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Thread: Hi Wonderful Abers Greetings from Melbourne

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    Smile Hi Wonderful Abers Greetings from Melbourne

    I am Winnerisme, I am from Melbourne. I have always felt that there is something missing in my life just like everyone else I wondered how come the rich are so rich and the poor so poor, or how come things workout for people. I always knew there is something to know and that's when I was guided to Abraham by my inner being about one year back. The first time I heard Abraham's first video stood up and jumped in joy; that's what I wanted to hear and know.....
    Then one day I thought to myself " I wonder if there is a website or something where people post their success stories" and I thought it would be nice to have such a thing...
    That same day I googled " Success stories of Abraham's teachings " and it showed this forum ❤️😍 Oh I was so happy I couldn't get my eyes off the forum threads. Today here I am a member who is still trying to figure out how this works but I will slowly get there.
    Thank you guys for everything, when my days are blue the stories here give me a breath of fresh air and I am so Thankful to everyone in here

    We are in this together.... Much love and appreciation to all

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    Hi Winnerisme. Thank you for the wonderful introduction. Much love to you.

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