying to justify anything.

    They are just riding that stream.

    Houston Texas, March 19, 2016
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Show yourself happiness unconditionally, and there will be no limits for you

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    The Adventure of putting Alignment- indicated by Joy-
    first and foremost.

    In every solution, there is a poignant,
    and FABULOUS problem!
    Solutions are born out of awarenesses of problems.

    Iow, if you donīt allow yourself to explore the range of it,
    then you donīt get very far down the road!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why Do I Like Dark Stuff?

    I chose to not regret a bit, anymore.
    I chose to look back only in deep appreciation.
    I choose to look forwards in loving JOY and alignment for the solutions, that
    my life has gathered.
    I chose to feel the triumph of that!
    I chose to solely look for the emotion that I care for, the next- and to
    embrace it when it fills in.

    I chose victory, NOW, UNCONDITIONALLY.
    I chose alignment over everything else!
    I choose LOVE. I choose happiness.
    I choose JOY.
    And that feels SO GOOD,
    and it feels often hilarious in a "normal world" that seems to demand so
    much stuff and fuss and effort.

    -I choose JOY.

    I so LOVE my lightheartedness!
    I love my ease.
    I love my clarity.
    I love my knowing! I love the beauty of choosing joy, love and goodness!
    Sometimes I really feel as a pirate. Free, wild, not jumping
    through the hoops of others, who donīt know what Iīm about and where I go.
    I love them, and I donīt care. I wish them well, and Iīm so open to share

    I LOVE my adventure-path, as it is EXCITING and CREATIVE, and I KNOW that it all always works out for me! I KNOW that the "unwanted" just is there to help me find the next delicious nugget, and become aware and deliberate and clear. Contrast is my friend, I am in SUCH appreciation for it!

    I WANT to discern and decipher and SEE!
    I LOVE the deliciousness of clarity.
    I LOVE the deliciousness of having the power and clarity and wisdom to CHOOSE!

    Oh, and the choosing is so friendly. So easy. So refreshing.
    Life-giving. Delightful!

    When an idea is born
    Any beliefs that you currently hold about it,
    that flow with it or against it, come to the surface.
    Any beliefs that are still active in your experience!

    So the hindering beliefs show themselves to you
    and give you an opportunity
    to work the wobble out of them, or not.
    That’s really what expansion is about.

    Esther’s been saying to herself, as an idea will occur to her
    and then, right on the heels of this fresh idea
    will come all of the reasons, why it might not be a good idea.

    And then she’s acknowledging:
    Alright… I got a wobble going on…
    Where did the new idea come from? What was I doing ?
    How was I feeling when that new idea came?

    Was that new idea born out of inspiration or desperation ?
    Was it born out of desire or was it born out of need ?
    Did it come from something I want ?
    Or did it come from something that I want to fix ?

    And in the moment that she acknowledges:
    Oh… that was a fresh idea… That was an inspired idea…
    I was in a wobble-free place!
    That idea came, but then the beliefs that I hold
    that contradict it, are now coming to the surface.

    So that now I can begin de-wobbling this!

    So if she jumps in with both feet, then she just wobbles more.
    But if she acknowledges:
    'Oh.. a new idea came, and undoubtedly I have some beliefs
    that are hindering that new idea. I’ll see where this goes….'

    Then what happens is:
    Each time she thinks about it, the thought will come again.
    And each time the thought comes again,
    she has an opportunity of choosing
    a less wobbly approach to it.

    Until in a very short period of time,
    we’re talking in some cases less than 5 minutes,
    we’re talking in some cases about 5 days-
    it depends upon what the subject was
    and how big the wobble was within it, but in every case
    the diminishing of the wobble, or better way of saying it,
    the focusing upon what is wanted.

    She can begin to feel the momentum of it.
    This is what deliberate creation is!"

    ~ Abraham, Atlanta, May 10, 2014

    I feel so free!
    I feel carried by the Universe, and guided by the compass of joy.
    I love this life! I love ME. I love MY PATH.
    I love my dreams. I love my bumps in the road, as they are thrilling.
    I trust my nonphysical staff, I know the "fairies of the Universe" that are WITH ME, in this, together.
    I feel blessed to choose exactly what I desire.
    I feel empowered.
    I feel so connected. I feel free. I feel powerful. I feel brilliant- because
    I can always align with the brilliant unlimited magic powers of who I really am.
    I know this, even when I slip.
    I KNOW this, and this is all that I need to know.
    Ohhh, this feels SO GOOD!

    You where born to SELECT!
    You where born to choose!
    Donīt write a focus-wheel to get yourself to like things,
    that you donīt like!

    Thatīs NOT THE POINT of this!
    This is NOT what the art of allowing is.
    The art of allowing is not making yourself like,
    what everybody else wants you to like.

    The art of allowing is you, getting in sync with
    what YOU have put in your Vortex!
    Can you hear the difference in that?

    But that requires a willingness to accept
    the perfection and worthiness THAT IS YOU.
    That requires believing, that you are source-energy,
    and that source is aware of you.
    And that source knows what you want!
    And is calling you towards it, CONSTANTLY.

    Denver, 2015, 06.20

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    I feel so free!
    I feel carried by the Universe, and guided by the compass of joy.


    I am your crazy friend and love your adventures
    and I love :

    You cannot control circumstances.
    You never intended to control circumstances.
    You intended to discover unconditional love.

    You intended to discover a way to feel good,
    no matter what,
    because you have the facility,
    you have the power:
    you have the ability to focus.


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    When life causes you to become more,
    and you are wise enough to let yourself be it,
    you are yahooing down the canyons of the Universe,
    riding the rapids beyond riding the rapids...

    There is nothing that is more pleasing to the Source within you
    than to feel you get up to speed with who you are.
    That's the celebration that we are all having.
    That's the goosebumps that are rippling up your spine right now.

    That's the exhilaration.
    That's passion.
    That's inspiration.
    That's living life the way you intended to.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks
    from the clip: Exhilarating adventure of life

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    The Adventure of experiencing my last kids fly from the nest

    Nothing ever comes to a halt,
    things just keep evolving.



    We (source) are ALL focused forward,
    IN TIME, RIGHT NOW, with you.

    Of course you can remember your past. But- you know,
    this is why we are getting so exhilerated as we are following
    this train of thought: Itīs that your IB NEVER LOOKS BACK!


    Your IB is ALWAYS focused on this expansive, delicious sweet spot,
    watching you moving from where you are, to where you really mean
    to be.

    And in fact, your IB is not even focused on WHERE YOU ARE-
    your IB is focused upon where you REALLY are,

    Asheville, 2016.10.15 - 16, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Trust your guidance (new)

    In a deep felt, totally KNOWN KNOWING,
    I want to ponder my beloved boys H. and N., leaving home this autumn...

    "Leaving" home, to unfold in their DREAM-apprentice-ship-positions, in workshops that are famous to those who are of the scene. They both- easily- managed to make "miracles" to get positions that are extremely rare, or even totally unique, and they SO look forwards to their unique unfolding of their huge visions.

    I so love them to spread their wings and run, and fly and soar, and become more and more of who they are, while they are SO ALIGNED now- but, they will GROW and expand!!
    I so LOVE them, both.
    I so LOVE to be WITH THEM, in my heart.
    I so love to flow my love to them, and with them, and expand myself, as I see through their eyes.
    THANK YOU LIFE, that I had with them what was. IT WAS SO BIG.
    It was SO perfect. And now, there is coming even more.

    This is no becoming less, as they would "leave" me behind.
    This is becoming once more MORE, ans I fly with them.
    As I share their interests and their fascination, and their experiences-
    no matter how far away in physical distance we might be.

    WE ARE ONE in the core, we are so close in our love and appreciation for each other.
    I LOVE being sides by side with their IBīs, "calling them towards" what they want-
    not that they would need it.
    But, because it is SO MUCH FUN.

    It will be -eternally, on and on!- more then, than I have now.
    It is delightful expansion.
    Thank you, H and N!

    And this will become even more, and deeper, and broader, and more meaningful and -full, and stable and deep, and MORE lively, and more precious.

    I SO LOVE OUR STORY. I so love our journey. I so love US.

    THANK YOU LIFE. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel such Bliss!

    Empty Nest?

    (after telling the story of Esther, witnessing how mother-birds
    CALLED their chicks out of the nest, into flying towards them)

    Your children are CALLED out of the nest.
    Itīs just the most natural thing in the world.
    And when you join the call of their IB...!
    -Project yourself out there, into their fabulous future-experience,
    and join their IB in the welcoming of them,
    into the new phase of their life!

    Then there will be no resistance, it does adjust something into
    the new phase of YOUR life.
    Just make sure, that youīr not the nudger-out-of-the-nest,
    and that youīr not the regretter that the fleeing... the flying, the
    fleeing flying, has taken place and then, everything is good with you!

    (...) And the thing that made having your children with you so delicious,
    is that they where objects of attention, to which you could flow your
    pure, positive energy. It is SO delicious, to focus on someone,
    whom you LOVE SO MUCH.
    And just the fact, that they may be no longer
    in the house does not mean, that THAT EVER has to stop!

    So, if you continue to LOVE them, as you hold them as the object
    of your attention, you will feel NO EMPTY NEST.
    The empty-nest-thing is about using something as your excuse,
    to not allow yourself to be in the receiving mode. Thatīs all that ever is.

    And so, if you think about someone who may have said this to you-
    think about the mindset of that individual. Usually someone, looking for
    someone in the nest, to boy them up.
    If you are flowing the love outward,
    it does not matter to you if they are in the nest,
    out of the nest, on the same continent that you are-
    or even in physical form with you!

    Flowing love ALWAYS feels good!

    San Francisco, July 23, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Looking for bubbles (new)

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    We have asked the most important question:
    HOW does something get from the not-manifested,
    vibrational Vortex into my reality?
    How does it get in there?

    And the way it getīs in there, is

    Philadelphia-WS May 2012

    The adventure of moving energy to mold my life

    Focusing is NOT doing nothing!


    Moving energy to create my life... that is THE adventure of MY life.
    That is what has my passion, my fascination, my eagerness,
    my devoted interest.
    THAT IS WHO I AM and what I desire to master in big ways-
    being able to inspire and teach, through the clarity of my being.

    If you could understand that this is just
    energy movement
    and that the manifestation will take care of itself,
    it would take the difficulty out of real life.

    Stamford, May 2012

    I love the ease that is in this explanation.
    Itīs supposed to be easy.
    Itīs supposed to be JOYFUL.
    Itīs supposed to be delightful!
    Itīs supposed to be orgasmic.
    Itīs supposed to be the fulfillment of who we all are.

    I so love this.

    If you could understand that this is just
    energy movement
    and that the manifestation will take care of itself,
    it would take the difficulty out of real life.

    Stamford, May 2012

    I KNOW!
    I resonate deeply with this,
    and I am getting better and better.
    While I hit some trees from time to time, which really makes this adventurous.
    This takes ALL OF ME.
    It takes all my focus.
    All my love.
    All my dedication.
    All my ability to balance.
    All my awareness.

    If you could understand that this is just
    energy movement
    and that the manifestation will take care of itself,
    it would take the difficulty out of real life.

    Stamford, May 2012

    Itīs the biggest challenge that I know- really, pushing all the borders that hold me back,
    discarding all the fears and doubts I gathered,
    Standing "alone" and not really being able to follow anthing else that WHO I REALLY AM...
    but knowing that all the fairies of the Universe, all the unlimited powers that
    create worlds, all the living and nonphysical geniuses that are interested in this as well-
    around me and through me and with me.
    Itīs delightful.
    Itīs intensely challenging.
    Itīs more rewarding than anything else.
    Itīs easy.
    Itīs joyful beyond any description.
    Itīs who I really am:

    When there is something
    that you want-
    you must believe it.

    -Abe 4/11/99

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    The delightful Adventure of tuning myself incrementally,
    and witnessing CONSCIOUSLY the Unfolding while I go!

    You are creating something HUGE,
    and meaningful and satisfying and
    potentially extraordinary, you see.

    And nothing less than that is good enough for
    the likes of who you are! You didnīt come as amateurs.
    You are masterful creators in an environment
    of superb exposure to contents
    who give you the ability to launch this rockets of desire!

    And when you get hold of it, like you are- all are, here in this room,
    and you begin to deliberately build your emotional grid-
    -not for the purpose of building the framework for something
    that will come later, that will then satisfy you,
    but because the SCULPTING OF THE GRID
    is satisfying here and now

    and will potentially even be more satisfying as it fills in.

    Thatīs what we meant saying earlier:
    When you just stumble on, than you say "That was fun".

    But if you have thought about it and planned for it
    and found vibrational alignment with it
    and then watch the pieces of it come together-
    -then itīs just triumphant, triumphant, triumphant!

    The orgasmic qualities of your life just build and build and build
    as you come together with the power and the creativity
    of the allness that is focussed with you, here and now.

    And THEN- your feeling of worthiness,
    your feeling of rightness, your feeling of goodness
    is just present all the time,
    you just walk around radiating, and glowing,
    and uplifting others- and finding those,
    who are a vibrational match!

    Abraham, Asheville 2011

    I am so AWARE. I do this, CONSCIOUSLY.
    I have my hands in the clay, and I so LOVE to mold my energetic clay!
    I LOVE setting the tone. I love conjuring my delight, and I love witnessing the pieces fill in.
    I am inspired to read this or that novel/magazine/article.
    I am inspired to search for this or that searchword, or this or that clip, or -image, or -quote. People say fascinating inspiring things. I collect it all and TREASURE IT, and ponder it, and take it in, and appreciate it, and mold MORE from that.

    It is sooo creative! It is so SATISFYING. It is fascinating exploration of new worlds constantly, within the buffet of variety that got already chosen by me and honed magnificently, but I find constantly new treasures and depth within it, that make me even more clear and more delighted- I grow all the time, while I hone in to what I really want!

    I explore the wideness of what matches me EXACTLY!
    This sounds paradox, but itīs really becoming an energy-connoisseur who gets the depths of deliciousness while choosing "exactly" what he REALLY likes.
    Itīs widening by seemingly limiting!
    Zomming in on "delicious", and finding the huge palette within that!!

    Ahhh, itīs DELICIOUS!!! Itīs super-delightful.
    Itīs fascinating and SO inspiring to explore and more and more...

    ...wile it is SUCH FUN. Loving, friendly, exuberantly joyful.
    It is so easy!
    It is perfectly timed and hilarious.
    It is so joyful! And I find exactly those who are a perfect match!!

    It is joking and dancing and feeling close deeply, with my cocreators.
    It is exquisite while FUNNY.
    It is a big thing, actually, it is HUGE, while it is delightfully easy.
    It is such joy. It is so GOOD.

    It is epic, and so deep and meaningful- and it is spontanous delight.
    It is alignment with EVERYTHING I desire.
    Itīs a wonderful happy piece of fantastic art, delightful and funny and
    happy and wonderful on the way, on the way, on the way!
    Always on the way to even MORE, while it is SO GOOD now!
    No hunt, no need. Happily ever after, happily ever after!

    THAT is adventure in pure delight!
    THAT is "being where and who you are" without fear of failure.
    Never needing to be perfect, while knowing that all there is IS perfect!

    It feels perfectly secure and certain in itīs wellbeing, NO MATTER WHAT.
    I trust the perfection of every step, I know that all contrast always works out,
    for me- while I expect surprise and delight in all of it.
    It is FUN. Itīs is elating!
    It is loving. It is sweet. It is wonderful. It is surprising. It is SO GOOD.
    It is endless.
    It is MY LIFE!

    ...Happiness is the way you feel, when you are in Alignment.
    And unless you are in Alignment, youīr not gonna
    consciously witness the unfolding.

    And we just donīt want you to be so ready to skip over
    the incremental, CONSCIOUS unfolding.
    The incremental pieces of it!
    The idea that comes, the new way that gives a little to you.

    We donīt want you to yearn for a manifestation,

    And so we know, that if we could get you
    -just for a little while, to contemplate what it
    feels like, to be the manifester of the IDEA-
    rather than the materialized object!
    The manifester of the CONCEPT,
    rather than the object.
    The manifester of the EMOTION,
    the manifester of the STATE OF BEING.
    The manifester of the ALIGNMENT.

    If you can be the manifester of being in vibrational alignment
    with your IB- ohhh, happily ever after, happily ever after,
    happily ever after- with spikes of ecstasy, sprinkled all through it!

    Happily ever after, happily ever after,
    happily ever after- Happily ever after.

    2016-12-10 in Phoenix

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