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Thread: I sleep like a kid!

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    I sleep like a kid!

    This is a manifestation I really really desired for a long time and I hardly knew.

    After pregnancy, 13 years ago, I was insomniac for a while. Nursing my baby had messed things up with my rhythms in a big way. 4 years in, something changed, I was now an aber, so I deliberately stopped fussing about it, aligned, and I finally could get my sleep back. I thought it was the manifestation I had wanted, and it was. All and all, I could sleep and rest, and if some night I couldn't, I would recuperate the night after. It was like before pregnancy, only disturbed by some movements of energy every now and then, still averagely I was doing fine. I also needed much less sleep than before. And I still woke up often through the night, but then fell asleep again so it worked.

    But 'probably' the contrast had made me launch the desire to sleep like when I was a kid, sleep like a stone, for hours, and wake up like I was coming from another dimension. Come to think, I really longed for that. But I was falling for the bogus thought that when you're an adult you can't sleep like that any more.

    Lately, things had worsened with my sleep, because the movements of energy are also more accentuated. And sometimes I really feel so titito I don't literally want to switch off.
    Around a week ago, I experimented with relaxing fully the body as I go to sleep, deeper and deeper, really really deep, it's funny because I had tried that a million times before but it never worked, also my husband told me a million times to merge with the mattress! somewhere in the middle of that deep blissful relaxing I fall asleep, and it's the deepest, sweetest sleep I've had in years, I wake up like, 10 hours after, and feel like I'm a 5 years old. Deeply, deeply rested and bouncy, each and every time. As I relax the body, I feel very distinctively the energies move and that alone is very very blissful and restful, so technically I could be there and lie awake without sleeping and rest anyway. And so I'm off the hook also about the sleep or not sleep. But I still prefer to sleep and have some wonderful mellow time dreaming and being. And it works amazing! all along this week I've had the most awesome sleep (and daily naps too, I'm getting greedy!) each and every night. It feels very reliable, that virtually even if I have just woken up from 10 hours of sleep I could get back to bed, relax and fall asleep again if I wanted to, and sleep like a kiddo. It is such a gift to know that I am going to be able to sleep like a stone any time I want, come sunshine and rain!

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    awesome rose

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    Funny that I came across your post Rose. Ive been a 1st time father of a lovely baby girl for over 18 months now.
    Since my adulthood I dont remember sleeping like a stone but since Im a father I dont remember what's a full night sleep either
    Usually Im nursing my baby girl at night as my wife sleeps deeper. Those had been hard time I must say. I feel the lack of sleep sometimes very much, to the point that I was to ask Santa only ONE thing for this christmas: sleep!
    I heard from Abraham that to rest your body you dont really need sleep or 3 hrs time periods are enough.
    Every time I get back to bed after taking care of my baby, I feel the ease of that feeling and try to milk it a little bit like I was telling the Universe: that's what I want.
    Why do we feel this need for sleep then if sleep is not that important?
    Blessing to every Abers and anyone else

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    Well then my post is good driftwood if there is one to you! and congratulations for your baby girl!

    I agree that we don't need to sleep that much, and that was how I lined up years ago, I stopped making it a problem and it stopped being a problem. I did begin to sleep more soon after, but initially I just made peace with not sleeping much and found nice things to do when I was awake, and in the morning, I wasn't as tired as when I thought I should sleep more. I got so fond of my awake hours at night that sometimes when I woke up and could continue sleeping if I wanted, I got up anyway, as I just loved being around the house when everybody was asleep. It was still this kind of interrupted and irregular sleeping, but I wasn't any more sleep-deprived, so it worked for me.

    But it wasn't yet the full manifestation (or maybe this is the further expansion, you could say) as I now see that what I really really always wanted was to sleep like a stone through the night like a kid, not because I need it or my body needs it, but because I love it.

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    thank you!

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