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Thread: "Mental Disorders"

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    So, here is our definition of mania:
    Someone who has an unprecedented ability to focus.
    So when you focus on things that are here, you go quickly up the scale.

    And, in other words, mania is almost like quantum leaping,
    but we don’t want to call it quantum leaping,
    because we don’t believe in quantum leaping
    and we don’t think quantum leaping is good for you.

    But quantum leaping is: here’s my vibration and then
    I jump quickly over here. And the only reason
    that anybody could do that, is because they have the power
    to disassociate with this and give their attention to this
    and activate it long enough that they could move up.

    And, that’s why when you turn your attention from that
    and get pointed in that direction, you can move quickly
    and it’s also why you take it so hard when you start going
    the other way.

    And, so we want to give you in the strongest sense
    that you’ve ever felt it before, our undivided compliment
    that that mania that you are experiencing
    is more about the pure positive energy
    that is the strongest basis of you than it is anything else.

    That’s what it is really about.


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    "The best definition, what makes people refer to people as bipolar,
    is that they have powerful lows and poweful highs.
    In other words, an older fashioned version of that
    was split personality or manic depressive.

    In other words, there have been a lot of people that have theorized
    about why a person would feel really good in one moment,
    and really bad in another.

    And of course, you know why.
    In the context of these law based principles, that ...
    A woman said to us one day 'It's not fair, I'm positive and not healthy
    and my friend is healthy and not positive.'

    And we said 'You can't compare each other across the board
    like that, because when you really want something
    that you are not allowing yourself to have, there is a tug of war going on.
    Your friend doesn't have the desire and so her negative conversation
    is not causing as much conflict in her vibration
    as your somewhat negative conversation is causing
    in your faster moving stream.'

    It's the story of a car that's going 100 miles an hour
    and hits a tree verses a car that's going 5 miles and hour
    and hits a tree. It's the same sort of story."

    ---Abraham, Alaska Well-Being Cruise, July 2008

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    It is all Vibrational, no exception!

    Don´t get lost in the diagnosis, the medicine, or in the statistics
    about what somebody else did about it.

    If you dont feel good, it s because
    you´re not thinking in a way that allows
    the Energy to flow.

    You could just get really, really mad at someone you love
    and make every muscle in your body stiff. And you would ask,
    "why does my body feel this way?"
    ¯ And we say, because you´ve had a Vibrational tug-of-war going on.

    Stop looking for anything other than your mental and emotional
    state of being as answers to why you feel how you feel
    in your body.
    It is all Vibrational, no exception!

    And when you get that, then it doesn´t matter what diagnosis
    has been given to you- it doesn´t matter, as it´s temporary.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Orlando, FL on Friday, December 20th, 2002

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    Mentally unhealthy??

    To a bipolar HS:

    Mental health, by society´s standards, is:
    Anyone who does something different than I do,
    is mentally unhealthy.
    And, if I can get together with others who pretty much agree
    with me, then we´ll call those¯ unhealthy.

    And, We say, Look what you do to your world.
    In other words, your religion is "wrong", your politics are "wrong",
    your life choices are "wrong", your sexual orientation is "wrong"...

    In other words, there´s so many people that are determined
    to control conditions so that they can feel better.
    And, they're abject failure because they can´t control
    the conditions because it´s not any of their business.
    Then they freak out and they put laws in place
    and they put labels on people, and they call people evil and bad,
    and they talk about curses, and they tell you you´re going to be
    condemned to hell.

    It´s just unbelievably freakish what humans do to each other
    in their effort to get you all to behave just the same.

    Some of you are born with this powerful intent to be
    different enough
    that they can´t pigeon hole you, and we are so happy
    when we meet someone who couldn´t be pigeon holed,
    who wouldn´t be forced into conformity,
    who insists on individuality, and the only part that we can see
    that went wrong with you, is that they convinced you
    that there´s something wrong with you,
    caring about what you want!

    And that there´s something wrong with you,
    caring about how you feel.
    -And you care so much, that you act out.
    And then they say: "Well, we´
    ll take care of that. We´ll just drug you. We´ll just drug you-
    so that you can´t tell what´s going on in this emotional crack.
    You won´t be able to tell that you want something,
    that you´re not allowing yourself to have."

    So, our encouragement is to continue to take the medication.
    There isn´t anything about it, that´s going to be harmful to you,
    other than it does desensitize you to some extent,
    about how you´re feeling. But, we can tell that it´s not
    desensitizing you enough that you can´t tell, that that thought
    feels better than that thought!

    We don´t want you to push against them,
    for they know not what they do. We don´t want you
    to push against them because they can´t possibly understand
    how you feel. Don´t feel bad-
    nobody can understand what you´re feeling!
    Nobody can and nobody should. It´s not their job.

    That´s why we always say, We hope that you can move
    from your despair right on thru revenge- because revenge
    will get you in jail. In other words, if you act out in some way,
    now they got a reason to lock you up and medicate you.

    But, if you can get thru that revenge by understanding,
    that it´s natural and move right into anger, they won´t
    lock you up for anger, unless you hurt somebody else.
    And as you understand that, you can then begin to feel
    less angry and then frustrated!

    The emotions, there are so many of them on that end
    that feel so awful... there is despair, which is
    true disempowerment. And then, right up from that is revenge
    and rage, and then anger, and then less anger,
    then up from that is a feeling of frustration and overwhelment
    which is easy to deal with.

    And, up there higher on the emotional scale is something,
    that feels like hope and even optimism, love and appreciation!

    Boulder, CO - 5/13/06

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    Same interaction from above, continued:

    Abe's definition of bipolar disorder:

    We want to give you our definition of bipolar disorder:
    Powerful energy coming forth into a physical body,
    with strong current flowing the day you hit the ground.
    Powerful energy flowing through you!
    -Born into an environment of unusual control.

    So, right away there´s a clash in your energies,
    as you want to go with the flow- but can´t find a way
    quite to do it. Which, gives you, early on,
    the natural response that your guidance system would give you,
    when you´re not going with who you really are,
    but instead going with something else.

    And so, depression and strong negative emotion ensues.

    But, the pull from source is so strong that you´re pulled
    into the next logical step which is a revenge or rage,
    which is frowned upon by society.
    But, like a knee jerk reaction you go there naturally,
    but so much attention is given to this now-perceived
    "inappropriate behavior", that you´re not allowed
    to keep going up the emotional scale,
    -so you get stuck there, so you just bounce back and forth,
    from there, to there, to there, to there.

    That´s our ACCURATE definition
    of that most orderly thing in the world.
    We do not see it as a disorder; we see it as guidance working
    -and society not understanding.

    Boulder, CO - 5/13/06

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    What about the babies?

    The question is, "Well, what about the little ones?
    What about the (unhealthy) babies?"
    And we say, they've been exposed to a vibration, even in the womb,
    that caused them to disallow the Well-being that would have been there

    But once they are born, no matter what their disability,
    if they could be encouraged to the thought that would allow it,
    then, even after the body is fully formed,
    it could be regenerated into something that is well.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Ashland, OR on Tuesday, May 16th, 2000

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    Irrational Fears

    Most parents, when they see children not terrorized
    by the things that terrorize them,
    they work very hard until they've finally got you terrorized.

    They teach you those irrational fears.
    Well-meaning, but they do just the same.

    Excerpted from: San Antonio, TX on April 20, 2002

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    Father of the HS has Alzheimers.
    She asks for guidance about what to say to him.

    (Many who have Alzheimers are) choosing to stop the conversation.
    Not really so interested about what you have to say about it!
    And not needing you to straighten it out, or explain it!
    He, sort of, wants you to know, that you miss the point!

    is saying "thank you" again and again.
    So- I no longer have to have soothing conversations with him?

    Yah! Yah!

    Even visiting him... we moved him to a facility...

    It depends how it feels to you! If visiting him
    is satisfying to you, go. But if it´s isn´t, don´t- because,
    it doesn´t make any difference to him.

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    "And then you say: Oh, you´r abnormal!"
    And if they can speak to you in their true source-voice, they say:

    YES I AM!
    I am abnormal in more ways that you can speak.

    I´m abnormal in more ways than you know.
    I am DELIBERATELY abnormal.
    I´m deliberately non-conforming.
    I´m deliberately putting you in a place, that if you want to
    feel your joy- and I know you do!-
    you´r going to find a different way of looking at me,
    to feel your joy.

    Because I am a condition that you cannot change.

    I´m going to force you into unconditional love-
    if you are to look at me, and feel love."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: Parenting-Would a baby choose deformity Workshop

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    How to help them?

    Trust that they're making their lives work
    in the way that they're making their lives work.
    And just teach through the power of your example.

    Excerpted from: Boise, ID on July 03, 2002

    You CAN NOT SOLVE their problem

    If you as a parent or a mentor will never ever ever try
    to solve a problem for one of your children,
    they will be so much better off for it.

    If you will train yourself to never focus upon on anything
    that’s going wrong in their experience, then you will not be
    an amplifier of what’s going wrong in their experience.

    And you will be like a satellite beamed in version of their Inner Being
    who, as it pertains to them, is always in that high flying place.

    (...) You cannot solve a problem. You cannot solve a problem.
    Problems cannot be solved.

    Problems can ask for solutions, and solutions can summon.
    But problems cannot be solved.
    Problems can either get bigger or solutions can get bigger.

    (...) So which feels better?
    To expect your kids to figure this out or to think that if you don’t teach it
    to them they’re not going to know it?
    Which feels better? To trust that they have an inner being who’s beaming
    to them all the time and that frequently they get in sync with it?

    (...) Let law of attraction show them who they are.
    And let their inner being call them into alignment.
    And you stand there, as their inner being stands.
    Trusting that that will happen.

    And in time you will be like their inner being.

    They will learn from their exposure to you.
    That they are just not going to get you to worry with them.
    Because your faith in their well-being is so dominant,
    that you just can’t see around it.
    BASK in their thriving, which is always dominant.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Denver, CO, June 11, 2016

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