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Thread: Clarity about romantic relationships

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandkaity View Post
    This isn't a question but more of a curiosity. If anyone remembers or has heard the specific interaction of the HS and AH disscussing the recipe for true love. So it's sparked a lot of resonance within me just about how we interact with others and how to love without pinning specific expectations or negative attachments on another person, not looking to that specific person to fulfill or satisfy our need for alignment. But looking at them with love and appreciation, and considering them in these ways rather than the lack of.

    Relationships that I've observed and taken part in have seemed binding and manipulative and hurtful at times. And I'm curious about the opposite, relationships that are loving and allowing and free flowing. How do you go about in that direction?

    Is it more about getting your own balance and gaining your own alignment? Rather than focusing on specific traits and positive aspects of the person or people in question?

    A mixture of both?

    I know a lot of people including myself looked to Abrahams teachings to get a specific person or lover, and that in itself feels little bit manipulative? Everything we want, we want because we think we will feel better in the having of it.
    Abraham often says that the person in question is irrelevant and the thing that you really want is your own alignment.

    I guess I'd like insight on this, from anyone's perspective really.

    I'm trying to ask more of where do we go right? Rather than "where is it we go wrong?"

    hi islandkaity

    when you focus on something that makes you feel good then you are allowing love to come to you
    it can come from another being, or from anything in general, but it will evoke the feeling of love within you
    like attracts like

    and when you focus on aspects of love from people, and appreciate those aspects of them, then you will attract more like-feelings into your life
    not necessarily from that person per se, but in general you will receive more loving towards you for that amount of love-appreciation you expend

    there is no right way or wrong way, it is only Your way that is the correct way to discover these things on your journey in this lifetime

    and as long as you keep your focus on the positive aspects as often as possible, and do as much appreciating as possible and being thankful as much as possible, then you will definitely bring love into your life

    don't worry about anything being manipulative
    that's a term that non-abrahamsters use lol!
    once you become a focused creator of your own life then you soon realise that by directing your thoughts to bring pleasing things to you never hurts anyone -ever- and that your life just gets better and better
    it's all a learning curve
    and be kind to yourself of this journey
    be happy as much as you can every day
    do things that you love and that make you happy every day -even the smallest of things that please you- make sure you do them, as this self-love is so important to your happiness and ease and comfort in life
    and be kind and loving to everything around you including the non-being objects lol

    if I ever come across that clip then I shall let you know, but at the moment I can't recall it specifically

    I hope some of this resonates with you
    we all came here to love, and be love
    love is the greatest gift of all, and it's free!
    the more love you give (in your thoughts, in your feelings, in your heart), the more love flows to you
    and then you wake up one day and realise that you just love everything! and it just starts to literally pour out of you
    when you give love it always comes back

    much love to you

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    thank you so much! I feel better just reading what you've wrote!! This is making more and more sense to me, and something that WellBeing also has been saying resonated with me too. It reminds me of the abraham quote "Closure...Closure...Close your mouth."

    Its starting to click into place, and I'm grateful for the clarity and understanding I'm getting

    Thank you so much!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandkaity View Post
    ....the recipe for true love.
    "True love" isn't an Abraham concept. We use all kinds of people, behaviors and circumstances to affect the degrees to which we allow or resist our connection with our IB/Source, but no such thing as "true love." Where we go right is in paying attention to how we feel in every moment of every day and in knowing that we can change how we feel without needing our circumstances to change. "True love" is being able to appreciate no matter what and is not attached to our experience of any one person.

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    Abe say, we "ruined" the word love, as most of people think love would be a lot of things that really donīt have to do anything with what love really is, and so Abe choose the word "appreciation", instead, because we can understand this better. While they also say, that all they really talk about IS love.

    Love would be what the Universe is made of. Itīs a totally resistancefree vibration of pure positive energy, and itīs totally unconditional. And, itīs the top of the EGS, while there is no end to expansion and depth of love really.

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