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Thread: Thank you for this forum!

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    Thank you for this forum!

    Hey everyone!

    So glad to be here,I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm Jade and I'm from the.UK (England)

    I first discovered LOA via The Secret. I was very excited as I read and watched. I was a teen and told myself I was going to change my life. My mum mentioned having a book called Ask.and it Is Giving that I might be interested in. So that's when I was introduced to abe. I read ot and enjoyed it, however I was kind of "smiley face sticker" things. I wasn't really FEELING. Just wanted my STUFF. And so I decided it didn't work for me...

    Then around a month ago, years later, I rediscovered abe again. It started through a Fred situation. I wanted him to want what I want so bad, I rembered an article I had read on remote seduction years back.and did some googlin.

    Then I came across a forum which talks about remote seduction, attracting a specific person etc. And of.course had discussions on Loa. I then remembered abe and the book I had read. I done some reading online about abe and discovered this amazing forum which has had me stuck in!!! I've reread aaiig and also the vortex, been watching many many YouTube vids too.

    It was all about Fred at first, now itse so much more! I want to allow in everything that IS MINE vibrationally. Most importantly I want to FEEL JOY.

    Abe is by far my fave teachings on loa, it just makes so much sense and clicks with me. I LOVE Abe!!!  and Esther and Jerry!!! I'm so glad to have found this forum, and as I am now older (or maybe just ready?) It all makes more sense to me than it did years ago. And as I lurk around this site I.can tell this is where I belong. <3

    Thank you

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    Welcome to the Forum, Jabraham!

    Thank you for telling us a bit about your journey to play with us. Have fun!

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    Thank you, WellBeing!!!

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    WELLcome jabraham

    scroll down for "yours"

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