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Thread: Clarity on Expectations

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    Clarity on Expectations

    Can someone please explain with an example, what an Expectation is, that Abraham refers to..


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    An expectation is a habit of thought. You keep thinking a thought. The LoA brings you more thoughts like it, just like the Law says. You get so good at thinking these thoughts that you form a story around it and your story seems "natural" or "true" to you. So, this story becomes a sort of vibrational setpoint for you, a vibrational you "naturally" offer often. So, the LoA brings you manifestations to "prove" your expectation. We humans call those manifestations "evidence." Those manifestations give us more reason to continue to think our thoughts and tell our stories.

    An example is the light switch in your room. You didn't always know that when you flicked it, it would turn on the light. Someone either told you about it or you observed your surroundings. Eventually, you trained yourself into an expectation that when you flick your switch, the lights come on. When the lights don't come on as expected, then we label it a "problem."

    You can learn more about Abraham's ideas about expectations by reading AAIIG.

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