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Thread: Take-off!

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    I went on a short field trip and enjoy a walk on the mountain with an incredible scenery, it felt like I was walking in clouds, the mist, the trees, the incredible breakfast, then coming back to the city.
    As my friend and I were driving back I had this thoughts about starting to do rampages of appreciation not just about mom but about everyone in the family, about the house, about the people that comes in, and go. And just really really really start broadening my appreciation work.
    So I arrived to my living quarters, hehehe, and started first of all doing the “MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS” thing I´ve been practicing a lot, and it is soooo liberating! Well I´ll tell you that sometimes I catch my emotions going to that space of conflict but my training technique is getting better and better and even better, hehehehehe. Yesterday was a day of…..contrast? not so much for me, because other than being here (I´m sure I still can focus on better stories and sensations and jump from the old train) I was not part of it…still things were a bit..chilly? Then other bunch of family arrived and I kept my mantra, “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”, and breathe in…breathe out…. just imagine Esther´s voice….breathe in…..breathe out….hahahahaha, I had to say that the best way I found to focus elsewhere is not taking it very seriously. It works for me. That and fiiiiiinallyyyy not expecting people to be or do things how I think it would be better, because, yeah that would be oldstoryme trying to tell people what to do, hahahahaha.
    And life did the fun thing it always does, things move….. a huge storm broke in, the rain, the power, life roaring, smiling, dancing!!!I was just breathing… just feeding from this incredible energy that is the storm, the earth, the wind, and…… my mom´s house filled with tons of water, hahahahaha we´ve been trying to leave mother´s room habitable for tonight but it doesn´t seem it will be ready or probably possible, the carpet is like a sponge, the rest of the house is already good, now seems like my mom and sister will have to sleep together, since my sister has two big beds…interesting!., maybe for them, today´s storm was a form of releasing all that stuck energy a bit, or not, not really my business to understand it.

    I love life, I love to laugh, I love being alive, I love these expansion. Not ready to say I love all contrast but I am learning to appreciate it more, and mind my own business, hehehehe when I do that, I notice….I have not that much contrast left!!! How wonderful!!!
    So here we are, storm has left now, the birds are singing, night is settling in, I am in love with the little town we visit today, I had all this ideas, “I can live here! I sure can!, I would love to walk and breath in the pine scent, the smell of fresh bread, just sit and see people walk by!”

    I even started planning what to do, oh yeah the efforty brain kicked in, and started plotting best scenarios, work..blahblahblahblah... (just oldstory makingitabitdifficultright?) but I remember, just let it be easy, let it unfold from the vibration of my IB, of Source.... I was having so much fun!, I enjoyed every minute of it!

    I love that my foot was so sure and well planted that I could walk so much and feel how it was getting stronger, I love that I have this rich life….is not about the money, I know. (had to explain that better to my efforty brain) I loved the smell of “café de olla”, and caramel and candied fruit, and all this wonderful food, oh yeah!, I love the town´s life changing, these youth arriving ready for extreme sports outside the town, I love the people just enjoying the plaza and the little restaurants and coffee shops, the street market….oh so much life….so much energy…. and I love the clouds, the sounds, the drive, the colors such a great little town, a magic town, really it is tagged as a “Pueblo Magico” – that is magic town- .
    I started thinking right there. How do I tell a new story about my house? Where I live? Um….. yeah.
    For now, I´ll keep my appreciation work going on, and focus on enjoying life, and laughing and finding joy everywhere, yeah, minding my own business, and then… then I will see.
    And I mean I will literally see life expanding and surprises arising and fun exploding all around!

    So good night my dear friends, blended days 26 and 27 off now.

    I feel so blessed, and I appreciate all this gifts I keep getting! Life is treating me like a queen, I love it!

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    Amazing. A magic read, once more.
    thank you for "living out loud" in such beautiful ways!

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    Day 28

    Ohhhhh do you know how much I love that I am on a train of thought and I find exactly what compliments it or even explains it here on the forum? and that is so much fun, is like having a conversation with the invisible, with Source. It feels like game of chess, like a board sitting alone in a table in the forest, and each player come, make a move and go, then the other does, and is a constant communication although they never see each other... they know they are together in it.

    I found this on one of the quotation forums

    We want to shout to you today in a way that you will hear it in a way
    that you never heard before, is that WHAT YOU MOST WANT,

    What you want, is to WANT!
    What you want, is to WANT. What you desire, is to desire!
    You want to desire! You want to desire.
    You want to desire. Nothing more.

    You want to desire!
    We don´t want you to fulfill your desire, we want you

    We want you to want the idea of the desire.
    We want that desire to be born within you.
    We want you to WANT this desire.
    We want you to FEEL, how that fresh desire feels like.

    Atlanta, November 2015

    And.... my first reaction is saying: no. nonononononono, no Abraham I have tons of desires, I don´t want to collect more desires no noooooo no, I want some physical manifestations now.... hehehehehe yeah and a flood of images come to mind, the walk in the mountain yesterday, all the eating like a queen in great places without a penny..... all the abundance of friends and caring people...even the ((cough..cough)) men that are appearing and being so gallant.
    So yeah, I´ve been seeing results. and Yes, now I see where is my vibration going a bit, I am complaining about what is not here yet, means I´m looking at what is right?, vibrationally, I am throwing a minitantrum, of course I am receiving gifts and manifestations but I want more!!!!! hehehehe.
    And I´m taking this from one of PoE´s threads, (thaaaank you Elke )

    Apply this
    "What do I want?"- and "Why do I want it?"-process to this,
    and feel yourself come alive.

    And most of all feel the lack in your experience just sort of wither
    and die as you give less and less attention to that which brings the
    feeling of lack forth

    Of course this is an ongoing conversation with my IB and I have to take a step back and look at WHY, why do I want for instance to live in a beautiful town 2 hours from the city?
    Why do I want the magnificent studio with so much space and air and everything in order?
    Why do I want to live with more ease, and more fun, and more manifestations of well being!!!

    It is time to let attention shift even more!!! why do I want eeeeeverything that I want, because honestly I want so much, and I know contrast has been letting me clarify the why, I know I know now much more than what I knew before, hehehe, (say it 3 times in a row hehehehe, tongue-twister?) that much I know, and in this discussion with Source I found another piece of gold.....
    Today, as I am sitting here talking with my IB, with Source and you I have this clear feeling that now I know it is not just possible but on the way, part of it is already manifested and I am just starting to see it.....
    So yeah, here I am fine-tuning my attention, definitely focusing on the why, practicing feeling how I think I´ll feel having my desires manifested in physical form.
    Not sure if I woke up a bit ornery or what, but I feel like saying to my IB, this doesn´t mean you are of the hook, I want what I want and more!!! and I do want the desire and I do want the manifestation... hehehehe


    I am not working on it anymore.... not doing this processes, this focus as work I mean... I think at this point is getting to be a way of feeling/thinking, one that I am learning the vibrational language off....and... it feels so good, it feels like I can stop efforting with this WANTING and asking and receiving, is just a way of living, is just alignment with Source, is just who I am, who we all are.

    In this new language I do mind my own business because there is nothing sweeter than remembering I am the creator of my own experiences, even the contrast I "witness" sometimes, because that only means that my sight is resting there on the not wanted.
    oh yes, yes, yes!!!, in this new language for example, a beautiful lady yesterday in one of the candy shops in the little town asked about some caramel, and told her oh yeah is so very good it is.....and I kind of acted how it feels, and she said, oh please give me two, and thank her for being a good saleswoman, hahahahaha, so in my new language I am expresive and loving and fun.... and I really feel that way. ALIVE.

    And sometimes I trip on some phrases and have to remember, oh no, is this other way, but it is not work not anymore, is just mastering the whole vibration.

    So today I am letting go the idea of working so much with my emotions and vibration and else.
    Today I am simply learning more and more and more the best ways to communicate who am I, truly.
    Today I am letting it be even more organic and simple and I am ready to take off, with no effort at all.

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    Day 29

    Is a bit chilly morning!!! there are still remanents from the storm two days ago, it was a huge storm most of the city experienced. Yesterday driving through the city you could see it. And the city felt...clean, the city felt anew, I was driving with a friend and we were noticing things felt lighter.... it is amazing.
    I think today is bringing us more rain, of course is the season hahahahaha. I love it.
    I am working a bit on maintaining this feeling of elation, of new, of living with joy through the day, because I notice I started....dreading? no not really, is a bit like oh please, let me be happy feeling, hahahahaha of course I can let myself be happy, my happiness doesn´t rely on others. Really remember that Xio.

    So how can I go general, suuuuuper general to do all the chores, house chores that must be done today.
    I am going a bit OTV right now, to fork it a bit hehehehehe.
    Let´s see..... only thing I can feel thinking about it is.... how, why, hahahhahahahawhyme? hahahahaha no not why me, I don´t care doing stuff, I rather do stuff, finding people, making phone calls, than dealing with moods, moods and ongoingbattles..... Oh, that´s the thing to soothe and go general... my attention to it? difficult to not notice it when you seem to be the referee (altough I´m not sure why because lately I only nod most of the time, hehehehehe)
    Let´s see..... I love them, I know that for sure.....
    I love mom, she is a wonderful person, a caring person. I love my sister, how can I not, I saw them all since the beginning, hehehehhe.....
    Too specific?

    Well you know what, thinking about doing a process is feeling too much right now, so I am just going to have a talk with IB keeping it simple and light.
    Dear IB, we have stuff to do, right? like finding who can dry my mother´s carpet-pool, hehehehehe is still so damp, we couldn´t get much water out. well we did but is still sooooo soooo damp. See the thing is I can laugh about it and it´s not a big deal but for my family it is, and I get it.
    So dear deeeear IB could you be a bit clearer and let me know how to get out of the tangled web of nastiness around? yeah yeah yeah I know you don´t see it that way, and I am probably being nasty about the you not understanding me, hehehehehe, so, I kind of get it, a bit.
    Oh, let´s see, I had this thought, my sensation of overwhelm is because I want THEM to feel happy. If I let them be ( trying to control them again? hahahahaha) and MIND MY OWN BUSINESS, I can go back to feeling fun, and do what I love.
    Oh this is indeed very interesting.... how can I practice focusing on the wanted, right here, amidst this living arrangements? and saying this feels like going to the unwanted, I would love to be able to look the other way.... to not get involved...right now it feels a bit difficult.... how can I not be involved if I live a bit exhausting trying to maintain certain civility...(ooooh you trying to control? hahahahaha oooo this is getting too much fun, discovering how sweet ol'me is a bit controlling)
    What if I just let it go, and.....go to the battle but having fun? um...interesting, I am sure I am onto something my IB is trying to convey but can´t see it clearly yet.... I would love to see it with more clarity, thank you, hehehehe.
    So...what do I want? I want to feel happy, I want to feel ease, I want to feel peace....serenity....I love to feel harmony, oh yeah I want....oooooooh I want them to be happy too... but that´s not my business right? right.
    I want to feel things are going, I want to feel safe, secure, I want to know the universe has my back.
    So I can start practicing the feelings..... just a tiny bit of them? more than that. I can start with the easiest for, happy.....
    I love the sensation of happiness. I love how easy it is to feel happy.
    yeah, that can be all....for now.....

    I love the day, I love anticipating if it will rain or not..... hehehe I love how things are moving for me, I love this adventure, and all the dreams, desires popping out, like popcorn!!!!! old dreams that were in the "HA!areyocrazy" carpet came out refreshed and possible and BIGGER!!!!
    I love this feeling that life is easy, that things can get done with ease and fun.
    I love dreaming, desiring.
    I love a lot of things right now, is amazing how my life has changed, how much I´ve walked in this path of....ease? yeah, everything is expanding smoothly. so I can focus on my experience, on my feelings, my desires, my life.

    I love to feel life is a playground, and we can have the fun we choose, I choose to play and jump and run and laugh, and feel ALIVE!!!!
    have a fantastic day

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    The carpet is getting a spa treatment right now, my studio is being used as a storage room, hehehehe, can´t get out and leave the house and mother alone, what to do? Umm.... nothing much to do right now, so I rather be here and chat with my IB and keep focusing on wanted!

    I want to play a bit with what is it that I want, I´ll may be running in and out of specifics, I´ll go wherever it feels good right now. Because I am having fun just thinking about thinking about it!
    I want to live in a beautiful place, with so much trees, and nice people and big space for my studio and my kitchen!!!!! I love to cook, cooking and doing stuff in the studio feel alike, they make me go in a state of trance.... so much serenity and focus and space. I love it.
    I love that sensation, sometimes I get it while driving, mind me when I go out of the city, I love to drive too.
    Of course I want a beautiful car.... Maybe not right now, I have a thing with cars, some of them are like people, you love them, you treat them as friends, and it is difficult to let them go, hehehehehe, until you gift them away (only happened twice), I do want to get my car fixed, she´s just so loyal and lovely and is mostly ok, just need new shoes, and dampers.
    I love how energy is just energy and cars seem to let you know where your energy is. I like that.
    So I want to let my car in amazing conditions!!! because I love to drive and feel secure, I love to feel the road smooth, certain, fun, exciting, and she has always been great in the highway, she takes curves so nicely!!! she loves curves.
    Oh, yeah, all that came up because I love driving too,
    I love the feeling the road has. I love the attention you have to put ahead, I love how you get focus on your surroundings, on how your car is functioning, how does it feel, how does it sound, I love to be able to focus so much.
    I love the feeling of having a less cluttered mind, just focused on the moment and a bit ahead.
    Oh, and back to wanting my house in a gorgeous spacious house in a magnificent little town on the woods!!!
    WHY! why do I want it, besides the feeling of ease and happiness, and space, oh I love space, open spaces, air, beauty, I love nature, I love to hear the birds sing, I love to watch them!!!!
    So yeah, that feels perfect, that feels right to the heart, I love the sensation, just thinking about it gives me ease and happiness.

    So I want and I love

    Easy, I like easy,
    I like....nice...nice moments, nice conversations
    I like oh I just like to breathe in love and enjoy the world around me!

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    A storm is coming, A storm is coming!!! thunders and strong wind, and lightnings!!! Ohhhh I love it, it´s getting dark, the kind of dark before the storm, when clouds start closing in, coming together, releasing all that water they collected, hehehehe,
    I just love it! Wow!
    I´ve been sailing through the forum just for fun and so many things hit a spot!!! I adore how you leave the forum feeling elated!

    I found this quote, and it made me laugh so hard! because I totally understand it now,

    It’s ever so much more satisfying
    to get into a blissful place and attract a blissful person
    and live blissfully hereafter,

    than to be in a negative place
    and attract a negative partner and then try to get
    happy from that negative place.

    Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 2/2/97

    When I started...try to start hehehehe going out after the divorce you wouldn´t believe the vibes I had and of course the people I attract. hehehehe and I know is so very different now, the nice people I am meeting, still this quote made me realize where I am, vibrationally, hehehehehe, and I wonder how is it going to be tomorrow and later!!!
    I can wait to find all this nice people loving and approving who they are and enjoy so laughters, and fun and joy and love and expansion!
    I know I am flying higher and everything is like an adventure so I wonder.....

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    thank you once more, wonderful friend, for reminding me. I resonate so deeply.

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    Day 30

    And third time trying to post, hahahahaha, first one I forgot to hit submit reply, hehehehe, second one, I got to go out running and I didn´t have time to post the whole thing.
    So now third is the charm, or something like that says the saying.

    I completed 30 days of appreciation, hehehehe is so nice, each time I do it, it gets easier to focus on an everyday basis. I love that! Of course I am not 24/7 focused, but I feel very proud of being able to maintain certain rhythm.

    I did a minipositive aspect work focusing on my sisters this morning, hehehe not worth repeating it here (I know the lost post is outhere in vibrational forum, hehehehe) but I think IB gave me the push to do it, because I was finding it a bit difficult to start.... and then bamf!!!! I got a message from my IB, a clear image while I was talking with my sister about her love for fashion design, and it felt good to focus on that and then I started focusing on things I like about them all.
    I got a call from another sister... just to joke around, say hi, being silly, I missed that, and I kind of forgot about how we used to do that... interesting right? because that was not part of my original positive aspect focus....

    I still can go into the studio, so I´ll go out with a friend right now, she just called, I better post submit before it´s too late, hehehehe.

    Love and Kisses
    And here I am, ready for another 30 days of appreciation!!!

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