I'M glad I've got gorgeous brilliant kids
I'm glad for this forum
Im glad that when I woke up this morning it felt really easy to reach for good feeling thoughts, and remained so all day
I'm glad for the delicious lunch I had today
I'm glad my body feels healthy
I'm glad I know that my health determined by my alignment
I'm glad that i know, really know that it's not the conditions that feel good, but the alignment with my inner being...so priviledged to know that.
I'm glad I rendezvoused with good feeling people today.
I'm glad I've got anew abe book to read
I'm glad I lve mountain biking
I'm glad I listened to my body and got well so quickly
I'm glad I have a jib that involves walking a lot, and that I like being out doors .
I'm glad my circumstances are easy enough that I can make peace with anything less than ideal.
I'm glad I am doing the work, Amd that I'm willing to.
I'm glad I have all the resources I need TK be able to do the work
I'm glad I'm having so many remarkable breakthroughs in my practise
I'm glad I know what I know. So priviledged
I'm glad I've made so many improvements in my life and know there will be many more,
I'm glad I'm so determined to stick with this.
I'm glad I have the values that I do, that led me to abe in the first place.
I'm glad I have the knowledge that everything I have ever wanted was for the good feeling of it.
I'm glad I know the importance of Making peace with where I am.
I'm glad I know the power of appreciation.