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Hi can you search a username in the forums?

Underneath the masthead of every Forum page, there's a darker border with a series of little links in it. Find the one that says "Community". When you click on that, you'll see it's a pull-down menu.

Find "Member list" on that pull-down menu. Click on that. You'll be taken the list of all the members of this Forum.

There are then two ways of searching that list. Above the header bar at the rightmost side of the page, you'll find a link called "Search Members," which will open a little search box where you can input the member's name.

I'll be honest with you. Sometimes, that search function hasn't been entirely reliable for me. So, I prefer to physically search the list. That list you have before is alphabetical. There's an initial index across the top of the list to get you started. Yes, doing it that way is a bit more labor-intensive and time-consuming but it can be a little more thorough than the Search Members function.

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Very excited about tomorrow, could you give me a heads up of where I should be and should I be early?
Thanks lara
We're not affiliated with AHP, so we don't have those sorts of details. You can contact AHP directly. Their offices should be open now. Or you can contact the hotel who should also be able to direct you.

As far as how early, people start to line up for the Workshops pretty early (like 7 a.m. early) but they typically don't open the doors doors to the conference room more than 1 hour before the Workshop. Depending on the arrangements they've made with the hotel, there may or may not be some sort of coffee/pastries for you to purchase.

You will have to check in with the Workshop staff, which isn't too arduous, but you can't just show up and walk directly in.