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Thread: Law of attraction

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    Thank you Loa man!!!

    well you pretty much confirmed B) especially for me in my post and that makes me happy and safe that was all I needed. Because there is no more "doubtful thoughts" when you confirmed it! I may have had doubts, but that was before you agreed with me on a) ans especially B).....
    Because if LOA/vib alignment can not get that certain disease in the original way I described, well, then that is all I need to feel safe! And the doubts are gone!!

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    Some fine-tuning here: What makes you happy is not my confirmation. It is the agreement of your IB with the thought that you think about what I said that makes you happy. Every emotion that you feel is about the relationship between you and your IB. Feeling happy means you are, in the moment of happy, a vibrational match to your IB. That's your EGS working.

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    Pardon for this rudimentary question but what is IB?

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    Thank you guys for all your help

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    You can save yourself a lot of fretting and (ultimately) time by digesting the books and learning how the whole thing really works. Piecemeal comprehension is a slow and incomplete process. Learning the law(s) will soothe you more than anything we could say (we are, after all, just the Peanut Gallery).

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