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Thread: The work, make progress in my emotions using Emotional Guidance System - step by step

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    He is such an egoistic person, although he is ill and can't sing and is saying that dozens of times backstage he still refuses to cancel that in advance and let me play that part, just like it was agreed on before with our "boss". He is not cooperating because he is an egoistic person. What an Asshole. And then he is standing behind me before we go on stage and his coughing really disgusting that I want to puke. Unbelievable. He KNOWS that I only play this 3 of 30 times, and when is is ill. Asssssshole. And now I have to work with him still. uh.

    • He is making me so angry, how can someone behave like this? Doesn't he have ANY social and empathic skills at all, can't he imagine how he is behaving in front of his colleagues?
    • I won't help him out with anything again, that is sure. I always try to be nice to him because he is very emotional and gets bleary eyes really fast, but next time I just push my will trough, no matter if he will start to cry in front of everyone. (revenge, anger, same)
    • Why do I have to work always with such idiots? (discouragement, same)
    • It would be so nice if my next coworkers wouldn't be such jerks. (worry?)
    • I know that by this attitude I am making myself dependent from the behavior of other people. I NEVER can control how others behave, so I shouldn't go that way.
    • So his behavior helps me to focus on MY alignment with my thoughts and not with the conditions, conditions I CAN'T control.
    • - I just can't find BFTs here hm. (worse) -

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    And here we are again, sitting around, idle, staring through my window and totally without goals, plans, anything. Just nothing. It feels just so empty right now. And this is my life right now. (depressing)
    • I don't want that my high emotional goals just fade away and my life gets just an potrayal of nothing, like an empty shell. (worse)
    • Sometimes I can't believe how much I drifted away into negativity. (worse)
    • I KNOW that I have ALL the tools and ways to make my life feel better. (slighty better)
    • I know deep down that this isn't THAT hard, but I am having a hard time applying it.
    • I learned that it isn't all bad to feel negative like I do, that this is alright.
    • I am already spending nearly 5 hours today wallowing in my negative emotion. I haven't done nothing productive this day.
    • It's obvious that it doesn't fade away with one single downstream thought.
    • I am so sick of it, I can't believe that I am in this position.
    • I created a habit of thought of beating myself up that it's not right no be in this emotion. I shouldn't do that.
    • I always thought that I will regain my power this this Teachings, but it's so hard to apply, although it's so simplified.
    • I just don't deserve it to be in this position.
    • I want to embrace the world, not hide in a place and wasting my life.

    That does not work, I will distract myself now with some funny videos.

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    Beautiful Klassik, you are doing such a wonderful job.

    Here are some ways I use to soothe myself. Perhaps, some will be of assistance to helping you get a stronger momentum towards feeling better overall and more consistently.

    1. I ALWAYS ask my IB/NPFs to help me feel better. I have found that my IB/NPFs have plenty of ways to help me feel better quicker.

    2. I use PRE-PAVING a lot of times. So, before I go somewhere or do something, I tell my IB/NPFs how I want it to go, how I want to feel, how I want to relate, etc. Whenever I do this, the results are always either more or completely to my liking. You could use this BEFORE you go to work, at the theater, social events, before dressing, basically, any time. I even use it sometimes before I put make up on.

    So, as you sit at your home now, with "nothing to do," you could PRE-PAVE your next interaction with the "coughing guy." You could write, "Dear IB, I feel so disgusted about that guy. Abraham say you don't feel that way and i wonder what you see in hime that's good. He's just terrible. Anyway, I do want to have a better experience with him, so the next time, I meet with him, I'd really like if he didn't cough so much. It's be nice if he were less selfish. It's be so nice if I felt more confident, more at ease, more in sync with you. It's be so nice if things flowed smoothly, more to my liking....etc"

    3. Have some GENERAL statements at my disposal that I use at moments when I catch those contrary thoughts at the beginning. I use: "things are always working out for me" and if that doesn't soothe the thought well enough, I"ll say, "Abraham say things are always working out for me and I choose to think that's true even if I don't quite understand it now." I use : "I trust that the POWER the CREATES WORLDS, is capable of handling this situation for me. Thank goodness, it's not up to me cos I don't know where to begin." "Thank you, IB, for taking care of it." Or I say, "thank you for that thought, beautiful mind of mind. Let's see how we can say that better....(then I try to say the same thing using that same ootv thought, but slightly changing the thought). Or I say, "Well, IB, I'm doing the best I can, so I know, I"ll feel better again soon enough," etc....

    4. When I'm home with "nothing to do" I have a notebook in which I write new stories of what I want for my life. I have different areas - Body, Finances, Connection to Source, Business, Love Life/Married Life, Relationship with children, Relationship with Friends, etc etc. I pick one of the topics and write in present tense because I choose to believe that my vortex is REAL TIME now and my current reality is old news. (You could write in future tense - it's the feeling good that matters). I write like this: Dear Friend or Dear IB/NPFs, I am so excited about my magnificent life (sometimes I say "in my vortex"), it is truly beautiful. I am so outrageously happy........

    I also come to the forum a lot and dig up old threads and success stories and quotes. I also have a Pinterest where I have a lot of pictures that represent what I'm wanting and I add pics to them often. Fun movies work too, going for walks, going shopping with intention to enjoy, etc.

    5. Every morning, I look or stand outside and deliberately speak out my EPIC premise, out loud. It reminds me who I am and what keeps me in more awareness of my IB/NPFs: My Name is Winner and I'm source energy who projected a part of her consciousness into this gorgeous physical body for the purpose of.......... (If you'd like the whole premise, let me know).

    6. Many times, throughout my day, I say things like - "Hey there IB/NPFs, isn't the sky beautiful!" "You take care of that, IB." Or "ohhh.. thank you contrast, thank you negative feeling thought. I wonder what deliciousness I've put in my vortex because of that."

    7. I play Abe on youtube in the car or at home - sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what I'm needing.

    8. I meditate for 20 minutes or more daily (skip a day now and then).

    9. I take positive score more and more often.

    10: The "what do I want instead" tactic - I ask this question sometimes, give myself the answer and then say, "You handle that, IB, I'm going to watch a movie instead..."

    These are some of the tactics, I use. Just remember that MOMENTUM is key.

    You have had so many successes and milking them more, can go a long way to shift that momentum. Remember when you went to NY and had a fantastic time with a woman there who approached you? I thought that was AWESOME! If it were me, I would have MILKED that SO much and that's just only one of the MANY successes I've read here.

    I know you want to be the one doing the approaching of women (you wrote that here), but isn't the path of least resistance to what you want, success? If I want money to come to me through me and money comes to me instead through my husband or brother or Mom, should I dismiss that or MILK it instead? Milking that allows me to release even more resistance, celebrating my path of most allowance, which will eventually lead to money coming through me.

    You are doing great. Let your IB help you and let momentum take you where you want to be, emotionally.

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    Wow, thank you Winner so much. I will response to this, too; I read that and that is so wonderful. Thank you!

    I am tired now because it's after midnight now but experienced some heavy neg. thoughts I wanted to work a little bit before bed and before I respond to your great post. I worked on similar thoughts during the day but screwed that because that didn't soothed a bit, here that is a little bit better and I am so certain that those (like the following) thoughts ARE soothable. And I will get this eventually. So I had a play today and there were women, eh. And I read your post before that once and milked that situation from the US. That was very nice. That reminded me to think about all the good things this year. And, it isn't all "bad" with women, what I am posting always are often the result of the momentum train that builds up automatically and "awash" the positive aspects or makes the positve aspects very bitter.

    I feel so intimidated by the thought that those women, even by those 10 years younger than me could reject me, consequences, whatever. I can't honestly make the next moves on them (even if that is obviously wanted by the women, too) or deciding if I ask them for whatever or to make the next moves. It's like the money lies on the street but I can't get down to take it, although IT'S THERE, PLENTY of it. That feels so depressing.
    1. I can go to the women and talk to her but I can't make the final moves. It's so depressing.
    2. It is not possible for me, I tried and tried and tried and it just does not work. It doesn't make anymore sense to try and try and try. I just want to give up, because it doesn't work anyway and it feels soooo deeply depressing.
    3. I should forget that I can make this with action. This never worked and I can see that. I need to make peace that I want something, have it in my vicinity but can't take it out of fear. I need to accept it or I suffer. (same)
    4. This making-peace-process won't be easy, but what choice do I have anyway. (same)
    5. Koreans study from 8 am till 11 pm, so I will be able to invest some time a day into working on this topic and I probably won't need 15 hours plus to feel some relief. This is doable. (same)
    6. I am so depending from the BEHAVIOR and "bones" they "throw" at me, I don't like that at all, I want to feel good no matter if I have the attention of a women or are interesting to a women.
    7. I don't have to sooth this whole complex though conglomerate at all.
    8. Of course I know that women are not the holy grail or the way to whatever but it feels just to good to have them around and to be sympathic with them. On the same side it feels so off when I observe the absence of women.
    9. I mean, what is so terrifying with all of this? Why I am making such a big thing out of it? What is the worst thing if I ask for whatever or if I make a "move"? Until this day, no men died from rejection or whatever, most time the opposite was the case. Everytime I MADE a move it was ALWAYS a big emotional relief situation, no matter what the outcome was. (same)
    10. I DON'T have to think about the action, that is NEVER my job, that will happen itself - what I am doing right now actionwise is already a manifestion, and that happens automatically - so that will happen better when I am in another emotional vibration. I hope to come there eventually (much sooner) before I croak (of course I will)
    11. I mean, people do this everyday, men (and women) experiencing this EVERYDAY what I am desireing OR/AND what I want to FEEL. There is no rocket science involved. Many people feel that EVERYDAY. It's not so far away.


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    Some other thought from yesterday.

    I see myself so worthless to "hit" on women seriously and that ruins it everytime, even when the women would probably go with it. ERGH.

    1. Why would a women choose me when they could have someone else?
    2. I was with women, and attractive, hot women were with me.
    3. So I HAVE proof that attractive, unbelievable attractive women are into me.
    4. I am so full of self-doubts.
    5. But I am not always full of them, sometimes it's less and I feel better about that.
    6. But in the next sentence they change their focus to another guy, they find more interesting, ugh.
    7. So I never can really rely on the behavior of the women, I can't force them to act a certain way or to only put their focus on me.
    8. I need find ways to feel better, even without women, with myself ALONE.
    9. But that seems so undoable. I am so attached to women.
    10. There ARE men (and women) who are in alignment with themselves WITHOUT a partner or without the attention of a women/men.
    11. So that IS doable, but I haven't found a way to get there and I tried so much.
    12. My feelings are only a result of my thoughts, and I have creative power over my thoughts so that IS possible, even if I can't see, how.
    13. Maybe I don't need to see the whole way. I don't need to.
    14. Every step towards the alignment feels better, so it's totally worth to take the journey.
    15. If I find consistently thoughts that feel better here I WILL eventually feel consistently feel better here.
    16. But it still feels so off, so no relieving.
    17. Oh man that can't be that complicated to get relief here.
    18. I have done it on different topics, why is that so heavy here.
    19. I mean it's the same scheme, nothing different.
    20. Ergs.

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    ​Still a thought from yesterday.

    I don't dare to ask women/girls out because of the thought of blaming myself in the process of not meeting my expectations and that I am not good enough.

    1. Those expectations and the pressure is only created by ME. It has nothing to do with anyone else. (same)
    2. There is no blue-print, how a meetup should be. (same)
    3. It is NOT my job to please the girl/women and to make her feel good, but to please ME and to feel good myself. It's the job of the women to please herself, because her emotions are her business by the thoughts that she is thinking, like it's my own business to take care of my emotions with choosing thoughts that are pleasing me. (better)
    4. So I shouldn't think about special things to make something happen or to make her happy, because that is not my job anyway. (from this begining, the thought finding process started getting soooo much slower and troublesome and I got so tired after that)
    5. It is soooo difficult to come up with BFTs here.
    6. I should relax more and let the thoughts come up more naturally. (same)
    Aaand stop, takes just too long and gets fast incrementally exhausting, maybe another process fits better.

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    in 1 1/2 months is the premiere and after that the celebration of it.They are so much more easy and relaxed and flirty with all that I am proabably like always stay in the side feeling shitty and socially akward instead of just enjoying it like they do. I can't enjoy myself when others are around, I feel ashamed of myself. I fear that day although it's still so far away.

    Firs tof, that is so interesting that in some things the manifestational outcome haven't changed in years, it's always similar because thought didn't changed that much and here we have the LoA proof again.

    1. I proabably won't shed of my behavior of selfblame thoughts until then to enjoy myself then, so I should just find ways to accept that. (worse)
    2. I don't have to enjoy a whole buffet; when I don't like the dessert, although it's offered, I don't have to take it and can just leave it there. (same)
    3. I am thinking thoughts that give me a certain emotional outcome. So that are only my thoughts. And those people who can enjoy themselves in public with others can do that only because of the thoughts they are thinking. And they perceive me like I am as a result of my thoughts, and when I eventually will change my thoughts in the process, they will perceive me differently, so I don't have to fear to blame myself for eternity. (better)
    4. I mean I even see some of the people who are in alignment with themselves in other areas not in alignment and I really don't care so much because I know it's just the result of thought. (same)
    5. I can't blame myself any further, because I am doing this behavior for years, so people know me like this, so they expect me to behave like this: “he is just like this”. (hm)
    6. I remember Jack Crawford from “The Silence Of The Lambs”, he quietly leaves the “party” because he can't enjoy those events, either, and he still is some really respected men. I know that is not a perfect rolemodel to go after people with negative thought behavior but it's better than nothing. (same)
    7. Some years ago I talked to some people there. I haven't done the things I wished I would do but I talked to people there.
    8. So I had partially a ok time.
    9. Maybe that will be then, too.
    10. I can leave whenever I want, I have build this habbit of just leaving the occasions when the negative is so overwhelming.
    11. Now I remember an “after show party” some years ago where I was first extremly insecure and then just jumped into cold (cold water with youuuuu, erghs) when I jumped into the cold water and just joined all the pro actors and theatre leaders on the dance floor (and even some of my “superiors”). So I did that, although it was very hard at first. (better)
    12. That did not lead to any negative consequences at all and now I remember this and it soothes me a bit. (better)

    I KNOW that there is much more room for improvement but that is just practisincgsljf I hope.

    When I went to see a play yesterday, I always have my attention everywhere but not with me. "I envy that life of those people around me because they all seem to have a good, independent life." I don't really have something to go for. Most of the people, actors and everybody seemed to have a working social life and/or something they strive for, like that they are "with both feet on the ground" and I don't feel myself like this at all.

    1. Many people who live an extraordinary life have often those odd vitas and have lived in those "strange" life circumstances. Most who followed that way ended up exactly where they want to be and I am dedicated do follow that path, too.
    2. I see some people in my friendship that they don't seem to be happy although they have everything they want; a job, a relationship, hobbys, friends. They are not unhappy but they are not really satisfied with their lifes.
    3. My life standards are poor, but I know that in my VE there is waiting so much wonderful for me.
    4. I don't have to know how to get there, I only have to make myself feel as good as possible with what I have and where I am.
    5. Although my life right now seems to society as a "failure", I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    6. that get's so tired at some points, ergs. Stop.

    I feel Hopeful with my life although I don't live up to the lifes expectations and the average standard of life here.

    @Winner: I haven't forgot your post and I will come back to that later.

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    I am somehow proud of the next one, because I really feel better after that and it is a important topic.

    Start: I would like to earn money on MY terms and to know how to get there, but I have no idea and I think that this delays the thing into eternity.

    1. In the past, I already did something to earn money on my terms and earned 4 digits with it for short a time. PASSIVE. So it IS possible and it IS possible for, although I don't know how to do that now [because I was in the hard working "hustle" action based mode]
    2. I know compared to the "average" people, I have a much different view on life and what is accomplishable; when I talked with people about how I earned money or how I see life they couldn't understand that and when I went into details I was "shocked" how less they know and how normal that was for me, because I thought nearly everybody knew about those things.
    3. There is a never ending stream of opportunities to earn money, when there were a "hype" or a new "method" there were always new ones again and again, it never ends, there are endless ways to earn money.
    4. I would be awesome to earn money with the things I want to do and to go there "down-the-ine" (is that a righ term? I mean "no compromises") and I see that there are a lot of people earning money on the way THEY want. And with LoA that all makes sense to me, because I can see how people who think it is possible, it IS possible and when people say it's hard to earn much money they STRUGGLE with that every single time.
    5. I like how LoA is working here exactly like everywhere else.
    6. I like that there is no "guessing" and "accidents", if a business or something succeed, it is ALWAYS "just" the result of thought and we have total control over that.
    7. I don't have to figure anything out, my work is only to feel better. [I get much more general because my bfts here are more and more rare)
    8. It will be so delighted when this finally will take form and I will know that this was made by my thoughts and that will be so satisfying.
    9. All the details are all already DONE, I don't have to figure out every little detail or how to start or anything, the action will be so obvious and until my only job is take care of my thoughts and emotions.
    10. I have plenty of books that teaches me about that and many forum friends who are helping me with this.
    11. I am sure there are people who might laugh now, but eventually they will ask me "how did you do that?"
    12. I have so much courage to take this path, for most it would mean uncertainty and risk, but I know that life is govern by universal law.

    What I want: I feel Hopeful, that I am on my way to live my life on MY terms and that I don't have to figure out all the little details, because they are all in my VE.

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    I often refuse to do (action/physical) work because, I think that this is always Sisyphus work, because I think that my work can't yield, what isn't my vibration. Like, that when I WOULD work more, that the more money earned would "dissappear" through unknown ways (e. g. unusal repairments or unknown payments etc.) because I am not in the vibration of that money, so that my current situation is like, that it makes no different if I work more or less. Like "why should I put time in anything when I don't know if that yields me anything, even if that is something I like actually or want to morph into my main income stream?" And, I remember so many times when I put in a looooot of work (extra hours, extra mile etc.) and that brang me exactly the same when I did only what needs to be done (what is WAY less) and nothing more, or even less than that..

    1. I don't have to know every details of how things come to me, it's not about those things, it's about feeling good while I am doing what I am doing. (same)
    2. I don't quiet understand that.
    3. Others don't have a problem with that while using these Teachings, so there is a way to understand that. (same)
    4. I don't have to figure this Teaching in and out in this very second. (slightly better)
    5. I can go on my way and figure it out on my way. (same)
    6. <that thought finding process makes me so tired, ergs>

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    The whole day I am in the process of watching some videos on YT (no abe material). There was something I saw and bang emotional reaction.

    I want to just go out and seduce/have fun with the women I want, flirt EASILY even if that does NOT end up with "something" (although desirable).

    1. Because I CAAAAANNN do that to a very very very very very small portion of women that MUST mean, and I see that, that this has nothing to do with "action", but with my thoughts about this. That MUST have something to do with the thought about me. (same, maybe slightly better)
    2. I proabably see myself not worthy enough compared to other people. Not with all, but with most people. At least with the people I'd like to be in contact. (same)
    3. I haven't been like this all my life, in my elementary school (sic) I have been bold and courageful and just enjoyed life. So that IS a result of my thoughts. (same, maybe slightly better)
    4. I don't have to believe, that I can make *fling* and I can do that, and can do that with the hottest desireable women. This is a process. It will happen all automatically, like a runner, or someone in GYM, or a speedruner, who gets there step by step and on the way it gets better and better.
    5. I see, that people who can do that are "only" in alignment with themselves. So that is DOABLE.
    6. <I just ran out of thoughts again, ergs, it spontaniously starts to take sooooo long for some soothing thought here. I need to pick a book and educate myself more, that can't be the case nearly every single time to sooth a single thought>

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