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Thread: Quotes about channeling source, as Esther does

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    Quotes about channeling source, as Esther does

    HS, David Gordon: Hi. When I was first was introduced to Abraham about a
    year and a half ago, and I looked at the first few paragraphs of NEW
    BEGINNINGS, I was impressed. I came into it thinking that...oh,
    it's a 50-50 shot that it was real or that it isn't. After I
    looked at it for a bit I knew that it was real. And when I heard
    Esther channeling Abraham the first tape, my mouth went on the floor.
    I said "My God, this is amazing!"

    My question is this and, I must indicate to Abraham: In my most
    broadest, most wisest self, would I be able to channel Abraham as
    well, as eloquently, and as beautifully as Esther?

    (very quickly in reply) Certainly.

    (whispered in awe) Wow. (laugher now abounding) I appreciate
    what is happening here. It is awesome. Esther is a magnificent
    channel, and everyone that I have spoken to that is knowledgeable on
    this subject is in awe. Certainly I don't think anyone could do a
    better job. I appreciate Esther for this ability, and what's
    happening here in the world. We are in the presence of someone who is
    the best possible channel for this loving wonderful energy. It's
    a blessing! I express my sincere appreciation for it.

    Abraham: She hears you!
    (covered up by sound of applause)

    Every now and again, someone will express their frustration because
    they too are wanting to do what Esther does. And they hear us say
    that there is not a physical being on the planet who does not have
    the ability connect with Core Energy and express Core Energy. So it
    is having to do with your intent as you stand here in your physical
    now, it was a while coming forth from Esther. It has to do with
    intentions sometimes that was set forth before your physical birth,
    in other words everyone does not come forth with the intention to be
    an expressor or speaker in this way. The thing that we most want to
    impart is that: Every physical being is an extension of nonphysical
    essence, and can have as full a connection with this nonphysical
    energy as you've witnessed with Esther.

    All physical beings did not come forth intending to speak in this way.

    ...You did.

    ('hmmms' can be heard as the audience reacts to the power of what is
    said here)

    Someone said, "Well...why does it come so easily to Esther?" and we
    say it is the same, "Well...Esther is sort of the 'Michael Jordan'
    of this world!"
    (laughter) In other words, she was just born with
    certain innate characteristics that made it comfortable. Now that's
    not to say that everyone could not play basketball as well as Michael
    Jordan but, there are a lot of people that do not want to play
    basketball. You get the sense of what we are talking about?

    David: I do.

    Abraham: ...And so, have fun with it! It is the issue of nonphysical
    intention and it is certainly your physical proclivity, and it is
    certainly included within the desire within you, and there is not any
    reason in all the Universe why it cannot be in your experience.

    (totally blown away)...Thank you very much.

    Boca Raton, Florida

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    The POLR for Jerry and Esther, doing this work

    If we told you where what you want is, right now,
    most of you would not go there.

    You'd have 15 or 20 reasons why you're not gonna do that right now.
    So, instead, you translate it into the thought, that you can perceive.

    You're translating into the thought of least resistance - are you following this?
    You're translating into the thought of least resistance.

    (Abe tell a story about Esther first receiving Abraham, and Jerry's excitement about the information she was receiving. They say that if Esther had known what was before her -working every weekend, frequent airplane trips, looking weird in front of audiences,etc.- she would have made sure it didn't happen).

    "IOW, there was too much resistance in that idea for Esther.
    So she couldn't translate that idea, then.
    She translated in a different way: "Yeah, Jerry, you and I can do this,
    but just don't tell anyone.

    J: "Can I tell them?"
    E: "No."
    J: "Can I tell them?"
    E: "No."
    J: "Can I tell them?"
    E: "No. Don't tell anyone."

    Then, one day they were sitting with someone
    who was familiar with Seth, through Jane Roberts.
    And Jerry said, "Would you like to meet Abraham?"
    Esther wanted to kill him with her bare hands.
    She couldn't believe he put her on the spot like that.

    The woman was so excited (...) and they sat all afternoon
    and talked with Abraham all afternoon.
    And it gave Esther an understanding that this wasn't so weird. (...)

    And so, path of least resistance.
    IOW, you let your good in to the degree
    that you can believe it.

    The path of least resistance is:
    the path of beliefs through which you allow yourself
    to receive what you want.

    Westchester, Oct. 2014

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    How will the work continue after Esther?

    HS (is it David again? ) wonders how the teachings will change,
    when Esther croaks and canīt translate Abe, anymore.

    If you use the word Abraham-follower to Jerry, heīll do everything
    he can, to stop that from happening.He does NOT want followers, nor
    does Esther, nor do we.
    What we are ALL about, from the first word Esther has translated for us,
    is igniting in you YOUR connection with that which we are.

    And youīve done that to perfection.

    And nothing would please us, or J and E more than to hear you say,
    one after the other: "Ive got it. Iīm on my own".

    (... people come and talk about holding any teaching in itīs purity)
    And we say: Than it is DEAD!
    When you are trying to hold this precepts that have been laid out,
    by those who have figured it out, by the "Esther" of that religion,
    by the root of that religion, by the Christ, by the Buddha, by the Mohammed,
    by the who-ever it is, and we try to take what they have written,
    and we try to hold it STEADY and TRUE-

    -then we say: IT MUST DIE!

    Because nothing can stand still!
    Everything must evolve!
    This leading edge environment,
    that you are upon, is continually EVOLVING!
    Nothing thrills Jerry, or Esther, or Abraham more, than for someone
    to take the basis of what they are living and learning here, and APPLY IT
    through their own guidance-system.

    And then, to reach for something that has never even been discussed,
    in a Forum like this, under the title of Abraham Hicks-
    and to go far beyond!
    Iow, this is not the end of anything!

    There have been teachers before us, and there will be teachers
    after us, in this way. THIS is just one of the steps along the way.
    Please, do not try to make it more, than that.


    Do you not see, what continues to happen when someone seeks
    to preserve something, is that it becomes the reason
    for the battle?

    More people die in the name of preserving the truth of their
    "only" religion. And we are expressing the OPPOSITE of that!!
    We want to hear you say: "Abraham, I think Iīm getting the hang
    of this, and now Iīm gonna do my best to express it in my unique way."

    We would FAR rather hear that from you, than
    "Abraham, no one has ever said it so purely, and how can we preserve
    this words?" And we say: Put them in a can, bury them in the ground, and then
    fight over them, 2000 years later, and use them as your excuse to
    kill a whole bunch of people. -Thatīs NOT what this is about!!

    This is about SELF-EMPOWERMENT, you see.

    (Abe comment teasingly on J and Eīs recording of every word of Abe)
    There will ALWAYS be those, who will make their way to alignment.
    And we also say: We are not the only path to alignment!
    And we also say, that the path that Esther provides, the channel, the open
    Vortex that Esther provides, is just the beginning of MANY MANY MANY more!

    (...) It doesnīt matter, HOW anyone hears!
    Self-empowerment is the message, that we all speak.

    (HS wants the teachings of Abe to be seen as significant as the great
    ones of this world, and what gets taught in school)

    It is even more significant! And it is taught in a different way!
    You canīt teach this in a restrictive environment!
    You CANīT go to environment, thatīs based upon comparison,
    you canīt go to an environment that believes in conditional love,
    and teach unconditional love.

    They just donīt get it. Thatīs why this mass, that is expressing as a
    result of the basics that you are talking about, is so exhilarating.
    Iow, it is epedimie of a grass-roots-movement.
    (...) As more people are deliberately feeling good, and expressing
    through the example of their life the benefit of feeling good-
    and are taking every opportunity to finetune it in their own life,
    and then speak it to those who ask, and who are ready to hear,

    all that happens is, that what happens inevitably anyway, happens
    more DELIBERATELY, and thatīs what makes it more FUN.
    No one could hear of J and E and Abraham, and still, the movement
    would take place.

    The people are inherently selfish, and they are always asking, and
    source is always answering. And people are very clever at finding
    a variety of ways, that they get into the allowing mode.
    Do you know that those who gather in synagogues and temples
    and churches, ALL OVER THE WORLD, are actually finding THEIR WAY
    of getting into the state of allowing.

    And it doesnīt matter to source what excuse they use to allow!
    Iow, WHATEVER floats your cork. WHATEVER rings your bell!
    WHATEVER you can do, to feel better in your moment-
    then you are allowing, you see.

    (...talking about death and that there is no need to worry about it,
    because we all are eternal)

    ...And weīr not going anywhere!
    Weīre just getting BIGGER and LOUDER
    and easier to find and to hear.
    And the nucleus of your planet is becoming
    more and more receptive to this.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ What happens after Esther dies ~ No ads during video

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    You can always tell by the way you feel, "WHAT you are getting".

    Uhhh, are there, are there Beings from other planets
    inhabiting the earth?

    Not inhabiting in the way that you mean.
    In other words, in this vibrational universe you have access
    to vibration infinitely, eternally.
    In other words, there are no limits in a vibrational universe.

    Time and space does not limit your ability to receive.
    Only your ability to receive limits, you see.
    And so, are there consciousnesses other than what are physically
    focused? -Yes.

    And we think that very often physical beings who begin to receive,
    translate through that format. And so there's a lot of distortion on
    all of that.

    It's hard to know whether or not you're just making it up or
    whether it's actually coming from, from another source.
    I mean, I, I... don't mean you.

    Abe: We understand.

    Guest: I
    (laughter). I (laughter). I meant, I meant me.

    Well, if you're making us up, you're doing very well.
    (laughter) And we are all pleased. Here is the way you can tell:
    If you have taken time to identify who you are and what you want -
    in other words, when you say on a regular basis and really mean it:

    "I am so much wanting to be of value.
    I am so much wanting to be an uplifter to my time/space reality.
    I'm so much wanting to connect with that which is my Source.

    I'm wanting to be an extension of the true good of this universe or
    of this time/space reality.
    I'm wanting to be a physical extension of all that I consider to be
    God or good."

    When you are making that statement
    from the sincerity of your Being,
    then as you begin to receive something,
    you can tell whether it fits that.
    -Does it enhance that? Does it make that feeling within me more?
    Or does it make that feeling within me less?

    You can always tell by the way you FEEL,
    once you're in touch with your own guidance, you see.

    And so, as we are projecting here in response to what you all are
    asking about and you ask the question, "Abraham where do you come

    We say "from" implies a place. Which means a physical extension
    of something. And we are not from a place.
    And so, we could give you a word that would appease you, but it would
    ultimately be a distortion of that which we are about. You get a sense of it?

    Guest: Umm hmm.

    So, are you interacting across universes? Certainly.
    Do you have the ability to receive thought from outside of your time/space reality? -Absolutely.

    Are there Beings - in your words - from other planets that are
    inhabiting your physical bodies? We would not put it in those terms at all.
    There are physically focused energies, all born of this planet,
    who are vibrationally transmitting and receiving vibrations galactically.

    Guest: Umm hmm.

    And all of it we would put in the category of Source Energy
    being received and translated.

    From the workshop in Phoenix, AZ, 3/23/02

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    We say to Esther, "You are the manifested version of Abraham."

    Cancun Land Cruise 2013

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    To communicate with her transitioned friend?

    Guest -
    ...So, say for example someone that you're close with returns
    to Nonphysical - PURE Nonphysical Energy -
    they're what we call dead.

    Abe -
    Croaked. We prefer the word croaked. It's disrespectful,
    since there is no death.

    Guest -
    OK, so they've croaked. I love that. OK, so they've croaked,
    and you are able to have contact with them, or feel like you're
    still in communication with them. And, so you have a relationship
    or they're a guide for you. And then, say they are then kind-of
    refocused back into another physical body.

    But you still feel like you're communicating with them.
    Is both true, like they're still your spirit guide and they're still
    baby Dobbin over there?

    Abe -
    Yes. Because remember, this Nonphysical Inner Being part of you
    is the culmination of ALL that you are.
    And so, when someone that you know makes their transition,
    they reemerge into Nonphysical and that aspect of them, you always
    have access to.

    Look at it this way. Every thought that has ever been thought
    still exists. So, actually you could pick up on the vibrational Essence
    of who someone WAS, forevermore, from the physical atmosphere.
    In other words, the things that they've thought about,
    the experiences that they've had.

    You become, once you've been in these physical bodies for a while
    -not even a very long while - you become very powerful Energy
    focal points. And those focal points are there to interact with other
    vibrations that are of similar vibrational quality.

    It's not the easiest thing to hear when you are an extreme human
    genius creative Consciousness, that there are many points
    of Consciousness that are far different than you are, but...
    For example, when you think a thought, that thought is a vibration
    that now has the potential to think.
    Isn't that interesting?

    You think a thought, and that thought now is a vibrational entity
    unto itself that has the ability to think.

    So there is the thinker who thinks the thought and then there's
    the thought that becomes the thinker.
    In other words, it's quite a tangle for you to decipher and sort out.
    So, we want to just give you the highlights and help you
    understand that when you have been focused in a physical body
    for a while, you become a powerful focal point.

    That's why sometimes a psychic will tap into someone that you love
    who is dead and the psychic will interpret information,
    warnings or things that your mother is worried about, or where
    she buried the money in the backyard or something, and often
    with great accuracy.

    And Esther said, "Abraham, you said that when someone dies,
    they reemerge into Pure Positive Energy, and some of this
    doesn't sound all that much like Pure Positive Energy."
    And we say, you have the ability to tap into a lot of different
    vibrational frequencies.

    Someone called Esther, said the Sheriff was looking for her
    in Texas where they are from, and she said, "I knew he would
    catch me sooner or later, what does he want?"

    And when Esther called him, he was trying to solve a
    mystery - murder, an unsolved mystery, and Esther said,
    "It's not the work I do." And he said, "Well, we've been told
    that you could help us and we could really use your help."
    And Esther said, "I would have to tune my vibration to a place
    I'm not willing to tune my vibration. It's just not the work I do."

    But you can tune your vibration to anything and pick up
    those vibrational frequencies. There are thought forms all around.
    First there is thought. Thought is thought upon longer becomes
    thought form and thought that is thought upon longer,
    becomes manifestation. And of course, that's a very scanty
    explanation, but that is the general progress of this thought.

    So, when you are wanting to have conversation with someone
    who you love who has reemerged into Nonphysical or even
    someone you don't know who is a master of something or another,
    you have to become a vibrational match to that which they
    now ARE to receive the Essence of who they are from their Broader,
    Nonphysical perspective.

    But you could get in an ornery mood and tap right into some ornery
    dead friend. But you would not be receiving them AS THEY NOW ARE.

    Guest - Right.

    Abe -
    You'd be receiving them as they WERE and you'd be picking up
    on that swirl of vibration which continues to exist eternally.
    Nothing ever ceases to be once it has become.

    Guest -
    Great. And so I could be in communication with an Energy,
    that used to be my grandfather and also be in communication
    with a part of him that's come into a new Being,
    all at the same time?

    Abe - Yes.

    From the Alaskan Cruise 2005 on the Master Course Audio Series, 'To communicate
    with her transitioned friend?', Disc 6, Track 2

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    What is channeling?

    Channeling is coming into alignment with Self.

    2007 Hawaiian Cruise

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    Don't become dependent upon Esther's translation.
    Find your own.
    Find your own.
    Because, until you find your own,
    it's Esther's experience and not yours, you see.

    From the workshop in Bethesda, Maryland on 5/12/12

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    When Esther asks on her own behalf...

    We donīt tell Esther the direct route to anything she asks,
    because she canīt receive the direct answer
    to everything sheīs asking! -Sheīs like you!

    Someone the other day said,
    "Iīm gonna write a book on whatīs the difference
    between Abraham and Esther."
    And Esther said "Iīll tell you the difference:
    Abraham KNOWS, and I am learning."
    And we would say, sheīs not quite right!

    Esther is on the leading edge, and we are following!
    We are ALL in this, together, you see!

    But when Esther has something thatīs really bothering her,
    and she sits, and she writes the scenario about it-
    even when she relaxes, she is STILL not really in the place
    that she can hear every subtle nuance, that we would like
    to give her. And so, we speak to her, but youīve gotta remember:

    Sheīs the translator of what weīr saying!
    And she canīt translate beyond her ability to let it flow.

    MUCH easier to translate for you- because sheīs not
    hung up on your issues!
    Sometimes she reads back upon thos writings and sheīll realize:
    Well, Abraham told me it then, and then they told me then...
    And then they told me then.
    And THEN, I got it."

    Be patient with yourself!

    Chicago, September 25, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Do this game and everything you want will show itself to you (new)

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    Source WANTS to work with us all day long!

    I used to think
    (that Abe meant), focus on what I am wanting!
    And you said, no- focus on your alignment, and focus on your feeling,
    and on being aware of your emotion...

    Focus on your CONNECTION!
    Focus on plugging in the toaster,
    BEFORE you toast the bread!

    HS tells how she was inspired by Esther, focusing with Abe on her eyesight.

    Here is the thing we want you to settle into.
    Just for a day, or two or three, or ten.
    MAGIC happens in the menial things, too!

    And just the labeling of it being menial
    sort of takes the magic away from it!
    And so, if you just acknowledge, that source is involved
    with you in EVERYTHING!
    In the early days, when Jerry and Esthere were consciously aware
    that we were flowing to and through Esther,
    we encouraged them to use us in ANY way they could think of.

    So one day they were in the grocery story, and in those days
    Esther was still wearing 6-inch Charles Jourdan heels (...)
    So they were in the store, and Jerry said "Get Abraham, will you?"
    And Esther says "Really?? NOW?"
    And Jerry said, "Yes. Iīd like them to help us buy or food, pick our food."

    And so, Esther is awkward in those days,
    and so sheīs sort of screeching through the store with the cart
    in front of her, and we chose this and this and this -
    and this and this and this and this and this and this- and then they went
    to the check-out-stand, and paid for all of it, and went home,
    and then Jerry asked, "Abraham, why did you choose this particular food?"

    And we said, none of it contains preservatives of any kinds.
    And now they start reading labels. And there is no preservative of any kind
    in any of the food weīd put into the basket. NOT because weīd give a rip
    wether there are preservatives in, or not! But because

    We want them to know, that we donīt have to read the label
    to know whatīs in the food.

    Then, a whole series of things. One night, we suggested that they tell
    their friends, who were in that time the only two of about 5 people,
    that knew about Abraham, to go hide somewhere in the city of Phoenix.
    Now, Phoenix is a very big place! It goes far in every direction!
    And so, West and Nancy went in their car, to hide.
    And Jerry was driving, and Esther was directing, and receiving Abraham.

    And we said, "That way, that way, that way. Turn left, turn left,
    that way, that way, that way." And they drove for quite a while, because
    itīs a big place. And then we said, "Right here." And so they stopped,
    and looked, and there was no sign of them!

    And Esther was annoyed! Because, it has been a lot of
    "this way, this way, this way". And in those days, she wasnīt really
    RECEIVING, like she is now, so it was awkward to say the least!
    And then, "That way, that way, that way."
    Stopped again. They still werenīt there!
    They spent most of the night moving from place to place,
    around Phoenix. And then, right before dawn, and after filling up
    the car again, and eating 3 more Snicker-bars, they found them.

    And Esther says, "Weīr not gonna play that game EVER again."
    And then Jerry said, "first we went there."
    And West said, "we were there! But our IB told us to keep moving!"
    And then Jerry said, "And then we were there!"
    And West said, "we were there, too! But our IB told us to keep moving!"
    And then Jerry said, "And then we were there..."

    And so, what was happening was, they were following them!
    They were following the vibrational essence of them,
    but the manifestation of them was not fast enough in coming,
    to please Esther!

    It also explains that Esther is not the only one, receiving.
    And thatīs what we really want you to hear: ALL of you
    have the ability to get into vibrational alignment
    with who-you-are. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! has an IB,
    who has an IB, who has an IB, who has an IB, who has an IB.

    Iow, you are all SO well connected!
    You all have SO MUCH
    attention and interest upon you!
    On who you are, RIGHT NOW, and where you are, and on the
    relationship between where you are, and where you want to be!

    And so, itīs just a matter of you, choosing something
    that MATTERS to you.
    But the selction is: It matters enough, that itīs interesting to you,
    and not so much, that you will shoot yourself in the foot,
    with doubt.
    You have to find that sort of BALANCE.

    "This is something that I want to experience-
    and when it happens, it will give me enough exhilaration to
    let me know. It will be a condition that happens, and will maybe
    cause some momentum- but it isnīt something that is so far out,
    that my doubt will keep it from coming about, NOW."

    Chicago, September 25, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Do this game and everything you want will show itself to you (new)

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