First, I pat myself on my back for listening to my thoughts and emotions MUCH more than before and working much more on "small" things like the sauce thing. Last month I would just get by it because I wouldn't believe much relief, but now I have more faith (or whatever) after that big WB-post. So, good for me!

Old story: In the store there was a young women who obviously bought something for valenstineday.
I really envy this life, where you know that you have a partner. Where this is something normal. I really can't see how that will ever work for me at that feels really bad.

I surely see that there are a lot of people who have this life but aren't happy, so it's not the path of happiness. And, after all I have read and heard by Abraham and other folks I can see that it makes totaly sense to me, because "happy" is emotion and emotion is the result of THOUGHT and not of circumstances and conditions.

Oh, why do I get remembered by this sooo often? It's like a thing that is everywhere. Everywhere are (whatever level of happiness) couples and I am alone. That sucks soo much. That is something so expected by society and I probably don't considered "normal", because I am like never seen with a women. Am I not normal? hew. Of course that is rubish here! What I feel here has NOTHING to do if I have a women on my side or not! It's about my THOUGHTS! And many women wouldn't look at me or noticing me when I wouldn't be unattractive or unnormal, because that is all given to some degree and ONLY my alignment is responsible for that and my alignment is a result of my thoughts, over what I have total control. Sure, I am not the master aligner YET but Tiger Woods wasn't the pro golfer from his first year of life on earth.

I CAN see that soothing makes it easier for me that it IS possible, and that it doesn't matter THAT much like before when I was totally in the negative juice. It's ALL about my thoughts.

Sure, I sometimes would love if that would be easier or if someone would hand me some guide to feel better on that specific topic, because sometimes I feel like my case is so unique. But when I see that persons on OTHER topics with a similar vibration THERE felt better, than I may be able to do that, too.