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Thread: I'm getting this on a deeper level and it's great....

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    I'm getting this on a deeper level and it's great....

    Hiya guys,
    Happy New Year to all you wonderful Abers....

    I just got so excited about how my practise is going so well I had to write it down.....

    I've been sort of practising the teachings for 4 years, and the penny has just dropped, much much more deeply that it's all just simply about feeling better on every issue, in. Every moment that you can.
    I've just realised that because I recently got much better at the "which thought feels better " and other similar processes, I have become less avoidant of my emotions . OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS MOST OF MY STRUGGLE HAS BEEN.....I WAS AFRAID TO FEEL MY EMOTIONS BECAUSE I DIDNT REALLY FEEL I HAD AN EFFECTIVE TOOL WITH WHICH TO ALLOW MYSELF TO FEEL BETTER.
    Now, thanks to this forum, you guys...I've got much better at feeling my way to greater and greater alignment, so now I feel i can allow myself to feel my feelings. So I'm out of my vicious circle. It feels great.
    One of the things I learned that made a huge difference, was the idea of really letting yourself be where you are emotionally, feel it, own it, and soothe it at that initial stage/level, be ok with where you are at the very start,,make peace with it.....and with the heavier issues, come back at at a time when you feel more neutral , e.g. after a nap, to climb up the emotional scale.
    Separating the process into two parts has really made a huge difference to me.
    And the other thing I really get it that when I have just done the work,, the BFT, then it feels,like my valves are really open, and so BOPA becomes much easier, because I am flowing with WIRA to a much greater degree.
    This is wonderful...
    So doable..amazing ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
    Thank you Abraham , thank you Abers.....

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    Sounds like a Success Story to me!

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    Thanks wellbeing..

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    That's wonderful, Loholt!

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    thanks treelotus

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