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Thread: Manifestation of simpler and smaller things in life...

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    Manifestation of simpler and smaller things in life...

    Hello All,

    I just wanted to share that I have started noticing simpler and small manifestations that I believe are the result of desiring with no expectations and with not minding if they dont occur.

    Some may say it was mere coincidence, but It cant be since I am observing them almost on daily basis...

    I am also journaling these small manifestations, and trying to understand what exactly I was experiencing when I wished or desired them.

    Have fun

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    Last night I listened to Abrahams workshop which talks about how esther wanted to have lions I saw 2 white lion statues on my way ...I travel this road every sunday, and never noticed it up until now...So is this a coincidence or the lions were in my vibration somehow without even me knowing it, this sounds so similar to esthers blue glass story...

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    Which of those thoughts feel better to you? The BFT would be closer to the knowing that your IB (who is connected to Infinite Intelligence) has about what is going on with this for you.

    But it does sound like Esther's blue glass, butterflies and a feather, doesn't it?

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    Yes it does, the moment I saw those lions, I was like oh there you are; just like how Abraham was mentioning yesterday and then it just struck to me that I was in receiving mode like blue glass story

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