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Thread: Becoming more deliberate...

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    Becoming more deliberate...

    Hi all have been reading here for some time now and discovered Abe after exploring the secret.

    I have had some fab manifestations (house, car, horse) and the benefit of hindsight has helped me see that it was when I let go of my attachment (resistance)to them that they magically appeared.

    I have read many of the Abe books and APOE is my absolute favourite. In the beginning I sort of thought that reading the books was the solution but it slowly dawned on me that I could read a million books but it was the application of the knowledge that is key!!...I know.....I got there in the end!!

    So I am at a place now where I would like to become a little more deliberate, to notice and appreciate everything instead of racing through the day in a sort of a numb state. I want to feel amazing, sparkly, alive in every moment. Woohoo lets go....

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    Today I feel peaceful, all is well... My little ones are playing happily and I have indulged in a delicious hot chocolate and a few chapters of my book. I love to get lost in a good fiction book and it has to be a paperback and have 'new book smell'! My old story would be that I don't have time but not anymore!

    I had a little skirt around boredom earlier but I have decided boredom is good, it is peaceful, it's ok to have some down time, it won't last forever - gives me a chance to read!

    My toddler has just handed me a sprig of Christmas tree he found on the floor and it smells amazing. He is chatting away and such a great example of how to live in the 'now' so I am off to follow his lead.

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    Welcome out of lurking, Summerloving!

    Have fun reaching for you relief!

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    Thanks WB!

    Yesterday was interesting as I had a huge slide down the emotional scale which is quite 'different' for me. I managed to step back a bit and wondered if if was the 'bumping into trees' analogy that I have read a little about on here?.. No matter as out of the contrast came some clarity, an idea, a little glimmer of ...hmm yes that maybe could work. It helped anyway, gave some relief and whether I follow up on the idea or not I felt better.

    This morning I woke up refreshed and so proud of my little one who slept all night in his own bed - a first! We had lovely cuddles then hubby took him downstairs for breakfast while I enjoyed a nice hot, bubbly bath - luxury! Today I intend to look for the joy and excitement, I love the idea that anything amazing could happen today....

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    Well joy and excitement I found.....

    Small things... I rotated some of my little ones toys and got out a couple of new ones he got at Christmas and his face was a picture of joy, he was so excited to try his new things out.

    Then my middle two came home excited to tell me that my son had scored two goals in his football match and my daughter had also scored and got awarded player of the match.

    In the afternoon my daughter asked me to look over some of her literacy - I was excited to see how fantastic her creative writing was.

    fun times, can't wait for more....

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    Thanks chillinjoan!

    Trying to to make it a habit to 'feel' my way into the day instead of blundering through.

    The ride is good, it's not about the destination but the journey...... A series of fun moments......
    I feel like I 'should' get going but instead I am going to take half an hour for myself, take a bath, enjoy a steaming hot mug of tea. The thought of that feels good....

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    I have a couple of things I am working on... The first is that I have been a lifelong horse owner, I am currently without a horse since my mare passed over about 15 months ago. The break felt good, I enjoyed it but now I am beginning to think horses again. I am not too sure of the how's but that is not my concern. It feels so exciting to play the 'wouldn't it be nice' game.

    I have been here once before when a previous horse passed over, I took a year out and then began thinking horses again. One day my mum was over and I was showing her an advert of a horse I liked the look of, (I was only browsing as I had no budget at that time) as we were looking her phone went. It was a friend saying someone she knew needed to re home a horse, would she be interested. (The timing was impeccable!,) Needless to say we went to have a look and this mare was the image of the horse I had just shown my mum. I got given her for free and later discovered that her breeding was lines I was very familiar with. It was amazing how it all rolled out! Any thing is possible....

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    Saturday morning I woke before my son and as I lay in bed for some reason I began to think about receiving a sum of money, it felt really fun to imagine what I would do with it and my overall feeling was how much fun money is and how much I love it! A little while later I was telling my husband and we played a little game of, 'imagine we won the lottery' and got all excited about the things we would do.

    Just as we were talking about this an email popped in saying 'we have some news about your lotto ticket from last nights draw,' we looked at each other and laughed. Love this journey!

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    Feeling a bit bleurgh today so.....let's reach for some relief...... My beautiful new woodburner is on making our lounge super cosy and warm, a delicious beef stew is bubbling away in the slowcooker wafting lovely smells, my baby boy is napping peacefully.

    I passed my last module and move on to the next on Monday, the one that I am really interested in, can't wait to get started. All is well, feel better already.

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