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Thread: Hallo from Germany

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    Hallo from Germany

    Dear fellows,

    now I got my computer and want to finally introduce myself.

    I am from Germany, 27 years old and followed another LoA-Teaching for over 5 years. First, I didn't understand anything and put the book aside, but it really got me and after some time I understood what is inside, what this LoA mean. Maybe I tried to hard but I got reeeeaaaally confused about the action part, and now I know that I hadn't understood the teachings at all and missed important parts. I always thought: "Good, I am thinking about my ideal (desire) in the 'I have already achieved it' way and put it with concentration, visualization and positive speech into my subconscious mind where the part of me is 'connected' to the universal conscious, where every manifestation happen."

    And I did that every day. But I always did not know HOW the things will come to me. Some advice from the users of this teaching confused me (I confused myself) about their answers about taking action and I was really lost, sitting around all day and never knew what to do to get whatever I want. And, my ideals where often things where I had really heavy fears and thought I have to confront the situations by doing it over and over and over again until my fear finally vanished. But it was so great fears that I couldn't even start. That was really a deep point in my life and is. That a main reason I am here.

    Eventually, I found the Abraham Hicks videos and did the thing "I am happy although I haven't got what I want but on a 'spiritual level' I have this already' for about a week and I could not believe it: The thing I feared FOR YEARS was solved in a way I never thought of. I had to do NOTHING and it came to me. Unbelievable. A thing with really negative emotional energy. I stopped the Abraham Hicks and returned to my original teaching and again no success. Then, again, I used the Abraham Hicks way and... it happened again, the same way. Awesome experience. Can't even describe how awesome this was. Trying and trying for YEARS with the "old" teachings and 2 week Abraham Hicks, BOOM. And then I did this, some time later, after I followed the teaching I started with, again. And a thing I tried to get for over 5 years finally came to me. This was the most goose bump moment I had (probably) ever, because I got a phone call where what I wanted was offered me. I will never forget this moment.

    To this point I never done the EGS thing and only watched some videos of Abraham Hicks. Now I found this forum, bought the book AAIIG and am extremely inspired by all the post, by the knowledge and the friendliness here. I don't understand everything and will to get deeper into the games but I think it is only a matter of time until it makes klick.

    My most negative points in life I want to care with this teachings are relationship, money and being more social guy. Last week I understood that I don't want the relationship/being social as manifestation at first, where I have HUGE negative emotions several times A DAY, but want to feel good as much as possible. Don't want the negative emotion every time. Right now it is more on the lower scale (for years) and that is not fun.

    So now I am looking forward being part of this wonderful people here. Thanks for you being here!

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    Hi Klassik

    Thanks for introducing yourself! ^_^

    I'm glad to hear you've been experiencing so many powerfully positive things using the Abe teachings - that's wonderful!

    I hope you will have fun and enjoyable expansion here on the forums : )

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    Hi Klassik!
    Willkommen auf dem Forum aus Bayern, have so much fun! Itīs an amazing place, incredibly helpful,
    with very loving vibes.

    Isnīt it good to keep in mind, that you donīt "need" to work on any issues, really. And all topics work in the same way.
    Instead, of trying to fix things that deem to be broken (they are not) your "work" is to allow yourself more and more ease, fun, joy and happiness- in relaxing about the issues, and focusing on what feels better instead.
    As, when you achieve that, you become ABLE to see the solutions that are already done...

    Realizing that was *my* most joyful insight, due to Abe. I wish the same for you!

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    Welcome Klassik..This is a great forum.

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