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Thread: "Mental Disorders"

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    "Mental Disorders"

    Dealing with "mental disorders", here: Aspergers:
    Being an intense focuser, getting intense momentum!

    "The label they gave you (Asperger syndrom) -we love it.
    We love that theyīd been given you this diagnosis.

    THIS is the way, WE interpret this diagnosis.
    This is infinite intelligence speaking to you,
    and you can take this words to the bank.
    It is our promise to you:
    If you can hear what we are going to say to you,
    in our interpretation of this diagnosis:

    -You are an INTENSE focuser
    (HS nods immediately).
    You are like a dog on a bone.
    -A GOOD thing!
    An intense focuser.

    Which means, when you focus on an issue that isnīt pleasing you:
    Momentum, momentum, momentum, momentum!
    When youīr focusing on something that DOES please you:
    Momentum, momentum, momentum, momentum!

    -But the part you have not known,
    is that in all of this knowing what you donīt want,
    you have launched more rockets of what you do want,
    then anyone who ever sat in this hotseat before!

    You have a Vortex filled with such specific desire,
    that this highflying desire is INCREDIBLE!
    And THATīs why the tug of war within you is so strong.

    So, the combination of having a REALLY
    fast moving Vortex-
    and being a focuser like a dog on a bone-
    focusing in OPPOSITION to that what you want,
    -THATīs whatīs causing this tension within you.

    And THATīs why they give you this label.
    (HS nodding emphatically)

    And weīr saying to you:
    With less effort than you think, you are going to be able
    to begin to return your attention more to things that you want to-
    and it is our promis to you, that when that momentum begins-
    that momentum that matches your momentum of who you REALLY are-

    EASE will come over you.
    And what you are WANTING,
    will flow into your experience.

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    Being a bit light about it:

    Weird is always this new, leading edge,
    where just a few reach beyond what is accepted by the more.
    Weird is where genius resides.
    Itīs where mastery resides.
    Itīs the willingness to reach into the unpopular norm.

    Denver, September 2012

    Do you know what the definition of crazy is?
    Crazy is following one’s own guidance
    when the population at large wants you
    to follow the conditions that they’ve laid out for you.
    We teach crazy!

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, April 11, 2015

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    "When you reach for the subtlety of
    who-you-really-are, it brings you together.

    It brings you to your clarity
    and your power
    and your strength
    and your wellness,
    your humor
    and your fun
    and your life.
    It brings you to life, you see.
    The other [wanting approval of others] fragments you."

    Abe, Stamford May 2012

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    I want to add the EGS, once more.
    Many stances that get sometimes called "mental disorders" are simply emotional discs/indicators,
    and it might be helpful to know that.

    The original EGS
    -as it is given in the Book "Ask and it is Given" by Jerry and Esther Hicks.
    I added the colors to make it more tangible, not to value any color less or more than another.

    1. Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
    Abe added in the clips several times that Peace also belongs into this position.

    2. Passion

    3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

    4. Positive Expectation/Belief

    5. Optimism

    Entry to the Vortex

    6. Hopefulness
    Abe teach, that Hope is so close to the Vortex, that if you stay there, you get easily swept in.

    7. Contentment

    8. Boredom

    9. Pessimism

    10. Frustration/Impatience/Irritation,

    11. Overwhelmed

    12. Disappointment

    13. Doubt

    14 Worry

    15 Blame

    16 Discouragement

    17 Anger

    18 Revenge


    20 Jealousy

    21 Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

    22 Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

    Specifically layed out EGS-scales about many different topics (as health, sex, creativity and so on) can be found here:

    "The map of the soul": Specific EGS-Scales

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    How Jerry got out of depression

    Jerry had an experience many years ago,
    something was happening in his personal life that he was fixated on
    that had him all be pinched off, from life-force itself.
    He was getting dimmer and sadder and more uncomfortable
    in his life-experience, and received one final telephone-call,
    that sort of put the last nail in the coffin so to speak-
    where it was clear, that things where not going in the direction
    that he wanted them to go.

    And he had a sort of un-awakening, where he realized that he was
    not going to be able to get them to do, what he needed them to do-
    in order for him to feel better.

    And he finally JUST GAVE IT UP.

    He remembers walking right out into the streets of Spokane,
    and looking up on a snowy day, with the snow falling on his face-
    and announcing to the Universe:
    "I GIVE UP!"

    And in his moment of truly meaning that he
    wasnīt gonna TRY that anymore-
    he, in one fell swoop -he didnīt know it then!-
    released his resistance.

    And all of the wellbeing that heīd been longing for, and wishing for
    and hoping for came rushing in.
    Now, if youīd known him then, and had seen the difference
    in the way he was, right before that- and the way he was,
    right after that, would have announced a "walk in".

    Meaning, his old black soul went somewhere else-
    and a bright, new shiny soul entered him.
    And anybody that saw him, would say,
    thatīs pretty much what it looked like!

    Because he went from ornery and pessimistic and sarcastic,
    and cynical, and having a fight with somebody, nearly every day-
    to feeling that EVERYTHING was alright.
    That the world was a wonderful place! That all was wellbeing.
    That everything was in itīs right place.

    But it wasnīt, because some other energy walked in!
    It was, because he stopped doing the resisting-thing,
    thatīs keeping the NATURAL energy out.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Getting out of depression About Walk in Experience

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    Spider- Phobia

    I have a four year old, who is very afraid and has been for quite a while.
    And right now her fear seems to be about spiders. She does not want to be alone at all.

    How do you feel about spiders?

    Well, I don't like them but I'm not terrified of them....

    Where did she learn her disgust of spiders?

    Well, my husband is on a real war against them. But we don't make a big deal about them....

    Oh really (audience laughter).

    We vacuum them up when we see them. Okay, we must be making a big deal about them.
    So that's where it's coming from? Our....

    As she comes forth - this is alright - we're not trying to lay blame at your door.
    But we are happy to talk about a little one, who is just beginning to form her biases that, later
    - in therapy - she will discuss as the basis of her not being a vibrational match to her desire.
    Has she ever been bitten by a spider?

    Guest: No.

    So the spider has made no assault on her at all and so it is our expectation
    it is her awareness of the way others are responding to it that has her attention about it.
    And so, how many spiders a day do you think you vacuum up?

    Well actually we do have quite a few. Maybe two or three.

    Abe: Every day?

    Yes. And she usually spots them and demands that we vacuum them up.

    Now, is she afraid of them while they're vacuumed up or, in other words,
    is it possible it's a vacuum game and not a spider game?

    Well, where it's an issue is, well, she doesn't want to go to bed at night,
    but she's okay when her sister comes in the room to go to bed.

    So, it sorta goes like this: There are these little creatures
    that are moving about the house and they are often enough that it's a daily experience.
    And, when someone sees one there is enough alarm around it that somebody
    goes immediately for the removal machine and removes from the environment
    this thing that she knows is all around.

    And we would say what's happened is she's become aware that it's a big enough issue
    to the adults to the adults that they get up a do something about it,
    and she's aware that you can't always be doing something about it,
    and so she's become on eternal spider watch.

    Guest: Okay, so now what do we do?

    Is it your, we want to put this in a way that will be certain entrapment for you
    (audience laughter) Is it your belief that it is possible for you,
    to be there to vacuum up anything that might hinder her forever more?

    Guest: Well of course not.

    And is it your belief that you could even be there to get every spider that roams even in her environment?

    Guest: Oh, certainly not.

    Well, she knows that too. And the fact that you make it your job to get as many as you can,
    it makes her worry about the ones you can't get. In other words,
    you've made her aware that it's a big enough issue.
    And so - here's what we would do: We would let the spiders be a non-issue.
    We want to come back to the question we asked you earlier - Are they really bothering you?
    Do they really bother your mate?

    Well, he used to fumigate before I moved in and I didn't like that.
    He really hates them, yeah. I mean I don't really know if I could get him to go along
    with leaving the spiders alone.

    Here's the thing, do you think you could get him to go along with him not making it an issue
    when anyone is around?

    Guest: Maybe

    Are you ever around the spiders without him?

    Guest: Oh yeah, sure.

    And so that's the place to begin. So there you are, with the children and the spiders
    and someone spots a spider rather than rushing immediately,
    and dropping everything and dealing with the spider which, after all, has the potential
    of eating the whole family (audience laughter), well - that's the way it feels.

    In other words - it's illogical, even to the little one, but that's still the way it feels.
    It becomes top priority. Dinner stops. Television stops. Everything stops.
    Out comes the destroyer and so rather than making it a top priority, just relax a little bit
    and say, "Oh yeah, we'll get it later." And then as she is on spider watch,
    now she may be a little upset about that, because she knows you've already set the pattern.

    And then you might say, "What do you think about we put this little spider outside?
    They really have a place here, so what do you think about let's put the spider outside?"
    Now, would you be alright with putting the spider outside? Could you find a piece of paper
    or something for it to get on and put it outside? (guest answers affirmitive)

    So now you've already made this shift from something terrible,
    over something that needs to be destroyed, which implies that there's some danger.
    So what you're saying is, "well, I really don't want the spider in the house with us
    because he makes webs, or he might make a mess, or someone might step on him
    which also makes a mess, so let's just find a place for the spider outside."
    And as you, lovingly, say: 'come on little spider - come with me, we'll make daddy happy.
    we'll take you outside where you'll make daddy happy and you can go off and play in the garden
    where you'll actually be happier...'

    It's our belief that your little one's will following along with that,
    and now they'll be on spider watch for the purpose of freeing the spider
    for a happier environment and the whole thing will feel in keeping with what they know to be.
    That's the way we would approach it. (...)

    Her logic tells her that the (spiders) are there and they're going to crawl all over her -
    these things that are so important. And, 'What if it's dark and I can't see it?
    And what if it's dark and mommy and daddy don't know that it's there?'
    As you begin to handle the spider, as you begin to say "come on little spider"
    and put it on the paper. And even as the spider crawls on your hand a little bit
    and you don't wince and scream and die over it, instead you say,
    "come on little spider, let's go out.' and you just blow him off, and you wish him well along his way,
    and you lovingly love the spider,
    you're not making your mate wrong for not wanting the spider in the house,
    because you don't want the spider in the house either.

    But you're not making the spider this terrible enemy that must be destroyed
    in order for life as it is to continue in your home.
    In other words, the spider sorta becomes a friend that could be there or not be there.
    Children who see spiders that have not been trained to fear them want to play with them,
    want to pick them up, want to eat them, want to feel them, want to show them to their little sister....

    My older daughter, who is here, had to take bugs to restaurants with us, she was really into them, so.....

    What you're wanting to do is help her restore her natural appreciation for them,
    because we think your husband has an unnatural appreciation of them.
    And, there isn't anything wrong with that. You all get to prefer what you prefer.
    In other words, some like spiders in their house and some don't. But it's not a big deal.
    Spiders are not a big deal. And, of course, there's all kinds of people, even in this room,
    that don't want spiders in their house. They worry some spiders bite, some spiders are poisonous,
    and we're wanting to be soft about this, but the more fear one has of anything,
    the more they're a vibrational match to the thing they fear are.

    It's a very nice thing if you can help your child at this early age to discover
    her relationship with things, to discover if she makes things potentially frightening
    a non-issue to her, then they don't bother her.

    You'll begin to notice that as your focus around these spiders become a more loving,
    natural focus, we think the spiders will become a non-issue and as they become a non-issue,
    they'll come and go less frequently. And as they come and go less frequently you can point out -
    "see, we've shown them that they're happier outside." They will align to that.

    A lot of you here in this room are just like this child.
    You were hyper sensitive to energy, that is how teachers of this energy always are in the beginning.
    And in your hyper-sensitivity, a lot of you end up using drugs, end up using alcohol,
    a lot of you end up using withdrawal, a lot of you end up doing all kinds of things
    in order to somehow find some relief from this hyper-sensitivity.

    Some of you numb yourselves out, you won't let yourself feel any emotion at all,
    and here's someone who has the benefit of being born with this hyper-sensitivity.
    What is this hyper-sensitivity all about?

    Why does someone ever feel strong, strong, strong, strong emotion about anything?
    Because it really matters. In other words, this means that this child is born
    with a stronger than usual, like so many of you, desire to understand in this life,
    to understand contrast, to understand the laws of the universe,
    to understand her own placement in this universe, you see.
    And so as she stands in her hyper-sensitive skin, in a very heightened stance,
    aware of the way she feels, her highs will be higher than almost anyone you know -

    you've seen that already, her lows will be lower than almost anybody you've seen,
    and your work will be to assist her in as many highs as possible.
    And recognizing it isn't because you're running around making life perfect in order for it to happen.
    And that's sort of what that spider collection is doing.

    It's getting her off on the wrong foot.
    It's saying "your heightened sensitivity gets a response from us,
    and the response is to eleminate from your experience
    whatever it is that's upsetting you. That's the wrong message.

    You're not wanting to give her that message.
    The message you're wanting to give her is:
    'You can find a way of feeling good even within this.

    And see, the spider is alright.' And your inner being will assist you
    and her inner being will assist you as well. And, she will teach you how to teach her.
    She's the teacher in all of this. You're a willing, compliant, co-creator,
    but if you will allow it, she will re-sensitize you.

    We began this morning by saying that most physical beings, when they see something wanted
    they say "Yes, more of that." And when they see things not wanted they say,
    "We've got to get rid of that. We've got to get rid of this unwanted thing before we can have balance."

    And when it's a little spider in the house daddy and mommy may be able to take care of it,
    but there's always going to be an unwanted thing, you see.
    She's going to help you discover that you don't have to take the action to rid her experience
    of the unwanted thing, she's going to show you how she can find vibrational harmony
    with what she's wanting without changing any conditions.

    She's going to teach you unconditional alignment with Source energy.
    She's going to teach you unconditional realization of the power of self
    without running all over the place trying to alter conditions.
    And in all of that you will FEEL FREE.

    It's a scary thing to be a parent and feel like you have to protect this little being,
    that you love, from all things that might damage her.
    And when you watch television and look out into the world, it can be very scary as you see
    these things that look like potential danger. And when you remind yourself
    that everything is about vibration and you remember that your work as a parent is
    to assist your little one to be in alignment with her own spirit of well-being, that's the basis of everything.

    Hay House series: Thoughts Underlying Fears

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    Guest: Abraham, can you talk to me about OCD?

    Abe: What is it?

    Guest: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    Abe: #So there are three things wrong with that.
    (audience laughter as Abe is referring to the acronym)

    You be hard on me, I'll be hard on you.
    (more laughter)

    "Disorder" is upstream.
    "Obsessive" is upstream.
    "Compulsive" is upstream.

    Is there a better label? Let's find a better label.
    Rather than "disorder", I have a Re-order, a Re-ordering,
    a Re-aligning. And rather than it being "obsessive,"
    it's Deliberate on my part.
    And rather than it being "Compulsive," it's guided
    by the powerful LOA.

    So, what I have is - A desire to achieve,
    that is enhanced by the powerful LOA,
    to become that which life has caused me to become.

    You don't have OCD.
    What you do have is an active vibration that LOA is responding to,
    and a willingness to guide your vibration in the direction
    of what you want. And the energy and resource of Source
    will back you up on all of that.

    In other words, everything about you is pointed downstream,
    and that label is upstream and that's why it feels so bad,
    when it's applied to you. It's inaccurate. It's erroneous.
    It has nothing to do with the reality of that which is you.

    Anytime somebody gives you a label "Disorder", say to them:
    "And what is the standard of order?
    -Cause I see a lot of variety. What's the standard of order
    that I am 'dis-ordered' from?"

    No one will be able to answer that.
    Because you'll be able to point out the variance in everything
    they point to!
    Dis-order is just the way people like to club you about the neck
    and head. It's a mean label. It's not accurate.

    Detroit 9/22/2007

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    There is no condition that you cannot modify into something more,
    any more than there is any painting that you can paint
    and not like and just paint over it again.

    There are many limiting thoughts in the human environment
    that make it feel like it is not so, as you have these incurable illnesses,
    or these unchangeable conditions.
    But we say, they are only "unchangeable"
    because you believe that they are.


    Excerpted from: San Antonio, TX on April 21, 2001

    "No Exceptions"

    (Abe said) that we could grow our limbs back, if we believed we could.

    There isnīt anything... if you desire it, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS,
    and you are able to find a consistent thought with it, that doesnīt oppose it,
    No exceptions!

    So, if I wanted to change my brown eyes to green, if I really...

    What is it about "no exceptions", that needs clarification?

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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    Sex- and Love- Addict?

    There is no desire within you,
    that is harmful.

    It is the resistance within you, that is causing the harm.

    from the clip
    Abraham: Is She a Sex and Love Addict?

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