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Thread: Take-off!

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    Yep, I love the feeling of completion and starting over.

    Time to plan another flight now, and take-off, one more time, now, is not with a sense of....should, or must, no, it feels a bit like planning an adventure. And of course, I´ve been feeling trepidation since yesterday.
    Yesterday I wanted to leap to action right now, but it wasn´t from a place of fun or ease or inspiration, it was from a place of lack and obligations.
    of course that cause a bit of a havoc in my tummy, and the evening turned out to be a bit OTV.
    It is such an interesting game, each time I experience any OTV there is a gain hidden a place of understanding and a platform for higher jumps for easier take-offs.
    It was such a nothingness OTV experience, just someone stood me up, but I was so lost in time writing about my plan for the next 30 days that when I saw the watch, it was an hour later!!! so I stood up and left. The bigger contrast came later, you know, when someone cries and post everywhere you are an awful friend and you abandon her because you don´t feel like thanking her for apologizing hour an a half later? (not the first time either hahahahahhaa), that was a big lesson. Yeah, I decided to be selfish, to stay where I am having fun and to not care, (ups it sounds so bad isn´t it?) about hurting feelings.
    Before my intention was set I was angry oh yeah driving back but angry, and dear Universe help me let off steam fast, hehehehehe a big truck stop in a curve, in the middle of a high traffic avenue, to let someone get out and I mean center lane, with tons of space where to park at the sides, and a flashy lady, got out as I was honking and this oversized lady with print animal spandex and high heels, like very thin heels made a rude gesture which I answer hehehehehe, and I just started laughing because it was like a bad movie and felt the bad temper go.
    You see, not everything is meditation, hahahahahaha soooooorry but it felt so good.
    I decided to choose even my friends thinking about how it feels, not how I should be or feel or do. Not doing that anymore, she probably was the last remanent of oldstorities friendships.
    Uh? oooooooh!!! isn´t that a great ending for this 30 days segment? Ohhhhhh,my good meeeeee!!!!! it is! wow!, oooohhhhh!.

    well yeah, good, this is getting better and better with each segment we finish!.

    Then today I woke up with this idea of doing something to get funds to finish my project, and it felt great and possible, and ready........((((alert-alert-oldstory)))))) the anxiety and actionitis and fear hit hard, so hard, that in the course of half an hour I wrote to three friends asking them to tell me what-how-where-when to do it, hahahahaha. and started looking in the net, until it became a bit of a hurricane and my stomach couldn´t take it, instantly, oh yeah, not gonna tell you.

    And I breathe in and breathe out and thought. /insert a few bad words, like you talk with crazy friends/ can you just go and process this a bit before going deeper into the mud please? and here I am.
    I´ll do that in the next segment or probably in another thread (not sure if money or work or combining them, pleeeease tell me what to do? kidding!!
    And to finish this glorious 30 days I´ll do a bit of appreciation. In the next post to keep it all ITV, not a single drop of oldstory.

    Love and kisses and I appreciate so much all the good vibes and being here with you

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    Day 30

    This has been a wonderful workout,
    I love how easy things are getting,
    I love everything I accomplished this segment of time yeah,
    I did so much work in the studio,
    I found so much ease in my heart,
    I felt old resentments fade away, (bet my ex felt it, hehehehehe)
    I am not sure why but I don´t care, this has felt like magic, like grace.
    But most of all, even more of the things I did, I love how I´ve been feeling,
    I wake up feeling ready, yeah, like I put a dress and life is waiting for me to dance!
    I wake up most of the days feeling possibilities all around me!,
    All my dreams reignited!,
    I love this sensation, this dreams being so present, so possible, so doable, livable, wow.
    I am still feeling the expansion of my new found clarity about how I want to go about my work,
    I adore how it came out, and how easy it is, and how it is just a continuation of my initial dream.
    I love that it feels so organic and true to my self.
    I love the possibilities, I love the freedom I feel in it, I love it, I love it I love it!!!!
    I feel so happy and proud of everything I did on the studio,
    I love the feeling of being able to!,
    I love so much being able to solder again, yeeeeeeeey meeeee!!!! I did it!
    And I love that it was so easy!, as if I never stop doing it!, how come? isn´t that great?
    I love this feeling of capability, ohhhh yeah,
    being able to chill, being able to love, being able to be angry and let it go too!!!
    Yes, it sounds weird, but I love that I´ve been able to get mad and say it or leaving or noticing what is telling. way past the anger.
    I appreciate so much this sense of pride? yeah, proud to be me! loyal to myself. True to what I feel.
    OOoooh wow, and I love so much that my sexyness rekindled, hahahahahaa
    I appreciate this, this being asked to go out,
    I appreciate how much of a gentleman my friends have been,
    yeah first steps, baby steps for me.
    I love to feel appreciated too.
    I love to see the world through this different eyes, of acceptance? probably, not judgment. yeah.
    I love too how brave I´ve been,
    I am very proud that I went and face the faded past that wasn´t how I though it was, hahahahaha, it probably never is.
    I love how loving I felt.
    I love all the ease I found in doing that,
    I am enjoying this sense of ease lately, so much, sooooo sooo much.
    this training to get back to ease when I am way OTV. yeah, it is getting easier and easier to do.
    and I love how firm I´ve been too, standing my ground, taking care of myself.
    Oh Gosh how many things in a month!,
    it feels like a lifetime!,

    I love how willing I´ve been to take off again when I was a bit down, or even from where I was, aiming to higher grounds,
    I feel so happy, this was fun, this was intense, this was amazing!

    Yes!!!! I think I feel empowered, and vibrant and energetic, and things have changed, or have I changed? probably.

    I appreciate life so much, I appreciate being here, in this time, this space,
    I know, I know things are moving, life is guiding me to my dream, the easiest possible way, oh yeah, and I am enjoying the ride.
    Life let´s keep it going!

    Love and kisses

    Forest of Hearts


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    I went to a cafe to work yesterday, putting a bit of clarity in the whole scheme, hehehe and it was fun, there is this little cafe, kind of new with 3 partners, every time someone tells them "oh you should do this" or "that" to promote, the leader (yeah he always answer for all, hehehehe) says very seriously, "no.....because of this...and that...and that... and we can´ capacity...people don´t.... " hehehehehe I noticed it early on.
    I told them a few months ago to have patience that as soon as the heath alleviated, they were going to have a lot of customers. And yesterday was top full!.
    He look at me and said yeah you told us!. Hahahahahahaha, still very serious, then someone went into the shop and ask for a catering for 100 people and he said, “no, I can´t, no more than 30”,
    And it struck me….. I do that, I used to do that….. why? Why say no to life? To clients, to change?
    Fear? No, I don´t think it is, is more like a…..habit?
    I feel a lot of appreciation for that moment, because it taught me so much about myself!.
    I cannot unchanged it, hahahaha,

    So, let´s take another leap, and take-off with the winds fully extended, soaring with love as ready to say YES!!!! YES LIFE!!! YES HAPPINESS!!!
    Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    Today has been an interesting day, after my morning intentions and work on the threads, I started to get calls, tons of distress calls (exaggeration yeah, a few, just a few). I decided to contribute to everyone, to earth, my friends with different zones and worries, to my family, and myself by having fun, yeah, creating a fun day, be contagiously fun and loving.

    I am just telling the story because it has been a wonderful day, and I notice a couple of strange things, hehehehe, people talking to me like they new me, I think they though I was someone else, one man even kept talking like I knew him when I found him again.... I tried to work in a cafe and the waiter, and lots of people got close and started to chat. hehehe, when I notice, I already had a couple of new designs.... then I found the perfect parking everywhere, they didn´t charge the usual in a few supply stores I went....and even though traffic seemed to be awful, I just turned and found a very fast route...

    I love to tell this stories, because reading stuff like this has been incredibly helpful to me in the past.
    I love this energy of being love and loved,
    I love this capacity to choose and I love choosing what feels good, happiness, ease, joy,
    I love to find people so interesting, and places, even in my usual routes today I found new stuff, a lot of new things....
    I love that love is so contagious.
    I love how I not only did what I intended to do ( on a more material matters) but more, a lot more.
    I love.
    yeah, today I chose to love.

    and I am still enjoying this high fly.

    Love and kisses!!!!

    Oh one last note, I have a friend who puts people at ease with his neverending silly jokes on the chat, every single day, and some days, he does it more, he is wonderful at it,
    I thanked him earlier, because I believe he directs attention to lighter stuff, yeah, isn´t life fill with great people?
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    Is such a beautiful morning!, yesterday was a holiday day here so, everything is a little quieter. I love it, I thought I was going to sleep longer, after going to a wonderful gathering with friends.

    Yeah, life, taking-off, and flying higher.

    It has been an interesting week, remembrance, exclusion, old feelings coming up to the surface and I...... I would love to say that I love it all, love them all, accept them as they are, and it is...mostly true!!!!, hahahahhaaha I notice that I can accept how they are and I can love them, love my mother, my sisters, my nieces.... but here it comes, hehehehe, I can not stand to be around them much!!!!.

    How not nice of me to feel this way? probably, but I am really focusing on how I feel, I am doing what feels good, and it feels good to take distance..... when I was younger, I wanted to be accepted, included and I did all kind of stuff to be part of, of course it didn´t worked.
    Because my focus was on that feeling of exclusion, not belonging, yeah, I wanted to feel like family. Now I kind of been feeling part of, life!!!!!,
    I have so many friends, life has showed me all these immense support, it does always have my back, I have so many wonderful friends that feel so close to my heart.... friends that feel like an extension of my energy? not sure how to say it, telepathic friends, seer friends, friends so in tune with source!!!!.
    And I no longer put my well being in the hands of others. Yeah right, hahahaha well!!! I am working on it.
    Um…….yeah, but it is not easy to be around my family anymore, ups, it wasn´t easy before either,, in fact I think now is much muuuuuch easier!!! wow!, yey!, I take steps back and keep my distance, I no longer feel inclined to be a referee, I run to do fun things, to meet happy people.......And I notice this….oh this is fun.... this has been bringing me clarity. Oh, yeah things have changed, it is much better,

    And now, I have this impulse, impulse to move to expand, to thrive!!!.

    I had a bit of a doubt in all this, because part of me feels so alive and so ready to keep moving and going and doing and enjoying and then there is a part that says, you are focusing on something unwanted to get to the wanted…. Hehehehe
    Something like that… something like, (here it goes, no filters, no make up on it) I can´t stand being around all this hate and secrets and lies and shouts and intrigues- I know what I don´t want - and I want to keep enjoying all the things I am doing, my life, my work, my friends, -I know what I want.

    Thing is I still focus, and I know because I feel it in my not so happy emotion in my stomach, on the unwanted… because I live so close to it, I live here, it is walking by and knocking on my door recurrently, yeah.

    So it is time to take-off into this new horizon, this new… of love?

    Um....I´d really love if Abraham or Source or my IB or guides or Universal Manager not matter who, would back me up on this, not loving them completely just judging them and running away but I have this suuuubtle sensation it will not. Hehehehehe, yeah I know, I had to try hahahaha.
    So time to feel confident on all of this loving stuff doing what feels best, and let go. Let go of any pre-conception about what a family is supposed to be like.

    And I just had this thought!!! The best for this is focus, focusing on feeling good, You, all you, do what you love be where you feel love and if not, love, choose to love and find other things that flow with ease in this love energy. Be easy, love yourself, where you are how you feel, just be you loving every step. Let other out of the equation!!!!
    Yes, that sounds doable, yes.... focus on the path of least resistance, and that is my well-being, love who I am and then....let things move in a more loving energy. Forget about others. leave them out of the equation for now!

    Ohhhh yeah!!!! I remember one focus- breathing exercise, inhale—love,----exhale---and smile, smile to your emotion, to your hurt, to your present moment, just smile from the heart to the feeling like if it were a small child, needing an embrace!!!

    That is all!!!! All this wanting, all this needing to be included is just emotions, wanting to be loved, embraced, acknowledge? is just a ghost of separtion, not real, I am already the energy I seek, the love I want, Yeah, and it feels good. So good.
    Even this yuck feeling I just got hearing someone coming in (how convenient, the focus of my ill-being juuuuuust arrived home and here it is, hahahahhaa) !!!! what if I breathe in….. and breathe out…… breathe in…… breathe out.
    Now is the best time to focus on my breathing and focus.
    Now is the best time to focus on feeling better……..and breathe out my need to make it about them…
    Now is the time to thrive in my light , breathe in……..light……breathe out…….and be. Just as I am, no judgment. I can open up to my IB´s light, to Source….
    Breathe in…… breathe out……..
    Just focus on breathing……..breathing in…… I am breathing, breathing out…..
    Behind all drama and wantings there is this ME, this source energy , this expansion and exploring…. Breathe in……..breathe out……

    Ups, I can´t love this person, not right now, not if I have to fake a smile and ……breathe in…..breathe out….. is just mumbling thoughts, all is good, is time to fly. Is time to breathe in….
    I love this sensation of feeling better, a bit better, yeah, there it is, this feeling better now.
    Yeah, I love this feeling much better,
    I think I´ll focus for a few days on this love energy, this smiling from the heart, first to myself, let the world move around my smiling love.

    Love and kisses

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    I am taking off, to higher altitudes, to new landscapes, soaring through all this energy I´ve put in my vortex!!!
    I´m posting randomly here to fine tune my emotions, my attention... yeah, I am polishing my flying skills!!!!
    I know, at least in a way that nothing NOTHING outside myself makes a difference.

    For a while, I am focusing on that. Remembering that, allowing my dreams in....... I was going to say no matter what but no, not like that, just allowing, taking outside......outside opinions, judgments, whatever, completely out of the equation, hehehehe, yeeeeah.
    I´d love that, I would love to be able to do that with more ease, with fun, easy, fast, happy......yeah.....

    How would it feel to walk into a room feeling so sure of your life, your creation that the only emotion you can emanate is.....ease....well-being..... haa! I like that.
    It comes down to knowing!!!! If I truly know I am the creator or my experiences, nothing else is of great importance!!!!

    So, it doesn´t matter if outside growls, or shouts, or judges or anything!!! yes, I do know that. (reaaaaally? then why with all the reactionitis?) Well, I sort of know that.... no, I do know that, I am just focusing better.

    All outside appearances are just a reflection of where I am vibrationally, I am getting it better, is not that they are not there and that others don´t have their own creations and emotions, it comes down to where I am. If I am feeling bad, being in a place I don´t enjoy much it has to do with my creation, I am here because of my vibration, it can or can´t be that the way they…see the world, react, are my creation, yes but me being here is, completely.

    I love people who take.....aggravations? bad attitudes in stride, if it wasn´t important...what if it isn´t important, (I know is not, trying to convince ol´storyme of it too, hehehehe)
    What if it doesn´t have to do with me? I want to really feel free, not taking outside as a wrecking force in my emotions..... yeah, it is a matter of choosing, and fine tuning, and.......deciding!!!! I am definitively focusing on being the creator, leaving outside out of the equation, minding my own business, being true to myself.

    I am definitely focusing on being the opinion that has worth in my life, the attitude that brings me happiness, .... no, not exactly that way…..let´s see…..
    The happiness that brings me great attitudes! Yeah mine.
    The happiness that moves my creations !!!! all mine, yeah.

    Let´s make it a game, yeah... not sure how but I´m gonna.

    I´m playing the "you are in control of your life" game, hehehehe
    I´m playing "I can choose how I feel"
    I´m playing the “I am so happy my attitude is contagious” game,
    I´m playing the “I´m flying higher, I am soaring and expanding and feeling sooooooo sooooofreeeee” game!
    I am playing the loving my life, my creation game!
    I´m playing and when I say playing it just means I am enjoying this truth, I am the creator of my own reality, with lightness, yeah, nothing big or serious here. Just changing focus.

    By the way I am feeling great really, today I am going to buy groceries, to eat like I like, hehehehe so taking charge of my life.

    I am going to the street market and enjoy the colors, the fruits and vegetables, the people, I love it.
    I think today I won´t make my bed, hehehehehe it feels like...a holiday! a rest day! a lazy day, a perfect day!
    I am hearing the squirrel right now!!! It´s been a while, a couple of weeks since I was able to sit in this spot and enjoy the morning sounds, they are so welcome in my soul!
    I can hear the squirrel and the birds, and it seems like the sky is closing and we´ll have more rain!, I love it.
    Is such a perfect day!

    I´ll play the game of being the creator yeah, I always win in that game, hehehehehehe.

    Love and kisses!!!

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    Today feels.....different.
    Well these past weeks have been feeling different, the energy, the knowingness....
    As if I was flying higher, soaring, yes, I like it.

    I was putting all, and I mean aaaaaaaall my papers from work and exhibits and else in order and I found some pics of the wedding 33 years ago, hehehehe yeeeeah I am not old I am just seasoned, hehehe.
    I had the impulse of throwing them away, hehe, funny because I asked my IB before I did. and I threw out some old magazines with info of my exhibits, and I asked again before doing it, and I got this sensation, inner voice, not sure what, of opening space for more, more new, for expansion!!!!

    I just had to say it somewhere!!!

    I gave my mother some of the pictures, it felt good to do it, and she loved it, I showed my sister the pics too, and it felt like it is, for real, all in the past!!!! all, all that energy, oldstory, oldwhateveritwasIwasnotlettingo.

    Sooooo dear dear Universe, I am ready!!!! We can explore even better, I feel so free!!!!

    Love and kisses


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