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Thread: Time for my introduction

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    Time for my introduction

    Hi everyone!

    I've already posted a few times in this forums, but I want to introduce myself better and how I found to these forums.

    Let's take it from start.

    The first contact I had with the whole "spiritual-innerbeing-universe"-stuff was when I heard about Eckhart Tolle a few years ago. I started to read "Power of Now", but after like 30 pages I came to the conclusion that the guy who wrote this must have taken way to much drugs for his own good. So I forgot about the book.

    But still, so many good reviews and so many people recommending it, there must have been something!
    So I opened it again, and gave up at page 50... still just a bunch of, "mumbo jumbo" for me.
    A year later, I came to page 80... some months after that, I gave up after 100.

    Shortly after my fourth attempt on the book I attended a Vipassana-meditation retreat. I had a beautiful meditation experience, not so strong or long, but it was still an eye-opener that there might be something more then our physical reality.
    During the retreat, for 10 days I meditated and observed the truth or what is happening. I also noticed that the teachings of Vipassana are extremely similar to the ones Tolle writes about in his books.

    After the Vipassana retreat I started to meditate everyday and decided to give Power of Now a last chance.

    And wow.

    While reading the book I experienced something many people would call a spiritual awakening (and I guess that's the case). And it was a really strong one I presume. This is where my nickname here comes from.
    I was sitting on the subway on my way home from work during the evening. I was reading PoW and when the train arrived at my station, I closed the book and got of. Then something happened. My reality changed.

    The colors got clearer, the lights brighter, the sound was sharper. People around me started to produce light, it was like all my senses turned up with 1000%. Even though my only thought was "shit, what is happening?" I felt love, joy and inner peace. Everything was at perfect balance, everything was beautiful and in harmony, everything pulsed with life (this is litteral - my perception of reality made everything look like it had a pulse).
    I got home and even though I knew I had been there countless times before, it felt like this was actually the first time I really saw how it looked like.

    This state holded up for 3-4 days, going up and down (there was some minutes when it got so extremely strong so I started to get a strong headache and I thought I would pass out). There was no unnessesary thoughts, my mind was perfectly still and everything I always thought was "boring" I did without questioning and with joy, I woke up full of energy every day.

    Afterwards, the enchanted vision and the "beautiful" perception of reality, started to go down, but it changed me. I knew, because I've been in contact with it, that we are more than our physical selfs.
    This happened 6-7 months ago and my spiritual journey since then haven't always been a pleasant one. Much because of a process I don't fully understand that was just going on inside of me, but also because of the frustration that I've discovered something beyond the physical reality that I didn't manage to use to manifest in a "better" life.

    Then one day, I saw the book Law of Attraction by the Hicks on the bookshelf and I thought, yeah, give this a chance.
    And when I started to read it, I saw the same truth in it as when reading spiritual teachings.

    At first, I got frustrated because I didn't understand anything. Luckily, since I am a more calm and controlled person after understanding the spiritual teachings, instead of giving up, I took it step by step and I can see the truth in the LaO. And even though I do not yet understand all the practical aspects and details yet, that's why I am here.

    Best regards,
    VVake Up

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    Hello! I thought this was so beautifully written! I think I share some of your perspectives. I kind of had your experience as well. Although you didn't mention the Seth Material, so I'm probably older than you! I do recall the first time I read the Abraham Hicks material. For the first time. And next, I saw a magazine with one of my favorite Buddhist teachers on the cover. Pema Chodron. I had this instant insight, that her material was no longer for me. Hit me in the face! And, years later, I am more accommodating. Ha, ha!
    I wish you well on the dear Forum. It's a great landscape, I feel. And the moderators offer so many vistas. They are remarkable. My best wishes! ~Lea

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    welcome VVakeup
    thank you for sharing your lovely story! I love how you said all the lights suddenly got brighter!
    every night I see this same incredible strong sparkling beauty all around me, with the street lights sparkling away like an ever present xmas time, and during the day the brightness and beauty is so intensified!
    yes, with love and appreciation on this plane of just loving all things become so much more beautiful and so much more incredible

    much love

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    Hello Wakeup! Thank you for the nice introduction. I wish you a most wonderful time here.

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