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Thread: Take-off!

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    Day 19

    Good Morning from this part of the world, it is cloudy, temperature dropped significantly since 5 am and I want to go out and drive, hehehehe, city feels quiet.

    Good Evening PoE hehehehe good questions my friend!

    WHY does it feel so exciting?
    WHY does it call you to play with the metal?
    WHY do you love those dreams??
    And I am not sure about the answer, not about metal and jewelry, I know about most else I do in some capacity, you know why I paint because I want to say something, I want to translate the feelings I get when I feel awe for life, when I feel divinity coursing throuhg my life..... kind of.

    but metals? I honestly donīt have a proper reason? other than I used to dream I was working in a forge, with a background of multicolour glass, yeah like stained glass and I used to woke up so happy, then I swear life pushed me into that direction, like first a friend gave me a pair of pliers, same that kept me sane in my college times, because I started making earrings with beads ( I still have the pliers, 33 years old pliers, I use them often)..... and my history with jewelry is a little bit like that..... I left college after hitting a (oldstoryoldstoryoldstory) major depression, my ex told me about this art summer school, with jewelry and enamel,, writing about it, couldnīt it be just my IB, life showing me the way? to what I enjoy the most? maybe it was!!!!! wow.
    Thank you very much for your questions PoE itīs bringing lot of clarity to the surface.

    I do it because it feels so exciting to see the metal melt or fuse together or using wire and changing it and creating something to wear....
    I do it for the sensation this gives me..... is joy, I love when I am doing it, (question is why do I stop????? hahahahaha)

    I honestly think my IB calls me to play with metals....and clay too I guess, but most of all metal... you see...I tried a lot of mediums in art, Iīve learned and worked with things totally outside art, like in energy therapies and astrology and more fun stuff and I do love it, but I always come back to metal.... and it makes me feel...ease.... it feels like home.

    I have a story, is not mine, is from a dear kid (ooh now a man) son of my best friend, I remember since he was like 4 he wanted to do swords. I still have some of the letter openers I made for him, swordy style. You wouldīve imagine that he was going to grow out of it right? swords? armours? helmets? and at that time Games of Thrones was not a thing, hehehehe (never seen it) I remember how we cheer him, and let him live it, thinking he would probably outgrow it, but he always always kept the dream, because for him it was not a dream, it was, it is..... and that is what he is doing now!!! with tons of magic in his life, is amazing, he is one of the best teachers I have.

    But for me? I didnīt have that clear dream about it, but once it hit me, it did hard, and itīs being here for the last 30 years, OMgoodness!!! I went to learn enamel 30 years ago one summer!!!! and fell in love with life!

    And life... life was efervescent, and new and exciting and I felt so alive, kind of like lately, isnīt that great? life was an adventure and things moved so in sync and magic showed up everywhere, I thought it was the town!!! and it probably was ME!!!!!
    Then I found a perfect teacher, we were his last students, and I learned for two years, everyday how to play with metal.... um.... forgot about it too....

    And now.... I have walked so much.... wow, this post changed!, it got me teary eyed.....

    Yeah, I now know the meaning of be true to yourself, do what you love, choose to be happy..... but if you do stray, like I did for a lot of years, if you pay more attention to what others have to say about your life, if you still think is more important to care for others....feelings of disappointment if you follow your dreams, if you think youīll find happiness fitting in a tiny box that is not even yours, donīt worry, donīt feel bad either, feeling bad is not very useful, time will come when you will get feed up or your IB will put your dream in front of you time after time after time until you get it, "this makes me happy, why donīt I just focus on that?"

    OH goodness what a strange post!. but it is so liberating!.

    gosh, I feel warm, literally my body started humming!, hehehehehe.

    Thankyouthanyouthankyou life, Universe, friends, life feels so good!

    Is so great to say, to feel Thank you, this is my life, I choose to live it for me, I choose my dreams, my happiness!!!!

    it is so strange, I feel like thanking a few people I used to feel contrasty in the past, people that are no longer active in my now.

    Wow, this is the weirdest post Iīve made so far I think.

    I guess working with metals is my excuse to remember how exciting life is.

    Iīll explore my why later, oh yeah, this is so good!.

    Love and kisses and a wonderful weekend, I am off to solder a ring and later go out and pick up some stuff in a town close to the city. yeah, I love my life.

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    WOW!!! this felt awesome!
    Thank you so much, once more. It is so inspiring!!

    Abe said, the question "What" is focusing us into a topic, and the
    "Why" is getting us to practice the vibration of it.

    *I* do it simply with emotional Grids, how the dream FEELS.
    But you went so far beyond that!

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    Day 20

    Abe said, the question "What" is focusing us into a topic, and the
    "Why" is getting us to practice the vibration of it.

    *I* do it simply with emotional Grids, how the dream FEELS.
    But you went so far beyond that!

    I am not sure what you mean, hehehehehe, I just rambled endlessly yesterday hehehehe.

    After I realized it was kind of an anniversary, I kept feeling like in a celebration all day, even today, I sent a message to the friend I travel with that time, and we studied together later with the same teacher, she kept the teacher equipment after he croaked, hehehee.

    I didnīt realized until yesterday how grateful I am for that time in my life!!!

    So today is day 20..... so much more ease to enjoy!. The early morning rain stopped and the light coming through the window is GOLDEN!!! I can hear some birds, quietly calling, it is not that early so they probably got their concert before I woke.

    I love when something happens that shows you clearly, indistinctly how it is to "focus", yesterday in my joy, life at home kept at it the same, well a bit more bitter stuff from bitter biddies, well they are younger than me hehehe canīt say old biddies. Same ol same ol', except my mother seems like very receptive to my joy, (which I am happy to say I wasnīt trying to make her feel better, I long ago decided it was her job to feel good)she was very very fun and happy. And in my feeling like celebrating I think is the first time I didnīt take personally the comments, faces, ignoring, and old tricks from my sisters? and oh it was so great to just keep feeling so good!!!. And it was an indicator of where my vibration usually was around her/ like a small leak of water, is almost imperceptible but until you found it you keep loosing so much water and pressure and it is in the back of your mind, the sound, the wonder where, the annoyance, hehehe. So I am so happy to get it now!. I found it, I closed it.

    I know saying it is like looking at the unwanted, but what I am looking at and remembering and making it a habit now is that sensation, the joy, this sureness that I am so happy nothing else matters!!!!, not a thing can bring me out of my joy!!! and it is fantastic.
    Or my feeling of ease.... that is so powerful too, knowing that I can choose to feel ease. Every time, every where, no matter who is close or far away....
    so good. I am getting better and better at choosing and knowing.

    Today I am not sure yet what I want to do, my heart feels expanded with joy and for moments I want to go into the studio, and then go out for a coffee.... or go to the market.... hahahaha I feel like a sugar energized kid in a candy store!!!

    I feel like flying!!! Oh!!! yesterday I saw a flock on the city. one of those dancing shadows in the sky, with hundreds of birds!!!, it wasnīt as large as the ones I saw when I was a kid, but itīs the first time in so many years!!! I was so excited!
    So I am off for now, not sure to do what so Iīll surf the forum for a while, hehehee.

    Love and kisses!!!!

    and a wonderful Sunday!

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