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Thread: Take-off!

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    Day 15

    Ohhhhhhh such beautiful images!!! they make my heart expand with joy! thanks PoE!!!!!

    TAKE OFF!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    I am ready to start the day, I slept the whooooooooooole night!!!! yeah!!!, kind of missed my dawn moments... but letīs give the body the space to do what it makes her happy, (oh yes, my body is a her) hehehhehee.

    Thinking about the mountain give me such a good feeling!!!! for a while thatīs all I am going to do, in my heart.
    For a while I wont think about effort, doings, hows, whens, regarding that, not a single thing that moves me from this moments of joy.
    I like it!.
    So I am here, is a bit of a grey morning, the sun hasnīt come up yet, (of course it has, I just canīt see it hehehehehe) and one of the cats is on hunting mode, I can see her in the patio, walking so slow motion!, she is funny because that is all she does, she is the queen here, she has such a bad temper!, and the softest hair you can imagine, her grey metal tones of hair are fantastic.

    And I am happy, so very happy, smile on my face, this feeling of expansion, this sensation of well being, just in general.
    The having a schedule for the studio is working marvelous, and.... just now I got this crazy idea, that part of it probably is because I was so into the idea of being "useful" having a "real job" that this soothes that part of oltstorities!!!!, hahahahahaha. Well, sounds like a path of least resistance.
    So I just look to the other part, it is good to know it so I stop the focus on that, because....ha! useful? productive in order to be deserving? bigtimeoldstory we were all taught. We just are, we can choose, we can stop our efforting and simply enjoy life, be happy, feel expansion and love.
    I rather look at this part this wonder I get when I am on a roll, when I give me the time to get into the rhythm of creating, I am rekindling that part of me!!! and I am giving me the time to explore my tons of ideas and designs, oh yeah that feels so good!.
    Ummmm....talking about this made me realize something, lately I am experiencing this feeling of possible!, yeah I was talking to a friend yesterday and I told him about the big sculptures I dream to make someday and it felt.... true, real, possible, wooooow!!! great!

    Last evening, I was doing something in the studio and a young woodpecker was playing in the palm tree, very close to the ground... I believe this was the one I kind of rescued from one of the cats after a huge storm, it was so young and wet and couldnīt flight and I picked him up and put it in one of the grooves of the palm tree.... such a soft baby. so beautiful!, and I just hoped it was ok. Now we have this friend flying low, playing in the trees, and having fun, I love it.

    I love to watch birds!!!! oh yeah, hummingbirds hang around a lot here, and they are gorgeous!. And I love to fly!, to get on an airplane, to dream of flying, such a great sensation!
    When I was a teen.... and a bit later too, I collected images of planes and jets, and gliders and study how they work and was immersed in it, I said I was going one day to get my pilot license, hehehehe, I just remembered it!

    Oh, I am on a rambling mood today!, hahahahaha.
    Well is a gorgeous morning, so blue, so conductive to inner talk. (and coffee!!!!!)

    Today I definitely choose to stay the most I can into this space of smiling energy. This sensation that everything is all right in my world. This knowing that life is so great and I am part of it.
    Today I choose to move like a dancer, a sky dancer, flying gracefully to the horizon, going to my mountain!.

    have a fantastic day!!

    love and kisses

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    Wow, I would give my right arm to feel like you, again. I did once, but of course it didn't last. Disappointment and sadness seems to always no matter what takes over in the end. Then getting started again is like me pushing a truck LOL. I don't know if I can get another jump start. Oh how I have tried and gave it my all. I prayed with my heart this morning (I pray all the time) and just asked Him to give me a little boost and to have mercy on me if He can. It would mean so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolejo View Post
    Wow, I would give my right arm to feel like you, again.
    Welcome to the Forum, Nicolejo!

    I know you're just learning your way around here and learning about the unique ways we do things here. I want to point out that this is a “work” thread, where our Forum friend is applying these teachings of Abraham. That's what the Practicing the Teachings sub-forum is for.

    Because this is a “work” thread, we ask our other Forum friends to respect the “work” being done here--either by supporting our friend in their “work” or, if invited by the thread opener, by applying these teachings to the same topic as the original post.

    You are certainly free to open your own thread (as you know how to do) to apply these teachings to any topic of interest to you. You may do that here in the Practicing the Teachings sub-forum. Or you are free to open a thread (in the Abraham-Hicks Teachings and You sub-forum) to discuss how to apply these teachings to this or another topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolejo View Post
    Then getting started again is like me pushing a truck LOL. I don't know if I can get another jump start. Oh how I have tried and gave it my all.

    Hello Nicolejo!,Youīll find a lot of answers here, this is a great forum, youīll see. Iīve been around for about 5 years now, actually your post made me realize how much Iīve walk!!! and itīs getting better and better and better. And without going to the old story, I wasnīt always feeling good, (more like plain bad, hehhee) The times I felt a bit down, I hear a lot of Abraham tracks or cdīs, or read (I actually love to hear it). , .
    So, welcome to this kind of family, (for me) strange as it seems.
    Love and Kisses!


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    Day 16

    Is sunny today! just a few distant clouds, is not that early, I am amazed at my dreams lately, they are different, last night was superfunny and with a lot of friends, old and new and croaked and living.... I had fun, laughs, sex, rain, hahahaha and a parade!!!!, a strange parade explaining what was the center we were staying at, hahahha. I have this feeling that in taking off and again and again taking off I am awakening my color, my laughs, (more laugh, hehehe) and my dreams.
    I feel like flying really.
    I love this moments, the squirrel fighting with the birds, the little thing, I bet some of the birds are bigger and stronger but alas, the mango is the prize right now. So many bees, and birds, and the squirrel. The hummingbirds stick to the banana flower.
    I love these precise moment.
    So, I feel so soft and loving right now, that I really donīt know what to write, nothing comes to my mind, at least nothing that would not be repetitive, like I feel so good, and my heart feels expansive, and my mind is at ease, and I love it.

    Today I choose to be brave!!!!!, yeah, um.... watch out the thought.... does it feels like fun? yeah, it does, I think Iīm taking a leap and using my tanks to solder, hehehehehe, I (oldstoryoldstoryoldstory and I know, it is but right now it doesnīt feel bad) I havenīt use them since the torch exploded in my hand, hehehehehe. It is and oldstory yeah but since it was so incredibly miraculous I donīt feel it bad. it did, nothing else happened, my hand burned, and I focused and process and put honey and mustard, and in a few hours, just one friend that saw my hand (when she did it was much better) believed me.
    Um....on of those occurances that proved to me that we can even accelerate healing...... wow.

    So littleolfearfulme hasnīt used it since, I fixed the hoses, I put everything in perfect state and then....taran..... years later.........hehehehe, I am ready to keep it going!.

    I choose today to remember I donīt need to feel the need to be brave....I already am, I am whatever I choose, I can just choose to do it, if I want to, and I want to. hehehe, wow.

    Letīs keep feeling all the color and fun and awe and enjoy every minute of it.

    I remember.....

    How exciting it is,
    how focusing it feels......

    So have a fantastic day, I plan to do what feels good, any impulse, (goooosh, no I wonīt go find my friend from the dream, hahahahahaha) I plan to laugh and enjoy and watch the clouds, and hear the birds, and watch them too. And keep feeling alive and vibrant, and free!!!!

    have a wonderful day!!!!



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    ahhh I love reading you about hummingbirds in banana-flowers (we have nothing of that!) and squirrels fighting with birds about a mango- Your life is so fascinatingly EXOTIC!!!
    how beautiful!

    thank you so much for sharing, you lovely brave wonderfully rich one!!

    How exciting it is,
    how focusing it feels...
    ohhh yes!!!

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