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Thread: All the many ways I could meet, Fred

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    All the many ways I could meet, Fred

    I have a fred! My feeling of fred is very strong. I can see his face, his eyes, his smile, his heart. I feel like I already know what its like to hug him, hold him, be with him, laugh with him. I absolutely love and adore his personality and all the crazy things he loves to do (psychonaut!)

    I have a lot of gratitude for Fred, because before Fred, I honestly didn't even know what kind of boyfriend I would even want. I used to envy people who just seemed to fall in love with some random stranger they just met, even if it was just some hormonal attraction. I rarely, if ever, experienced this. Casual dating and 99% of how modern romance works, just never worked for me.

    So for a long time, I prayed to the universe, who will I have those feelings for? And then, I met fred. Or atleast, the vibrational version of fred. And then I felt a romantic desire like I haven't before. Not only did vibrational fred show me the kinda guy im totally head over heels for, I understood myself more. The kind of person I aspire to be, and all the things I want to accomplish in life. Fred reminds me of those things.

    Infact, when I think about fred often times what happens after, is that I suddenly receive inspiration to paint or draw or write. Weird huh?

    Vibrational fred has shown up in my dreams a few times now. Once to tell me to give him a chance. Another to date, and another to marry me!

    But....Fred has yet to turn up physically in my life. I know, I know, don't keep score. Be happy for the sake of being happy and all that good stuff. Which I understand! I really do! But another part of me is like "hey, if the LoA is real and all that stuff and I'm actually doing the processes.....STUFF will manifest."

    So please don't post here to tell me just be happy for the sake of being happy, I buddhist on my own time. Im going to be happy, but I'm here to manifest stuff too. And if stuff's not manifesting, that tells me theres "work" to do.

    And I think I understand, maybe, where I am stuck. How I'm not allowing fred into my life. It's a big "stuckness"! I think I have a huge problem believing that he's actually going to show up. For so many years I've met so many NON freds that have traumatized me with their craptacular romance, that its made me feel that meeting Fred is a MIRACLE.

    And how often do miracles happen? Yeah. If fred feels like a miracle showing up in my life, thats a problem! I want to think about the rendevou with fred in a new way. I'll talk about this in the next post so I can keep my thoughts more organized.

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    The rendevou with fred is what I get stuck on! For so many reasons.

    1. I'm an artist, followng my creative passion is often an antisocial activity. I home, alone. The end.
    2. Being self aware that being artsy isn't always a social activity, I start to think what social activity I could do that could lead to fred.
    3. But that's an ACTION based journey!!! DOES NOT WORK.
    4. Ive asked the universe to inspire me to..go something social (where maybe I'll meet fred!)
    5. You've guessed it, inspiration does not come!

    And then the cycle just repeats itself. No inspiraton to go to some social event. Brain logically concludes therefore I am. not meeting fred today.

    So...where am I going with this? I don't want my rendevou with fred to feel like it waits on some magical inspiration to go t some social even I havent been to before to magically meet fred. I realize this is all a cooky way of looking at the rendevou with Fred. IT IS! Thats my whole point. Its cooky, its nutty, its holding me back. Its backwards. Thats now how it should work.

    But my brain is stubborn. I feel like I need to sit down with it and explain that we need to rewire some brain cells.

    How do I want my rendevou with fred to be like? I want it to be ORDINARY. Ordinary enough that it can happen everday, any day, in every possible way. How do I want it to feel like? Thats easy. That I know. I know the connection between me and Fred, I've felt it before many times and I know I'm going to feel it again when I meet up with him in person.

    Brain, how can I meet fred? Let me tell you, theres so many ways I couldn't possibly list them all.

    1. I could meet up with fred online. No, I don't need to join any other online community. Theres already a few that ive been on for years where I express myself and share passions. Like that lucid dreaming forum. Infact, in just a few weeks I'm going to meet a member from that lucid dreaming forum for the first time ever! It was easy. He just happens to be coming to town and asked to meet up with me. Is he fred? I dont know, didn't care at the time. But I am excited to know, I can meet fred online through the online communities that I am already a part of.

    2. I could meet fred through a friend! Once, a friend introduced me to her friend. I thought "shes just another girl". Was I ever wrong! This new friend is a soul mate who offered me something no one else in my life had ever. I adore her completely and her friendship, although it was something I had once longed for, was unexpected. And a friend, who did not "feel" like a soul mate introduced me to one. Theres no reason why I can't meet you like this fred. Maybe one of my friends, already knows you? How cool would that be.

    3. I could meet you at my new job. I don't even know what my job is, and I honestly don't care. It could be the most boring and ordinary job in the world but I know, that even the most boring ordinary jobs can introduce me to you. And you'll stick out like a sore thumb because you are anything but ordinary and boring!

    4. Fred, you make me want to focus on my creative passions, even if they are initially antisocial activities. Once I create them, I want to share them with everyone! The end result isn't antisocial. And I dont even have to wait for the artwork to be done. I like to blog about my art process too.

    5. Fred, ofcourse it would be fun to meet you doing some fun activity with friends. But you know what? Its just as equally fun to meet you simply living my daily life. You could be my neighbor, and I could be going for a walk.

    Alright! Thats all I have for now. Knowing that I can meet fred everyday, any day, in every possible way, just takes a lot of nutty stress of my mind. I don't have to worry about the hows or whens or waiting for some magical inspiration to go somewhere social, I can just live. I can even focus on my creative endeavors, and still know, that when I'm focusing on these creative endeavors I can still absolutely meet up with fred. Once upon a time, it felt like one or the other.

    And I'm starting to understand, and know, that just the opposite is true. Being creative and fred go hand in hand.

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    I posted a thread about my fred and noone gave a f....about it so I suppose they dont reply to those kinds of wanna be-needy thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popitzik View Post
    I posted a thread about my fred and noone gave a f....about it so I suppose they dont reply to those kinds of wanna be-needy thoughts.
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    If you are here to help our friend do their alignment "work" or to do your own similarly-themed alignment "work" (without distracting our friend from their own) then that would be within the intentions of this sub-forum.
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    Congrats on meeting your Fred!
    One time i met another artist on an art website! Then we met up in person, that was fun.
    Id like to remind you that we dont get to make much of the "how" as Source does!
    Thinking of nice ways is awesome but sometimes you habe to step back and let Source do the work for you. Ahhhh... What a relaxing thought that is.
    Fred could be at the gym, the grocery, walking past your door one day. He could be online or he might know you already.
    My vortex is here collecting Fred for you too!

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    I understand your feelings completely! I felt the same way for a long time.
    It might help if you can open up to the possibilities (they are often right under your nose~ isn't that great?), instead of focusing on how hard it is to meet the ideal mate for you. Remember that the universe has the "how" figured out, and you don't need to know that part in order for it to come about for you. There are literally countless ways for you to meet him, you just have to trust in that and let yourself believe it's possible!
    Trust in the U to bring this ideal mate to you! It can do it! Source has infinite resources and great ideas, just give some elbow room, turn your attention to the fun, lovely things in your life right now, find the ways to release tensed-up resistance around this subject, find some little way to feel a little bit better about it, and it'll happen for you!
    I know, I was there, too!
    I didn't Allow it very often in my life, but when I did, ALL the men I've had serious relationships with, I met while doing things that were enjoyable to me, things I wanted to do, not things I thought I should do in order to meet guys ~ even if those wanted things involved staying home and not going out where I would meet people!
    For instance: I met one serious boyfriend on my birthday, ON MY DOORSTEP!!
    I'd been in a phase where I was doing a lot of Appreciating about what I had in my life, realizing that nothing stays this way forever, and I should appreciate what I good I had in my life RIGHT NOW, while I had it!
    On my birthday, I was spending even more time that day dwelling on the things in my life that were sweet. I was doing things I liked to do around the house, enjoying my kids and my pets~ and there he was suddenly on my doorstep, looking like a dream walking and looking at me with that gratifying interest that men do when they really like what they see! My landlord at the time had sent him over to finally take a look at getting new flooring in my bathroom! Not my landlord's usual contractor, this was a new guy I'd never met before, and totally unexpected!
    During that time before meeting him, I often chose to feel not just appreciation but unconditional love, as well. I think that that helped open up my vibration to Allowing-in better things.
    He wasn't the One, but he was the One for that particular time in my life. He was my chance to collect important data about what I really really REALLY wanted!
    I didn't 'have' to go anywhere to meet him, and you don't either!
    This is about vibrations being sent out from your emotions and Beliefs into the universe, not action steps or even 'logical' rules society tells you that you have to do in order to meet people!
    As it turned out, I'd already met my future husband (the one I'm married to now!) when I was a teenager (I wrote about manifesting our happy vortex-y courtship here), and though I always mentioned him when I was making lists of what I wanted in a man, I never thought about trying to find him. It just didn't occur to me, I wasn't lined up with it, yet.
    Even when I reconnected with him online, it took some more time before I released resistance enough for it to suddenly bloom into love! From then on, though, it had that "Meant to Be" feeling for both of us! We both felt like we were "Home"!
    You don't have to go out and do things to find your ideal mate. Unless it helps you to feel closer to manifesting him into your reality. Go out if you FEEL LIKE IT, and think it'll be fun, not because you think it'll give you a chance to meet a guy!!

    I went through many of the Abe processes to release resistance, but because I had a lot of resistance and negative emotions built up around the subject of Finding my Ideal Mate, and I was pretty low on the EGS, it took letting go of the idea entirely, figuring out what I would do if 'Plan B' had to happen, and I never met a guy~ what would I do, then? Could I possibly be happy if I was never able to meet him?
    I'd been desperate and needy all this time, feeling that I neeeeeded a guy in order to be even remotely happy~ that neediness was a big block of resistance!! I wanted so badly to have someone compatible to share my life with, but it just wasn't happening for me. I had nice single guys in my life~ including my future husband, whom I had feelings of love for, and knew we were highly compatible~ but I had convinced myself that he just wasn't interested in me, romantically! I pretty much gave that up as a lost cause, and felt he would be a great life-long friend! Whenever I talked with him, I went at it from that angle. He wasn't interested in me as a romantic interest, but we could be great friends!
    The problem was, none of the single guys I knew seemed interested at all!!!
    ~Which had been the pattern for me for all the years I'd been single. I was spiraling down vibrationally over the years on this subject of Getting a Man, you see. I'd built up quite a pattern of not clicking with anyone, no matter how many great single guys I knew!
    That scared me! I was constantly running from the fear-laden thought that it would always be like this and I would never get HIM (whoever he was)! I was willing to fall in love with someone new, but it didn't seem to be happening for me.
    So, I sat myself down and thought that fear through. I faced it and figured out a way to soften it a little, ease out of the grip I had on this desperate need. Dreams are like living things, you have to hold them gently, let them breathe. So, I asked myself, 'What if I never met him, and had to create a happy life as a single?'
    I decided that it wouldn't be so horribly, unremittingly bad. It wouldn't be great, it certainly wouldn't be wonderful, it wouldn't be my dream life~ but I suspected that the universe would manage to help me be pretty happy sometimes, in other areas of my life. I felt I could trust the universe to bring me good things in the other key areas of my life, things that would allow me to be happy at least some of the time~ it was a little comfort that gave me a little relief. ~
    And with that understanding, I relaxed, released my death grip on my desire, and the magic started flowing!
    That's what got the ball rolling for me! I could actually feel it flowing easily, now ~ once I relaxed and had my backup plan in place, I not only felt a little better, but I could suddenly actually believe, confidently, easily, relaxed and with no strain at all, that I WOULD meet my ideal mate!
    It happened for me about a week and a half to (at most) 2 weeks later! He showed he WAS interested, very much so! We got together right away, and knew this was IT! There were no games, no uncertainties~ we just knew we were going to be a couple!
    In a couple of months we'll be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, and I'm quite happy! I try to always keep my connection with my IB +Source the main focus for my needs, and let my Love flow out as much as possible, and that's allowed my life to be very nice, I'm always manifesting neat things!
    It's all about me and my connection to my IB+Source~ my husband is just a visible form of my vibration, and I try to remember that, and not put any pressure on him to "make me happy"! It isn't HIS responsibility to make me happy, it's mine! When I remember that, of course, he ends up being a cooperative component and doing things that make me happy!!
    So, it behooves me to remember where the power of my happiness actually lies!~ It's always there between me+Source/Love! That's where all beautiful, magical things flow from.

    It's all about YOU and your connection to your IB+Source! Build on that gorgeous relationship of love and trust, and beautiful things will continue to happen for you.

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    Thanks cypher and Christine! Your comments help encourage me and hearing personal stories is extremely helpful. I want to get to a place where I can completely stop worrying about when and how and just focus on my relationship with my IB. And feeling confident that my desires will manifest no matter what feels nice, awesome actually! I like the way confidence feels, I want to hold onto it for as long as I can.

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