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Thread: Quotes about channeling source, as Esther does

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    When Esther was first receiving us...

    Everything that you are experiencing in any moment in time
    is about the mixture of energies within you.

    And what we mean by that, with further description is,
    what you've been living and how fast your stream is going,
    and what you're thinking in the moment in relationship to the
    stream. In other words, if the stream is moving very fast and
    you are thinking thoughts that allow you to go along with it,
    you feel good.

    For example, imagine being in an airplane at 50 thousand feet
    in the air, going about 600 or 700 miles an hour, you look out
    the window and everything is going by very nicely, it's all calm.

    But if you put that same aircraft on the ground it would be a
    white knuckle experience. Because on the ground, there is so
    much more resistance.

    And so, ordinarily, when someone is describing a panic attack,
    what it says to us is that something in their focus and in their life
    has got their energy moving rapidly, but then something in their
    immediate experience has them focused in a way that is
    contradicting the energy.

    Sometimes, especially when Esther was first receiving us,
    as she would stand here, waiting for the meeting to begin, she
    quiets herself, she always puts herself into a comfortable place,
    relaxes and breathes and the words in her mind are:
    "I'm wanting to speak clearly your words."

    She's addressing us and it's her way of saying she wants the
    vibration of Abraham to dominate while she is here allowing us to
    visit with you. And in the early days of that, the reason she still
    stands behind the podium, spreads her legs, locks her knees, puts
    her hands in a stable place, even though it is not necessary for her
    now, is that it was an experience of swooning.

    Because as the energies of Abraham began to mix with the energies
    of Esther, because she was not up to speed with the energy,
    it was an unsettling experience. Something you were focused upon,
    you've summoned a lot of energy, it is not uncommon.

    That is why the drug effect is what it is. That is why the alcohol
    effect is what it is. It's why so much of that is appealing, it distracts
    you from your normal vibration and allows you to temporarily raise
    your vibration and when your vibration raises abruptly it gives you
    that out-of-control-feeling and that's why you're calling it
    a panic attack.

    Esther had the good experience of meditating, every day for 15 or
    20 minutes, with Jerry for about 9 months before she began to
    receive that swooning feeling, her head began moving, so she
    integrated to the energy. There are many people, who, because
    they are listening to the recordings, watching the videos, coming
    to the gatherings like this, they have gradually acclimated to the
    energy of this higher vibration.

    <snip> In your physical world, like most people, you've acclimated
    to a lower vibration and when you've acclimated to a lower
    vibration, but your true tendency is much higher and then
    something happens to distract you from your lower vibration
    - WHOOSH - it's that sorta feeling.

    CA 04-01-07 B

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    This thread is really brillant, Elke !:

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    So my pleasure, Thea!
    And, so good to "see" you again!

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    Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

    People talk about sometimes they’ll come into the room and things are misplaced or moved around and they attribute it to hauntings…

    – Most of it we attribute it to bad memory… and to the cooperative Universe that will always assist you.In other words when you decide that something is lost you can’t find it, even though it’s right there, and then when you get back into the vibration that allows you to see it, then you’re sure that someone has brought it in and put it there.

    There’s more of that going on than anything, but in fairness everything is vibrational and everything that you see in this physical world is an extension of that vibration.

    And so, this nonphysical energy that is focused does have the ability to- right before your eyes- move things, because everything is vibrational.
    So, hauntings… give us an example?

    This is more my friends question – so I don’t have a specific question. Of course we seen things on television… Is it part of our creation because when someone goes out to look for hauntings they will find them because they are creating…?

    Here’s the thing – everything is about vibration and vibration is being interpreted in many different ways. We’ve already talked about the real-life reality that you want to call reality which is your interpretation of vibration.

    Your eyes interpret vibration and that’s why you see. Your ears interpret vibration and that’s why you hear, so you were interpreting energy into what you see.

    Esther, as she is receiving us here is receiving blocks of thought – we’re sort of downloading big blocks of thought – she gets them at an unconscious level sorts them out and finds words equivalent to best describe the block of thought she is receiving.

    So Esther is a very good verbal translator of this vibration, but there are others who are visual translators of vibration and they are those who have visions who see things and many of you do too. The thing that is important to understand whether you are verbally translating – Esther is more auditory than visual – whether you are verbally translating or whether you are visually translating or both. In any case you are receiving the vibration that you must be somewhere in the vibrational vicinity of the vibration in order to interpret it.

    In other words Esther has discovered that if she meditates, or if she’s joyful, or if she’s basking that she’s much more up to speed with what Abraham is and so the flow of Abraham is much more comfortable and much more emphatic or precise or beneficial if she’s up to speed with us.

    So interpreting energy simply means being in the vibrational vicinity and then interpreting in some way visually or auditorily.

    So now let’s talk about vibration other than the vibration that we are offering. In other words, we are a stream of consciousness and when Esther or any of you get in the vicinity of what we are you have that knowing.

    You are knowing what we are talking about and surprising yourself, aren’t you? You’re right up to speed – did you hear how you laughed just at the right moment? Do you hear how you’re getting the subtle nuances of what we are offering? -You’re up to speed with us or that would not be happening.

    So you’re in the vibrational vicinity of that which we are – now, Esther makes it easier for you because she’s speaking it out loud and you are commonly or collectively focused which makes it easier still – but just the same you are in the vibrational vicinity or you would not be getting it.

    So, every thought that has ever been thought still exists – thoughts don’t go away, vibrations don’t go away and law of attraction gathers those vibrations into what you might call rivers or streams. And so you could pick-up on the river… this is a powerful stream of consciousness that we are projecting here which is easy for Esther and some of you to pick up on.

    But there are streams of consciousness that are a spin-off of man’s conscious thought that are also easy for you to pick up on if you’re in the vibrational vicinity.

    -That’s where all that “evil haunting” stuff comes from… in other words, as man worries about this and worries about that – as you watch Steven Spielberg movies, or Stephen King’s movies, as you watched that stuff- there’s a coalescing of all of that.

    And it’s perfectly logical that someone in the vibrational vicinity of some of that unwanted stuff could be close enough to the vibration of it that they can begin to interpret it visually. Jerry and Esther – one of the very first people that they met as they began to do this work – a wonderful woman who’d lived in Dallas – and Jerry and Esther stayed at her home in fact when they went up to do the seminars.

    She heard them on one of the few radio shows that they ever did, or that we ever did, and came to the first seminar that they conducted in Dallas. As she told them the story later when she became a good friend of theirs that as she was driving to the seminar after having heard us on the radio she is saying right out loud as she’s driving in her automobile, “Alright Abraham are you Angel or Devil?”

    Which sort of gives you an idea of what was going on with her at the time – she did not understand when we emphatically say there is no source of evil, there’s just allowing who you really are or not.

    But she was still in that place where she was looking for good and evil – hauntings and blessings sort of thing.
    And so as we were coming into the conversation – Esther was sitting at the time, not standing – and she asked the question as she was sitting there in the room and as we came to join the party in Esther’s experience, we were silent for an inordinate amount of time.

    In fact Esther began to feel uncomfortable because she was used to us opening her eyes and getting right to it. But instead we opened her eyes and looked at this woman and the woman said, “the entire room filled with big angel wings.”

    -We projected to her an answer to her question and in her ability to translate vibration visually she did. So it’s in the eye of the beholder – in other words you see what you are vibrationally tuned, but more important you see what you are expecting and expectation is a vibrational practice and anything is possible.

    We just want you to know,
    that there is only a source of well-being, and that this source of well-being is dominant and if you’re picking up on any of that other stuff it’s just because you’re outside the vortex on the wrong ragged edge, you’ve got a pretty good vibration going and all that stuff floating around out there congealing and able to pick up- in other words:

    Transmitting and receiving mechanisms, it’s all that it is.

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    Esther, channeling a "Poltergeist".
    In the beginning, Abe was a Poltergeist, too!

    HS experiences Poltergeist-symptoms, since she has a room-mate, and the roomate is very comfortable with the idea that itīs a ghost.

    Did she mention, that this "ghost" travels with her?

    No, that she failed to mention.

    The reason we asked that- that is not always the case.
    Sometimes it is the unique combination, iow, she has been curious about these things. And in her curiosity, she has attracted what we call "frivolous beings". That does not mean negative beings, just frivolous, fun-seeking beings.

    And the the combination of the 2 of you, coming together, with what you know about nonphysical! So it just opened a crack of greater allowance, or of least resistance. Iow, it is an opportunity for you to express some of what you are understanding about nonphysical, for this one!

    Now, what we would say is happening is: Both of you have interacted very powerfully and very clearly with nonphysical energy. Not only in this physical lifetime, but in many of them! You are KNOWN to be a Vortex of this, in the way that Esther has been known to be!

    Iow, those of you who have done it before, and have intentionally come forth with the intention of WANTING to participate in this way, you are more eagerly greeted by the nonphysical counterparts, you see! In the early days, when we wanted to visit with Esther, before she had adequately aligned her energy, so that she could receive easily-

    -we would rattle the lampshade, when we wanted to talk to her!
    -Or turn a light on, when we wanted to talk to her.
    SOMETHING to get her attention, to help her to realize that there was something happening!

    And in the beginning, it was a little disconcerting- because it felt strange, and it felt invasive. In fact, our friend did not like it at all, and he started tighting all of the shades, REALLY tight, and lean them upon the wall,
    (text gets lost in the laughter of the audience)- because he was not wanting any of our monkey-business!

    And of course, once we realized that he was not having fun with it, and that it was causing more negative consequence for them then it was positive, then other approaches were offered, such as wiggling Esthers nose, and tugging on her ear, and things of that nature, that were a little less disconcerting for her mate.

    So are you saying that this could be my IB trying to communicate with me?

    We would say that itīs absolutely nonphysical energy, wanting to communicate with SOMEBODY. And if the 2 of you would sit and say "Whatīs going on here? We are listening. WHat are you wanting?" -that you would feel some energy flowing, and one or the other may get a block of thought.
    Remember, we are not moving Esthers mouth!
    If she was writing, we would not push her pencil. We are offering blocks of thought, that at an unconscious level she is TRANSLATING.

    Now, they are manipulating energy in your house. It is the reason that electronic things are the most effective.

    Nobody is moving food around in the refrigerator. That was what one or the other did, without realizing it. But there are things that are happening, of electronic nature. That is what is happening, because it is ALL about energy. So itīs very easy for nonphysical beings to manipulate energy, you see!

    And so the question you are wanting to ask is, first of all:
    "Is what you are, and what you are wanting, of value to me?"
    And you will SENSE right away, if that is so.

    And THEN you will decide- we would encourage to do it together-
    is there anything that we are wanting from this?
    Iow, are we WANTING to have any sort of experience with this nonphysical energy? And once you concluded, then tale it from there.

    And if we conclude that we do not, if we conclude that this is not in our interest- what can we do...

    Do not give your attention to it!
    As it is occuring, say: "Oh, it is them again." But donīt give much more attention to it. And it will dissipate. Because THIS energy is positive energy. And if you are not receiving it, and donīt want to, it is not going to hound you! Remember, it is LoA. Either of you could have attracted it, but didnīt. Itīs the combination of the 2 of you, that has bought it forth!

    Your knowledge of nonphysical, her knowledge of supernatural.
    Your knowledge of benefit, her knowledge of fun and frivolousness.
    Iow, "ghost" is what she would call it, you call it "nonphysical energy" or "entity" or "information".

    So itīs the combination of the 2 expectations that has brought it about in a sort of powerful way. All in all, how do you get on with this roomate?

    Oh, wonderfully! We get along very well!

    You recognice that you are same vibration?


    -JERRY was editing into this recording later, at this point, the information, that he was aware of a constant strange vibe or sound or rattle all over the the room that was there while the whole interaction. Abe didnīt adress it, and the young HS started to noticably vibrate in the same tone or rhythm with this energy.-

    And in fact, I think that how we met was just extraordinary.

    Jerry from behind: What is this vibration?

    Hear him? That is your friend.
    (not discernable mumble of HS) Nice, isnīt it? -Nice friendly energy.

    And this rattle-sound?

    Hear it?
    (high-pitch sound and rattle, not everything is discernable...) ..the lampshade, eyh? (more intense rattle and high pitch) -Getting a little brassed, eyh? (laughter of audience) Thatīs were your socks wonīt come off, but a little chattering. You are receiving some energy, you see. Itīs alright. We can translate the block of thought for you, if you are wanting!


    (more intense rattling during the next segment, Esthers voice changes intensely, the translation is rough, loud and awkward)
    nonphysical entity:
    EAGER!!! To participate through you, if you are REALLY Ha-happy to know me in your physical! Great fun! And quietly
    (?) awaiting if wanted. Enough for now!

    (calm translation again) -Good!

    Thank you! And now if I wanna continue this, and yes- I do want it, how can I take it... because I have put a lot of time into sitting down and meditating, and I do get the... as soon I sit down and quiet my mind, I get the... I just go off like this...

    (still intense rattle) Abe:
    Just sit with the intent of receiving. Understanding that youīll receive a block of thought. Sit with family or friends, it is very nice and
    (the other energy is coming through again in the choppy, awkward voice) let -come- through- in- the- beginning-
    it will be- awkward. That is natural.
    (Smoothe flow again).

    Because you are not accustomed to translating the energy! Esther is not accustomed to translating THIS energy, either! And so, she is
    (choppy translation again) feeling- the- awkwardness- of it, also! But as you do a little more of it, it will not feel awkward.

    And so, just let it flow, and enjoy, and have fun with it. And grow with it. And evolve with it. And learn to dance with it, and before you know it- ahhh, anything you are wanting there is an answer, that you are understanding. Iow, you asked the question- she brought the answer. You said: Can anybody do this? And
    (laughter over the words) ...they are saying: YES!!!

    from the youtube-clip
    Abraham Hicks: Everybody have a poltergeistic experience

    Adding also: This is an old recording, in which times Esther normally spoke with an accent that she has not anymore, in this days, while channeling.

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    Esther, channeling a boy...

    ...who transitioned by committing suicide. He is talking through her to his mother,
    who is sitting in the HS:

    So much big deal made out of so much that doesn't matter.
    So many things, all prompt up, for you to worry about
    that aren't worth worrying about,
    so much experience that leads to so much expansion...
    doesn't seem to matter.
    Nothing has been wasted, everything is stacked up waiting for me.

    I can explore it as quickly or as slowly as I want it to be.
    There isn't anything to worry about,
    there is so many things that people are worrying about,
    anything that you find to worry about is bogus.

    Feel me, laugh with me, play with me.
    I am not sorry about anything, there's great reason for this
    and I feel I understand this fully now.
    It's intoxicating.
    I have the feeling there won't be much else for me to say,
    it's all done, there is nothing to be explained about anything.
    Come here and play with me if you want,
    I will always be here.

    from DVD Law of Attraction in Action. Episode XII: "My son committed suicide."

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    Esther, channeling Nelson Mandela after his transition

    "2 days ago, the news of Nelson Mandelaīs transition
    made worldwide attention.
    Can you speak to us, from his perspective now, on freedom and equality-
    now that he is no longer in his physical body?"

    Nelson Mandela:
    (Esther assembles herself new, breathes, smiles...
    and continues in much slower and very different rhythm, very many smiles.
    The HS that asked for this confirms later, that Esthers whole energy and radiation changed)

    (nodds to HS Scott)
    All- all who exist, in this human expression of life-
    are equal in more senses
    than has
    been accurately described.

    Because all- without exception-
    are being offered from source
    and life.

    When, as individuals, you accept that you are equal,
    in whatīs being offered,
    and you find a way to let IT IN,
    than and only than,
    you understand the equality that has always been there.

    (long pause)

    And the freedom? The perspective of freedom?

    Nelson Mandela:
    Well, what is more free than that?
    What is more free than to have source at your back?

    What is more free than to have a source who understands
    EVERYTHING that youīve lived,
    and everything that youīve come to want,
    who is flowing clarity and ideas
    toward you,
    to help you to experience in fullness EVERYTHING that you want?

    What could be more free
    than a vibrational reality
    that is based upon thought,
    and you are the only one who can think your thought?

    Could there be greater freedom?
    There could be a misunderstanding of it,
    there could be a mis-judgement of it,
    there could be a mis-using of it,
    there could be a misunderstanding at the end of momentum
    where you donīt feel free,
    and then perpetuate your explanation of why youīr not free.

    you are really gonna like it, when you make your transition
    into nonphysical, and take your first FULL breath of freedom.

    But we donīt have to wait?

    Abraham/Nelson Mandela:
    You donīt have to wait.
    But for many, that will be when they take their first breath.
    Because, they are determined,
    to make someone else responsible...
    for their freedom.

    Phoenix, Dec 2013

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    About the workshops...

    (Esther did a focus wheel to prepave a workshop...)

    ... In the middle of her focus wheel this clear thought
    came into her mind. Now, thatīs what you wanna call epiphany!
    We call it the manifestation of the thought, iow, she was able to
    receive what we were thinking which meant she was thinking
    thought that we were thinking- so we were cocreating on a thought,
    and thatīs what epiphany is.

    So, the thought that she received was this:
    "The reason that I love this so much is because
    the expectation that is in place here, is SO...
    there is so much momentum to it, that it just can
    NEVER do OTHER than be WONDERFUL."

    And then she focused more deliberately:
    The expectation of those like you, who are coming.
    The expectation that she holds.
    The expectation that Abraham holds.

    The expectation of nonphysical and physical alike,
    ALL CULMINATING in a moment in time,
    were the best of all of us is evoked.

    We rendezvous at our best, in a situation like this.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Your Life will Fix Whats Wrong Automatically

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    Here is a whole quote-collection about how we ALL "channel" source 24/7.

    The interactions are going from feeling inspired to do any "tasks" -as soothing a child, doing our taxes or combing hair- to flowing with the most brilliant minds in the topics that thrill you- as repairing motorbikes, painting, writing or being a master in sports.

    Quotes about the specific, daily co-creation with nonphysical artists/mentors/knowers

    Inspiration is gonna flow through you.
    Youīr gonna be the creative genius,
    that you were born to be-

    through this avenue, if you choose it! Because, it does not matter what the subject of your attention is!
    When source flows with you- itīs AWESOME.

    (...) You like being an extension to source-energy? You like source, lining up with whatever is important to you? You like knowing that you have infinite intelligence, flowing through you?

    Sydney, Australia, Oct. 18, 2015

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    Are you from the family of teachers?

    Most of us are from the non-physical Family of Teachers.
    Now, we talk of this Family of Teachers, this small Family of Teachers,
    we’re talking about those like Abraham, those like Esther, those like you,
    who have come forth to help others understand
    the process of lining up Energy.

    We are saying you’ve come forth wanting to help others
    understand about Nonphysical Energy,
    so that they can live happily ever after, if they choose to.


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