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Thread: Paranoid thoughts

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    Paranoid thoughts

    I have this this new paranoid thought that keeps bothering me. It came about a couple of days ago.

    I cannot stop wondering that everything that I want and desire may come from a bad source, specifically a criminal.

    Then, I get worried that all of my possessions and assets that I have ever owned (past, present, and future) may be manufactured or invented by a criminal.

    I know there is momentum that has taken place and made me wonder that everything that I have ever owned might be touched, invented or manufactured by a criminal (possibly).

    I know that this thought feels irrational and stupid. It feels rather uncomfortable to think that way. Maybe my fear is that, it would be a direct reflection on what kind of a person I am if I do indeed attract an object (like money or a nice sofa) that was made by a criminal or given to me by a criminal. You know, the fear that I may be supporting that criminal by giving them my money to buy these nice things that were possibly made by them. Or accepting money that was touched or came from a criminal.

    The theory of me being just as bad as that person if I did purchased something that came from their hands. I guess "the guilt by association" fear comes into play.

    I know that I am not a bad person at all.

    I know that the fear is so silly because what that person or those type of people has done is none of my business and it has nothing to do with me and vice versa. Also, just like Abraham keeps stating, this world has too many moving parts. I cannot possibly put everything into neat little catagories. I know that humans are multifaced. Well, most anyway...

    I know that Abraham also said that there is no such thing as right or wrong from the Universe's perspective.

    At the same time, I love that my thoughts are so creative. Sometimes, my brain can go down the negative path and that is what I have to train my self away from. Sometimes, I'm empathetic to a fault and that's not good.

    I'm still learning how to get into the habit of caring more about how I feel. I also know that I have to stop looking through the eyes of human society and more through the eyes of source.

    Right now, yes, I am looking at the unwanted end of the stick. I do want to look at things from a better feeling point of view but, I do not know where to exactly begin at telling a better feeling story for relief. For, right now that is...

    The most down stream thing for me to do is to distract myself for now. Maybe before I go to bed, I'll try to meditate or maybe write my thoughts down, asking the Universe for a moment of that better feeling place of clarity. That usually helps me out.

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    Welcome to the Forum, neon!

    In a lot of ways, this question is the save question as your earlier thread, so the replies that you'd attracted in that thread are applicable to this one.

    What's at the basis of this thread is that you're talking about "momentum." You're telling us that you have a habit of thought and that you've practiced yourself into your habit of thought so that you've gotten really, really good at thinking your habit of thought. Like anything else that you've practiced, you've gotten so good at doing this habit that you do it so easily and "naturally" in many situations about many topics.

    I put the word "naturally" in quotation marks because this habit is not truly natural to you and you know this for yourself because it doesn't feel good to you when you do this habit. (Otherwise, we wouldn't be having this conversation, right? ) That's because your IB always does what is natural to you. Your uncomfortable feeling when you do this habit of yours is because you're not doing what is natural to you (reaching for your alignment with your IB). So, that might be a beginning place for you:

    "I'm feeling 'not 'good' right now. That tells me that my IB, who is connected to Infinite Intelligence, has a different opinion about this than I do. I wonder what my IB thinks about this topic?...."

    Since what were talking about is a habit, you probably have learned from your own life experience that it's our practice which create our habits. We never just wake up one day with a new habit. We practice them into place over a period of time. So, just like this habit, you'll want to practice a different habit in its place. Abraham would encourage you to practice a better-feeling habit in its place. You do that just one thought at a time, as best you can. Just like you did at the end of your post.

    Since we're talking about practice, maybe I've got you thinking about practicing something different than what you have been practicing. If that's the case, then you'll want to practice this old habit that you've decided you no longer want, which means you'll want to cut your old story short. Because every time that you think or tell your old story (even to yourself), you're practicing a habit you do not want, making it likely that you'll do more of your unwanted habit. So, when you notice you're starting to practice your unwanted habit, stop, remind yourself that it's simply a habit you've decided you no longer want to do and switch the subject. Don't try, in that moment, to wrestle your old habit to the ground. Youll get ensnared by your tar baby and you'll just inadvertently wind up practicing your old unwanted habit.

    Another thing you can do is to shift your focus away from the specifics you've shared with us into a more general focus. Just take a baby step backwards into a more general focus. That will feel like relief in the moment because you'll be slowing your unwanted momentum down.

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    Here is a quote-collection that might help you to really understand, what the indicator of fear and paranoia means:
    You, holding a focus, a belief or just a way of looking that source does not agree with, AT ALL.

    (Fear...) Its not guidance protecting you from something.
    It's guidance showing you that right here, right now,
    your opinion about THIS is different
    than the Source opinion about this.

    Don't you like knowing that?
    If you would stop in the midst of negative emotion and say

    "Oh, oh, oh! Source is looking at this differently than I am."

    Atlanta, GA November 8th 2014

    Fear and Courage

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    What you're talking about isn't really about whether or not you're going to catch cooties. Rather, as WB points out, you're afraid that someone other that you gets to decide what comes to you. That's what fear is about -- lack of control. If you were to assume for a moment that it is as you fear it is, what would your impression of such a system be? To me it sounds like something that's incredibly unfair. If you'll look at the EGS, you'd see that anger is a few steps up from fear. Doesn't it make sense that anger toward an unfair system would feel better than fear? That's what soothing yourself is about, finding what feels better from where you are.

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