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Thread: Sudden burst of tears

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    Sudden burst of tears

    I was watching one of Abes workshop and it started with the usual music of Joy.Esther then made an entry and guess what , I experienced sudden burst of tears rolling down..I am not sure why that would occur.What is this feeling or emotion I was experiencing?
    It almost felt like something resonated deep in my heart, not like sadness something that I cannot tap in ...

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    It's kinda hard for us to tell you what you were feeling since we aren't tapped into your emotional guidance system, so we can only guess.

    So my peanut-gallery guess would be:

    Sometimes the relief as we go from one point on the EGS to a better-feeling point on the EGS, that relief can come with a release of tension, and that release can sometimes manifest in cathartic tears. In my personal experience, this is especially common when the relief hits you unexpectedly and suddenly - when the shift is quick and sudden. It's almost like the shift in feelings shocks you.
    When you saw Esther come on stage, it's possible that this was accompanied with some kind of feeling that there's someone out there with answers, someone out there that can help - someone out there who encompasses all the good things that Esther/ Abraham mean to you - and that thought and that good-feeling of Hope, provided a cathartic relief.

    As I say, that's just a guess though! Tune in and see if that potential explanation resonates with you.

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    You experienced a sudden allowing of higher energy-flow, while you still had some resistance.
    Whenever this happens, it gets indicated by shivers, goosebumps or even tears.

    Tears often mean you have resonated with a love
    that is greater than your capacity to maintain it.
    It's an integration of something wanted,
    without your ability to allow it's bigness.

    Just keep going back to the best feeling place you can find
    and it will fill in,
    until your capacity to achieve it is more.


    from the quote-collection
    Abe about what tears mean

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