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Thread: Delightful Adventure! -My "exciting or very unusual experiences".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple View Post
    PoE, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your journey as well as all the quotes on this forum. I have learnt and continue to learn so much through your example. Thanks especially for the way you expanded on the 'adventurous version' quote. I particularly needed to hear the part where you quoted Abe saying that when others lash out in anger against me, it's nothing to do with me.

    Big hugs to you

    Your feedback is SO appreciated, thank you for sharing! What a joy to read this!
    And, Iīm so glad it serves you. Cocreation at itīs best!!

    Big hug back!!

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    The mice of my life

    I have to admit, that we share our life since some time with a few pests, that came "out of the blue" (I know I know ) and which we couldnīt get rid of, yet, no matter "how hard we tried" (yes I STILL KNOW!!! ).

    So, per example, the mice had taken over. At first they ate a hole into my ceiling and plonked right from the not-yet-equipped-attic of my old farmers house onto the kitchen-island. With everything that you donīt want to have on your clean beautiful kitchen-island, as per example mouse-poo, insulation and dirt. And more mouse-poo.

    And then, they started to spread in the house, ate their way through the electric cables, and into the fridge (itīs really funny to find yourself face-to-face with a very cute mouse when you look for your prepared dinner. But sometimes, I donīt want FUN! I want clean steaks without mouse-poo!!!) We ignored them, we found new and more new ways to shelter our food, to stuff the holes and TRIED (-do you smell THAT rat already?) to find better feeling thoughts about them. And then we started to use traps, which were supposed to let the mice alive (they didnīt), and more traps, and more "rodentfriendly" ways to antagonize the little sweet animals that were our INDICATORS (I know I know).

    Long story short, it didnīt work. Also, my clocks started to give up all in the same time. My watch broke. My alarmclock forsakened us. My beautiful living-room-clock stood still. And I couldnīt even find the charging-cable for my I-phone that I KNEW I had brought back, from the cruise. So, I TRIED once more to not think about all of this (in my Vortex itīs DONE) and live on. My boys are coming this night for the weekend!! H. is having his 20. birthday!!

    I digged up some batteries for the clocks and found a drawer full of wood-shavings. Huh??? I realized, it was another mice-nest, that they had built themselves from my wooden toothpicks and shashlik-spits. Decorated with mouse poo. They didnīt like the sparklers, while they HAD tried them. I understood THAT, really... And, they also had half-eaten the garland that we hang, traditionally, whenever we celebrate birthdays. Grrrrr.

    But there was no time to balance that anymore, I HAD to go shopping, and before let the dogs run for some moments, before I took off. Itīs raining and so the muddy dogs were VERY compliant to get in soon, again. Because it was soo late, I allowed them to stay in the entrancehall, without bringing them into their room. I saw them snuggle onto the upholstered chair... sigh- but I understood.

    I hurried and bought -filled with love- the precious juices, fruit and candy my sons love so very much, accomplished the other tasks in the city, and drove home again to see as soon I opened the trunk, that we have mice in the car as well. ...The wonderful fruit were nibbled, the cake had a hole (and was decorated with mouse-poo) and each single box of juice was perforated, spilling the sticky juice all over the trunk and onto the last items that might not yet have become injured. I tried to save what was possible, carried the rest into the house,

    ...finding out that the dogs had opened the door and scrubbed off their dirty feet on my fresh washed and decorated pillows on all 3 (!) sofas in the living room. Now dog Ben, who KNOWS they are not supposed to do that... and who still holds some negative beliefs since he was a mistreated puppy... pees his way through the whole house while he is trying to crawl into some shelter, as soon I open the door. As if this wouldnīt be enough, he ripped off from the wall a tiny cubboard filled with treasures, while he tried to "escape".

    I have to admit... I WAS OVERWHELMED. I didnīt have much capacity of "understanding in love" anymore!

    I chased the dogs into their room, I got out some cloth and lots of Febreze, and started to dry- and clean the path of fear... while all those thoughts of "pests" whirled in my head. Yes, I had understood the mice, who like my warm cozy house better than wet nature, outside. I could even understand what a FEAST they must have had, with juice, mango and cake. I understand the dogs who enjoy the cozy sofas so much more than their own beds. I understand it all. I understand that there are human pests who feel better in blaming me, than cleaning up their own vibration. I understand. I understand, I understand.


    I want a clean, cozy house without any poo and I WANT IT NOW!!! I want my food perfect and delicious, without holes or poo- and I want my trunk dry. I DONīT CARE ANYMORE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS MIGHT WANT!!!

    I DONīT CARE!!!

    I changed the slipcovers, I re-arranged the pillows, while the thoughts in my head spun in a new, aggravated way. I DONīT CARE WHAT THEY WANT! I DONīT CARE WHAT THEY NEED!

    I want the mice to go away. I want my beloved cleanliness and order. I donīt want pests in my PARADISE!!!

    ...and there was the charging cable. Right before my eyes. Wow... seems it laid there, since always!??

    I turned around and went with it into the kitchen to FINALLY reclaim- and charge my smartphone, and stumbled over... 2 dead mice. They laid there on the floor, as if they would have surrendered, "out of the blue"...

    And then I went to finish making the bed for my beloved son F... and, there was the beloved, ultra beautiful, automatically setting alarm-clock, that I had searched for, for YEARS. It just needed a new battery. Things can turn around quickly.

    Maybe... a new TIME is beginning for me, here and now!?

    I guess, I GOT IT.
    I donīt care for pestīs and peopleīs preferences, that is JUST NOT MY JOB!!
    I care for what makes me happy.

    I SOO APPRECIATE the pests: I so appreciate the INDICATORS.
    Itīs not THEM!!
    Itīs ME, who had the confusion, the "dirt", the "poo" OPEN and active and alive.
    And now, this may be over.

    What means "I donīt Care"?

    (Freedom) is NEVER CARING AGAIN about what anybody else
    thinks about what youīr doing!
    Thatīs the ONLY FREEDOM!

    Because, if youīr trying to jump through hoops, to please them,
    then youīr not gonna be lighthearted.
    And then youīr not gonna feel free, and youīll come to resent them,
    so soon.

    And so weīr asking all of you (...) do you have the clarity,
    do you have the willingness, the GUMPTION, do you have the momentum-
    thatīs even a better word, do you have the momentum
    to not care, what somebody else thinks, about what youīr doing?

    Ohh, if you could get there... if you just could get there!
    Practice these words with us!
    (Audience repeats all of Abeīs sentences)

    I donīt care!
    Itīs just how I am.
    I like it this way!
    Life is SO FUN for me!
    I donīt care!
    Iīm sorry youīr upset- but I donīt care.
    I want your world to be really good- but I donīt care!
    I would like everything to go really well for you,
    but I canīt fix it, and so- I donīt care!

    "Well, I want a divorce then, when you donīt care."
    -I donīt care.
    "What do you mean, I donīt care??"
    -Well, I donīt mean I donīt care about anything,
    because there are a lot of things I do care for!

    I care about feeling good. And I care about clarity.
    I CARE about being in the receptive mode!
    I care about being an uplifter!
    I care about myself, in any moment of time!
    I care about being of value. I care about feeling good.

    I care about this magnificent environment!
    I care about whatīs in my Vortex.
    I care about whatīs in your Vortex!
    I care about everything that you desire!
    I care about all good things, coming to me and to you.

    I care about us all, living all happily ever after!
    But what I donīt care about, are conditions I cannot control.

    What I donīt care about, are things that take me out of my alignment.
    What I donīt care about- meaning, I have no momentum
    about it anymore, -I donīt CARE-, itīs no hook for me,
    itīs not a knee-jerk-response to me,
    Iīve trained myself to CARE about what infuses me,
    not what diffuses me!

    I care about what LIFTS me, not what lowers me.
    I care about what feels good, not about what doesnīt feel good.
    I care about alignment.
    I care about being an extension of source,
    I care about fulfilling my reason for being here.

    I care about being in this world,
    and not about necessarily only of this world!
    I care about the WHOLE of me, being present in this moment.
    I care about all, who have gone before me.
    And all that theyīve come to know, and all that they do now know,
    and all that they are presenting to me.

    I care about the revelation thatīs coming constantly to me,
    and I care about being in the receptive mode of that.
    I care about being on the leading edge.
    I care about contributing in positive ways.
    I care about feeling good, and I care about others feeling good.

    But what I donīt care about is that, that I canīt control-
    and what I canīt control, is everything that is conditional,
    and what I CAN control, is everything that is unconditional.

    I CAN CONTROL the way that I feel: I have practiced it,
    and I can hold a steady vibration.
    I can stay in vibrational sync with who I am-
    I can present the whole of myself, in this time-space-reality,
    in any situation.

    I can walk into any situation that is raging in discomfort,
    And because Iīm not hooked into it,
    Iīm in vibrational alignment of the solution they are all seeking!
    -They are all bound up in the problem.

    But I donīt CARE about the problem!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

    And we would be ignoring anything
    that did not please us.
    We would get our eyes on what feels good.

    --- Abraham

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    Oh PoE, what a harsh experience
    But you'll make it, as you ever do

    It's all temporary, you are working the bugs out and all the mice (and other pests, hehehe) will vanish ...
    .... and joy and harmony will shine again in your home

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    Manakaname, how loving you are! Thatīs So nice!

    Thing is, I really appreciate that things became "harsh", because- before, I simply didnīt get the point -in this specific case- that we have to CLEARLY choose and focus what we want. Of course I "knew" it- in other topics, and theoretically. But here, I was really blind.

    "If you donīt tend to it, donīt worry, it will get bigger!" -Abe

    -Thatīs so true. It became bigger and bigger while I did NOT realize that I just tried to survive it- instead of solely focusing on what I would really want, INSTEAD. My dominant focus wasnīt on me, FEELING GOOD, or on my desires, but it was on trying to understand them and loving them, and being "spiritually correct" really (while I didnīt realize that), which all was completely not in alignment with what I desired. So OF COURSE it felt like "dirt and poo" and respectlessly being chewed upon and pitted, in all sorts of itīs meaning.

    *I* did that!! I spilled dirt over my precious desires! *I* nibbled away at my preferences. And I found such perfectly cooperative components, who mirrored my vibe back to me.

    It took an "explosion" of unwanted, to finally become aware- And boy, did I do!!
    Bless what helps.
    Bless what makes us aware, what wakes us up.


    By the way, right now itīs ALL clean! And I expect it to stay like that or get even better... in all (hehehe...) ways.
    I feel SUCH wonderful RELIEF.

    Thank you so much for dancing with me, and making me milk it and understand it even deeper! So appreciated!

    This piece of contrast that you hate,
    is the very thing that you asked for on a vibrational level
    in order to bring clarity to you -
    that you want more than life itself.

    San Diego Jan. 2015
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    Ohhh I sooo love my safe, certain, SURE adventures!!
    I love being TITITO, and standing on the brink of excitement- while being balanced, clear, in love and stable.


    I so love knowing what my fear means: Not looking at something as source does.
    I so love UNDERSTANDING.
    I so love knowing that I will not "move forwards in fear", anymore!
    Instead- nothing matters more than that I feel good.

    I stay within my comfort-zone!! Nothing matters more to me than feeling good.
    And then, nothing than good can come to me- and if it isnīt what I expected, it still doesnīt need to be "unwanted". I trust my guidance! I trust my "instincts". I trust my focus. Ohhh, this feels SO GOOD!

    Moving through Fear, instead of changing the subject?

    Why wouldnīt you- why wouldnīt ANYONE- be willing to change a subject-
    from a fearful one, to a joyful one? Why wouldnīt you be willing to do that?

    -Because you donīt believe in the Vortex!
    Because you believe in REALITY! Iow, the only reason why anyone would not be wiling to do that, is because they REALLY DONīT get the Vortex, they really donīt get attraction, they really donīt get vibration, they really donīt yet understand, that manifestations will follow your point of attraction.

    And your point of attraction is evidenced to you by the way you feel. And you can CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD- no matter what, no matter what, no matter what!!

    -once you understand this, you see. So, when you say "how can I push through fear?" - we say: We wouldnīt. Weīd just tried to find little pieces of something, that feel entirely different than fear. And weīd practice them, until they are so active in our vibration, that even "scary" things donīt scare you!

    It is so interesting. You can reach the place, where someone will say something to you, that has the potential of frightening you- and you donīt feel fear, because your understanding of wellbeing is SO in place within you, that you KNOW how illogical that fear is.

    Chicago 6/4/11, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: desires to move through fear

    I SO LOVE BEING THERE!!! I so love being able "to play ball with the fighting bull". I so love to understand how this WORKS. I so love to be on top of the world, in love, in fun and playfulness- where nothing is frightening or dangerous, really. And WHEN fear comes up, I know what it means. I know how to deal with it. I can choose to back off! I can choose a nap instead. I can.


    (thank you, MikeLene!)


    We would encourage you,
    to get a bit more outrageous in your asking!

    Abe, Dallas 10.2004

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    The adventure of renovating and redecorating

    Since several weeks I wear paint on my skin, paint in my hair and paint on my clothes. The mailman yesterday looked at me when he brought new christmas-parcels and laughed: "And again, you became more colorful, since yesterday!"

    Itīs a blast. My boys moved out, and DH and me claim "their" rooms, Iīm creating the sewing-Atelier I always dreamed of (in eggshell-white and powder-pink and sage-green, with one fantastic wall, thatīs papered with a daisy-meadow. I bought a squiggled beautiful iron bed and took 3 days to paint it. I dig up all my old long forsaken super-romantic containers and dream already of filling them up with my collection of vintage lace, buttons and awesome fabrics, that are spread in closets all over the house, when my dear mice have not yet made nests within them. I bring in the beloved squiggled chandelier of my beloved PPE-aunt and feast, feast, feast!!!

    MY beloved DH finally gets his beloved gentlemanīs room, in naturally dark oak, brown walls and a fantastic wallpaper of a red poppy-meadow. He exhibits his most beloved pieces of self created art, his most beloved books, and otherwise adores... calm, pure OPENNESS. Ohhhh, this calm! A FREE, CLEAR ROOM! And so we called it Freiraum... "Clearance".

    WHAT FUN! WHAT JOY. I painted our attic-stored old cupboards, saved another beloved vintage desk (and paint them) , and I paint two lowboys and a dozens of storage-racks. And several picture-frames, and all the windows, as well. And then, I started to paint the entry with lovely meadow-green, and the end of the hallway in honey-yellow, and one side of my bedroom in dark amazing pink, and the room in which I iron in baby-blue, and now Iīm upon to cover the ceiling of the hall with flower-printed fabric. Ohhhh, SUCH JOY. Such newness! Joy, colors, a rainbow of fun!

    We carry the furniture around and put it from here to over there and from there to over here and then probably back again, and then there over there and this over here... and we bought new FANTASTIC lamps and I soothe my beloved while he swearingly installs them. SUCH AWE! SUCH BEAUTY! Old dreams filling in filling in filling in!!! NEWNESS, Becomimng-nes, MANIFESTATIONS!!

    And then...

    ...Thereīs this 1 room missing from the magic of new becoming, in all of that... the first room that I did, selfishly, JUST FOR ME, 20 years ago, when the whole house was a mess of abandonedness, when we bought it.

    Walls, ceilings, floors, the roof, the electrical system, the plumbing, in highest need of restoration. But this was my sanctuary! My token of faith. I had called it my Zauberzimmer, the room of magic, and I lent it to family for christmas, and I saw all my then-dreams of avocation becoming true, in them. I painted the ceilings and the walls with scenes out of my visions, and then... I allowed my beloved son to claim it when he came out of University.

    He threw everything out that was meaningful for me- my most beloved self-painted art, my self-written books, the collection of treasures, my writing desk... and then he mocked me for having dirt-shadows on the walls, where he had put away my paintings. And so he wanted to repaint my golden walls into dark grey. It felt a bit to me as if he wanted to transform my golden sanctuary into a dark abyss... which I finally did NOT allow.

    But when he moved out of the room again, I looked at it one last time and closed the door- from outside.

    I couldnīt go in, anymore. My sanctuary had been slighted. My dream went out of the window, and I had some years of severe depression. And of course- I donīt blame my son for ANY of that. He was just the indicator for me, not having cared selfishly FOR ME, in so many ways, in so many topics, in so many themes.

    So, yesterday, I cleaned up the poor room that serves since then as guest-room for my beloved rascal whenever he visits us. This time, it will serve ANOTHER son while he stays for christmas, and so I felt inclined to see it with new eyes. Itīs chockfull with everything that anyone does not need anymore. Spare parts and fittings, old shoes and clothes from my moved out kids, the paragliding-stuff from DH, a beautiful old carousel-horse that fits nowhere and is too beloved to throw it away! And a guest-bed, in the middle of chaos.

    A leak in the kitchen above caused water to run down the walls. All golden colors have faded, the handmade mosaic is broken, the dust has set into the uneven old farmhouse-walls. And when the woodburning stove had spit clouds of ashes when I cleaned it, the wall-murals that I had painted behind got covered in thick fat greasy black , and then some moisture ran through it and left ugly black stripes, that soaked deep into the plaster. Now... itīs ALL spoilt, so the drama-queen in my heart sobbed.

    Again, I closed the door behind me from outside, and let the sage within me reconnect with source.

    I take my time.
    I allow time to heal this wounds. I allow time to this, be turned around.
    I allo time to let source have their way with me.
    I allow time between the problem and me, finding itīs DONE answer.

    I stubbornly insist that all answers are there, and boy must this be a good one!!
    Because... this was my magic room, my golden door to the Other-world, my handpainted new story.
    I have NO idea how this will unfold, and I donīt need to.
    I have no idea what to do with this room.
    I have no idea. I just surrender.
    I give up the need to do this on my own.
    I give up, source, I give in, I put this on your side of the place-mat.
    Ohhh, what an adventure!
    I start looking forwards to the unfolding, from this blessed crescendo.
    Itīs coming. IT`S COMING!!!

    Thank you life!
    Thank you source.
    Thank you rascals.
    Thank you LIFE.

    Everything is always working out for me!

    If we could parade before you
    just the MASTERS you have been revered as a culture
    -EVERYONE OF THEM would tell you:

    "I wouldnīt give up ONE miserable moment.
    Because everyone of them helped me become,
    who I ultimativly am."

    from the clip
    Money Without A Job? (Abraham-Hicks)

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