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Thread: It's not that deep

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    It's not that deep

    You know when you're a little kid and someone held you over the water, lowering you slowly? and you're sure that its gotta be at least a thousand leagues deep? Slowly and suspensefully they continue to lower you into the great depths and you're screaming and picking your knees up to your chest. Finally your toes touch the water and still you panic and fear over comes you and....not even 5 seconds later your toes are touching the soft sand that lies just beneath the surface of the water and everyone (including you) is laughing?

    Well, that happened to me. Except the universe is the person lowering me into the water, is also the water and is also the sand.

    I felt myself stuggling and pushing against what I dont want, trying desperately to use the laws of the universe to protect myself from these things.

    And that notion feels really silly now that my toes are in the sand.

    Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I have to give it up. And trust that the Universe has my back the universe knows what I want and knows how it all plays out and I'm better off to let myself (and everyone and everything else) off the hook and just have a good time.

    Also writing this as a thank you note for all of you, reading your threads and discussions (lurking lol) has helped me as much as much as my own musing and practicing abrahams processes has.

    I also recognize that its not done, but the moment I'm in is pretty great so

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    Good for you.

    I do want to adjust something important: it wasn't "the universe" lowering you. You were doing that for yourself, for your enjoyment, for this moment that you're experiencing right now. You came here for this moment. You created this moment for you. Such a lovely gift for yourself.

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    Awesome!!! really nice...

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