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Thread: Best Day from The Netherlands!

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    Best Day from The Netherlands!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Usha and I'm new to this forum, yet I've been living and breathing Abe for a long time. Yet, I did not understand contrast too well, and when I was at one point in my life submerged in manifestations that were not truly intended (in hindsight, yes, definitely intended and I have no regrets whatsoever I lost touch with Abe. But, I am back, and more determined than ever to keep living in the Vortex! I'm also introducing my 9yr old daughter to it, she has two of the three translated Sara books, which we read from every night. I have also introduced her to The Secret. Not that I am a huge fan of the setup of that movie, but, for a 9yr old, it would appear to be a great way to start practicing her manifestation powers!

    For myself, I am intending to manifest SUPERBE life quality. I am consciously choosing physical health, general well-being, soul-relationships (and friendships) and of course financial abundance. And I can detect a clear change from my former Self, because I seem to have released several blockages and it all seems more tangible now than ever before.

    One of the most profound Abe sayings that I live by, even though sometimes I have to consciously remind myself, is that the contrast is here to serve my definitions of my manifestations. It is here so I can make even more clear choices.

    A quick anecdote, that has happened to me twice:

    I am an inspired music teacher in primary school. But, a few years ago, when I got divorced from my daughter's father, I could not find work in my field, so I took a job in an organic supermarket. I worked there for 1,5 years, and thought I'd be there forever. I secretly sometimes hoped that they would not renew my contract. I however kept working at the best of my abilities, also being grateful for having the means to support myself and my daughter as a single mother.

    But then, indeed, they would not renew my contract, because, as a single mother, I was not flexible enough. And shortly thereafter, I was offered a job as a music teacher again. When they told me I would be out of a job, I did not even panic. Sure, all kinds of thoughts ran through my head, but, I had a deep underlying faith and trust that I would be good no matter what. And then the offer for music teacher came.

    Second story;

    Two days ago, I heard that the school where I teach, and where my daughter also attends, will have to close its doors in the summer. The funny thing is, that, in the past few months, my daughter and I have played with the idea of switching schools for her. She is in a class of 30+ very loud children, and she is a sensitive child, she is a very bright student, and would, we feel, benefit more in a different environment. We even looked on the internet at other schools. But, we let go of that idea, and just got on with daily life. Changing schools mid-year is quite a drastic thing. And then, two days ago, we received the news that the school will cease to exist. Again, I am speechless. We must have somehow set a manifestation in motion.

    And, now that my daughter is starting to understand the LoA, I can explain it to her in a way that she understands as well, making it all less traumatic, or, not traumatic at all!
    As for my job, I am sure something great will come my way very soon. I already have work elsewhere, for just a few hours, so I am trusting that something wonderful will come my way soon.
    Sorry if this message is too long, I just wanted to share a bit about me. I plan to stick around!
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