There are things that I find myself enjoying about this house I am living. So I have decided to write about them.

Things I like in this house I am living:
- This house is in the main center, near my work, near my gym, near my favorite shops, car parks, metro station, bus.
I feel near everything important, I feel like I can do and go anywhere with ease and effortelessy.
- This house has two long halls which I like to walk on.
I like to enjoy this warm feeling of moving through rooms through home and sensing this happiness of being by myself enjoying my home.
- This house has many windows and a balcony to see the view and enjoy some warm sun. I love freedom and well being and confort and windows and balconies are well placed for that.
- I really like seeing the quite street at night and sensing the trees stilness... there is so much life inside them, through their roots, to the barks and the leafs. I love myself for having noticed this.
- I like to utilize everything in the kitchen freely. Feels like me.
- I like the warm water, the fresh food in the fridge, and all equipments available to clean. I like cozy place, warm and lovely to live well and good.
- I like the lights, the bedroom, the wi-fi internet. I enjoy having a space to rest and take good care of me.