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Thread: Clash Royale

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    Clash Royale

    I have a situation at home and I would like your advice.
    My husband and my son have become very fond of this game called Clash Royale, that you can play on the phone, and they talk of it like, constantly. So far so good. The problem is that when they play it, it's like an ootv-fest of abonimable proportions. This game is rather known for getting into people's skin in that way. In particular my son who's 12 yo, has no filter whatsoever. He yells, screams, cries in despair, curses, punches the sofa, throws the tablet on the floor, kicks everything he finds and eventually his dad - guys he looks like he's possessed, and he's really loud, and it lasts hours on end. Not in character at all, but then, what do I know? he's not a child any more, and he's growing and evolving and following his POLR.

    To me this thing feels bad at many levels, first of all it's just annoying for me to share the same space with them. And then I don't know if it's a good idea to encourage all this ootv-ness, I mean if there's something I really would like my son to understand really well is that giving momentum to ootv-ness doesn't pay, then again experiences teach better than words and this could be the hot stove that convinces him better than my words. I could still strong-arm the situation by asking my husband to cut it out. This whole contrast also has a teaching to me that is not entirely clear, the impression I have is that I am being shown that also about relationships I may want to want, while I was convinced that in this area I only wanted everybody to feel free to do as they wish.

    So far I have sort of successfully ignored the situation, or given it the least attention I could. But since Christmas vacation it's been quite extreme. Tonight I have begun to work on the vibration more deliberately, and I was drawn to post about it here, and ask your point of view, as it feels it could be helpful to me to see the situation from other angles than mine. So far I don't think I am lower than at Frustration, beginning to plunge down to Disappointment as I am a bit disappointed that the two of them don't know better than this. But my son is very young so that is understandable, and my husband is actually much more able than him not to squeak too much. Maybe he doesn't see he's encouraging something a bit toxic, but in the middle of all this they also have a lot of fun so I don't know, I kind of understand them too.

    I have tried to seduce my son into more alignment, telling him he can win better his battles this way, but he won't have it. I guess the stream is just too fast for him to handle it properly, and he just doesn't want to listen to my loa mambo-jumbo.

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    So what you're saying is that you need them to feel better so that you can feel better? Is that really true? Are you trying to say that being OOTV is something inappropriate rather than being an intended part of the creation process? Or are you saying that they're not able to make choices for themselves and you're supposed to be the arbiter of what's appropriate for them?

    This is a suggestion that your idea of looking at this from different angles is indeed a good path to explore.

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    I get you Marc and what you say is also what so far has been my direction. I just have begun to doubt it tonight, wondering if I am not giving to my son the wrong message.

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    I mean, when my son was a child I let him do what he wanted, but not for this I let him pass the road and go under a car. There's a fine line where letting him go too far may also be not so wise after all. I don't know.
    In the same way, I wash his clothes and prepare his meals, was it for him it would all obviously go into chaos, becuase he's a child after all. It's also my function to protect him and help him live in a way that's most forwarding of growth.

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    I realized something, while chewing on Marc's reply, and it's that I have tried to make peace with something that I perceived as unwanted, which can never work. That was my problem! But I can tell a different story about the situation, for ex. on it being a way my son gets to experience a fast stream and gets to find his own way to handle it. That he's not been able to sort it so far doesn't matter one bit. What matters is that it's something he likes very much and that stretches his abilities. In general in life he's an adorable kid, very smart and funny and heart-centered, and he's also generally very little challenged because school is far too easy for his high IQ, and a lot of things come rather easy to him. So that's why for him feeling challenged is such a blast, and also such a novelty, that's why maybe he reacts in this loud way, it's just foreign territory for him, expansion!
    Thanks Marc, I got it from here I think! it was just what I needed to hear, thank you so much.

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    I hear you got your answer, while I still feel inspired to stick this in...
    Abe teach, that- as a mother especially and also as a lover of any kind, you cannot help but put the wellbeing of your beloveds into YOUR Vortex.

    So, when you want to feel good, you can´t deny following your Vortex-version. You can´t look at them being unhappy or in misalignment, and feel good in the same time. You´ve gotta line up with your Vortex-version of them, or you need to not look at them at all (what is highly unlikely and not really wanted when you´r the mother of them, being 12).

    So, caring about them in aligned ways is not just normal, but GOOD. You wanted that.
    And caring about their Vortex-Version is what is in your Vortex-version!
    And when you do that, you are empowering.

    Your son will feel and know your love, and the guidance you "channel"- even when you don´t make many words.
    He will be able to connect to the clarity and stability he is seeking in a much easier way.
    Abe say, then you are as a satellite-dish, beaming in "source" from very close.
    In that, you can help him (as the quote below says) to wake up who he really is"- to KNOW who he is, with much greater clarity and confidence.

    He CAN do this on his own, also, eventually. You don´t have to "serve him".
    BUT, doing this "service", when you feel inspired to it, feels just wonderful. Not just to him but to you as well-
    as pure, soothing knowing, and wonderful love.

    There is a plethora of powerful counselors and teachers,
    who´ve been attempting to get people to be round pegs
    in square holes, and who know the futility of that.
    Iow, your world is RIPE for this understanding!
    It is ripe for this understanding.

    So, as you know it, and hold it- and set forth your intention
    to attract those who know it, too...
    there will be a gathering of counselors and teachers
    and a movement of allowing
    of which likes this planet has not seen, yet!

    This is the time of awakening!
    And what that means is,
    waking up to who you are.

    Not waking up to who your mother thinks you ought to be.
    Waking up to who YOU are!
    Waking up to what you have put into your vibrational escrow,
    not fulfilling the wishes and needs of a society of others, you see.

    As you tap in, as the well-meaning teacher that you are,
    to the personal desire of a person who is living life-
    and they have put some things out there,
    in their vibrational escrow- and you look at them,
    in KNOWING of the perfection of where they stand.

    And you give your undivided attention to who they
    have themselves asked to be-
    now you are an uplifter of extreme proportion.

    We know- it feels big, but it isn´t. It´s as simple as this:
    You are interacting with one person, who could feel happier than they do.
    And you have the ability to see them who they really are.

    And hold your picture of who they really are
    clearly in your own mind, that when they are with you-
    they see it, too.

    You are sure of the value,
    and eager for the experience.
    And knowledgeable of the guidance-
    and certain of the outcome.

    the clip
    Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction - The Great Awakening

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    Yes thank you, this is very clear and that's why I wanted to find alignment in this, as I knew that somewhere I wasn't seeing things properly, and everything comes as a consequence from that. Maybe you're drawn to point this out still, because indeed this morning it's coming to my attention that while the part about my son was seen, with the help of Marc, there's a whole set of old stories I've been telling about my husband that need more care. I thought I was more through with it but, no. So maybe you sense that the gap is still open because it actually is.

    Yesterday I made the 'mistake' to talk with my husband before coming to the forum, I didn't tell him he should stop or anything like that, but I said I was uneasy about the situation, and a conversation followed this morning that shows a lot of perceived hurt being there, in me. Time to soothe...

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    "time to find clarity and flow the energy on purpose", right?
    And, isn´t that fun!

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    Yeah... seeing that I am ootv I'll go more for soothing and being there for myself, in a soft way, the sense of fun is way an overstretch for now
    dammit, I thought I was so over with this...

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