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Thread: quotes about being invincible

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    In the early stages of creating,
    that’s often what people think they are creating:

    They think they’re creating money, and access,
    and things that represent prosperity, and of course ease of life.
    And that is all wonderful and lovely to create.
    But then you reach this place where you’ve got that down,
    and that no longer is the main event for you.

    The main event is watching the power of the Universe
    to orchestrate on your behalf.

    Watching the sequence of events line up in your favor.
    Watching the number of things happen, as if somebody’s got your number,
    and everybody’s working on your behalf.
    Feeling the clarity coming in your mind.
    Watching the timing of your own being.
    Beginning to feel your own improvement, in all of your physical ways.

    In other words, there is so much MORE to that
    what you’re wanting to call comfort.

    You begin to realize that all things are possible.
    You begin to recognize your power of influence.
    You begin to see what some words, carefully placed, and perfectly timed,
    can mean to someone else.

    You begin to get a sense of your movement in the world,
    and your value in the world, and what you mean to others in the world—
    those who will never even know your name.

    You begin to feel this INTEREST in life that you were born with—
    surging to levels that you have not ever felt or expressed before,
    happening on a moment to moment, day by day, week after week basis.

    You begin to feel invincible.

    You begin to know the power and goodness of your being.
    It’s like watching the seas part everywhere you go,
    while everything that is important to you acquiesces to you.
    Not for the amazement that others feel as they watch your improvement
    but by the RIGHTNESS of the way it feels to you,
    as you come into your true power.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, August 15, 2015

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    It is our desire that you begin to recognize
    the attention that Source is giving to you all the time.
    And it is our powerful desire that your powerful desire be,
    to have a powerful desire.

    To be in the receptive mode, to be in receptive mode-
    so that a fresh desire can hatch within you,
    and you can feel the euphoria that comes when it does hatch.
    And you can watch the Universe display unbelievable logistics
    and dynamics and ability to yield to you
    in great detail everything that is important to you.

    And the more in alignment you are, the more detail comes
    and the more details come, the more worthy you feel
    and the more worthy you feel, the more detail comes.

    The more TITITO you get, the more things are fulfilled through you,
    until you find yourself in this obnoxious seeming, it isn't, state of being
    where you feel invincible, where you know
    that there is nothing that you cannot be or do or have.

    It's just a matter of letting life help you to sift and sort it,
    out until its a vortex version and then receive the inspiration- and off you go.

    We would like you, for just a day or two,
    to let every desire that you think you have, just lie dormant for a while.
    We would like you to say to the Universe,
    "Universe, I'd like to know what my true desires are,
    I'd like to know what I've whooped up for myself in my vortex.
    I'd like to know what you've been working on,
    I'd like to know what LoA has been emphasizing.
    I'd like to know what's swirled up,
    I want to know what's ripe for the picking.

    I am going to get in the receptive mode, and I'm going to start
    plucking what's ripe for the picking,
    and from this day forward
    I'm only going to do those things that I really want to do."

    Atlanta, November 2015

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    Masterfully riding your stream.

    But if you can be happy, ANYWAY...
    if you can show yourself, that how you feel is not contingent
    on what is, but how you feel is ONLY about
    allowing your vibration to be where it naturally is-
    that then the ideas will come. And we wanna say to you,
    we know for sure, that when this first idea comes,
    LONG before the fruition of it, when that first idea comes,
    itīs gonna feel great.

    And if youīve mastered alignment, the next idea will be feeling
    even better, and then the next and the next and the next.
    And then the rendezvouses, the convergences!
    The things that will come together! Itīs just this flow of MAGIC.

    The worthiness-factor goes through the roof,
    and you begin to feel invincibility.
    You begin to feel that there isnīt ANYTHING,
    that you can not accomplish.
    Because youīve got source-energy at your back,
    blowing you into the direction of anything that you want.

    And people say: "What do you want?" And you say: "THIS!"
    And they say: "What is this?" -"The RIDE!!!"

    "No, really. What are you after?" "The RIDE!" "But toward what end?"
    "to NO end!" "But what are you after?" "THIS!"
    "But why do you like this so much?" "Because I feel invincible!
    And I feel clear! Because I am surrounded by so many others,
    who are innovative, and eager, and having fun, and moving forwards."

    You left the battle way behind.
    The battle is what built your Vortex. Now your Vortex is ripe for the plucking,
    and itīs time for you to get into the receptive mode,
    and just be the realizer of the path. The delicious path.

    The path thatīs full of more good ideas, and more lovely intertwining,
    and more evidence, more streaming of more nonphysical consciousness.
    More insight. More seeing it, before it happens.
    More KNOWING it, before you have proof. More confidence, without reason.

    Leaving behind completely your need or desire to justify anything, to anyone.
    Just sheer happiness, as you look out into your world-
    you see one like that, who got it.
    And if you listen to them up close, they are not trying to justify anything.

    They are just riding that stream.

    Houston Texas, March 19, 2016
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Show yourself happiness unconditionally, and there will be no limits for you

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    After the election of Donald Trump

    HS is shocked about the winning of the election of Donald Trump
    and asks why he created this outcome, for himself.
    Abe explain how the result was happening nationwide, vibrationally
    and ask if he really thinks, that Trump- or any political government-group-
    create the HSīs reality?

    When you tap into that leverage, where you have connected
    with your true power, than you- for the time that you are doing it,
    -and we want you to master it!- you begin to feel INVINCIBLE.

    And when you feel invincible, meaning, you connected to your
    own power, and you know that your destiny is of your own making,
    and all of your fear leaves you, because you canīt be connected
    to all of that power, and feel fear at the same time,
    then you are living happily ever after!

    You are not looking around the world for others to join you in groups,
    in order to sure up your insecurity. Because, there is no insecurity!
    And THAT is the greatest gift that this particular, upheavelish
    conversation can give to all of you!

    If you can recover from this, and feel more empowered,
    THEN what you have asked for in your Vortex has been answered.
    "Oh! Oh Abraham, I donīt think I asked for that.
    Abraham, are you saying that I wanted my sense of empowerment
    SO MUCH, that I asked for uncontrollable upheavel,
    that I couldnīt control-
    that I asked for conditions that COULD NOT soothe me?"

    States that he had this conversations with himself this week.
    "The thing I feared the most, has happened. (...)

    So, when you say, the thing I feared the most has happened,
    or you talk about "I focused on something so fervorently,
    that I for quite a long period of time lost my connection to
    my resources and source"- is that what you are refering to?
    (...) Thatīs the ONLY bad thing that can happen to you!

    That you temporarily use some bogus thing as your reason
    for not knowing your power.
    And when you donīt know your power, then you give it to
    somebody else.
    And there are PLENTY of others that like to say:
    "Iīll take your power from you! I take your power!
    I let you believe, that Iīm the most important thing in the
    world, to you!"

    And the WONDERFUL thing- we are patriotic, actually!-
    the wonderful thing about this system of government, that
    youīve got going on, here, is that it is SO balanced, in terms
    of diversity, that nobody really gets in your way THAT much!

    And whatīs worrying you is, that you think
    "Oh, now more people are going to be in the way of what I want.
    And we say: They havenīt given you what you want, ANYWAY!

    It does NOT matter which one of them, which group is in power:
    They are not ever gonna be the Vortex, through which your
    good comes! But they are OFTEN the subject by which you deny
    your own Vortex!

    (...) You can never get back into vibrational Alignment, as long
    as you are looking at something outside of you to be the
    reason that you feel better! (...) You canīt count on them
    to always make you feel better.

    You canīt count on ANYTHING outside of you,
    to cause you to feel better!

    And THATīs why we feel, that this was such a wonderful
    experience for so many of you -because youīr gonna come
    away from it understanding something, that weīve been
    talking about for a while FROM YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW-
    because words donīt teach-

    that to live a conditional life is a ROUGH life!

    To need conditions to be a certain way... you have the ability
    to focus your mind in a way that you are in harmony with
    WHO YOU ARE, so that you have all your power and all of
    your resources flowing through you.

    But if you think for a moment, that you are getting ANY
    of that power and any of this resources from either of those
    political parties, than youīr in for a lifetime of upheavel.
    Sometimes you will just feel a little less bad than others.

    But you will never feel REALLY your own
    empowerment, you see.

    2016-11-12 in Dallas

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    We would not speak in terms of possibility.
    We would begin to define for ourselves:

    And then, you can add an "eventually", if it makes you feel
    a little better. "If I want it, I can have it.
    There is NO possibility, that I will not achieve the fullnes
    of what I want."

    THATīs the way we want you to know!

    Denver, September 2012

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    Your CALLING

    Could you speak of the interplay between choice and destiny?

    ALL that you call destiny IS CHOICE.

    What feels like destiny are the incremental choices, that you made
    by knowing what you do want and knowing what you donīt want.
    And throwing them, indicidually, into your Vortex.

    (...) When you get a whiff of your Vortex, it feels like destiny!
    Itīs calling you in SUCH a strong way. But the "destiny" in this
    conversation was made up of individual choices, that you were
    making. And than, we must speak to choices that you have made,
    even before you came into this physical experience, that donīt
    vary at ALL from what you vibrationally are determining now!

    But it feels to you as a "calling",
    and thatīs why you call it destiny.

    (...) Sometimes there is a feeling that is just SO STRONG, and it
    CAN NOT be denied, and if you feel it- and you turn away from it, to
    do something else instead, sometimes you start sort of feeling
    paralization- iow, you CAN NOT NOT GO into the direction of this
    powerful calling, and be satisfied!

    But that requires a little trust!
    Thatīs why we explain it to you, in this way: You were nonphysical
    energy, before you came into this physical body. YES!
    And here you are, in this physical body. YAY!!
    And the nonphysical part of you is still nonphysically focused- and
    flowing to you, and through you, all the time- but, nonphysically focused!

    So, here you are, with your physical perspective, sifting and sorting,
    knowing what you donīt want and knowing what you do want, and
    asking CONTINUALLY for this and that.

    And so, this rockets of desires are going forth, into this vibrational
    reality that we have named the Vortex. Because, we wanted you to
    feel the REALITY of it, even though you cannot yet see it or hear it
    or taste it or smell it or touch it.

    Itīs THE VIBRATIONAL VERSION of all that you have become.
    And your IB stands there, STRONG and benefitted by the choices
    that youīve been making as youīve been sifting and sorting!
    So, this nonphysical part of you is standing there, in all of that
    clarity, and all of that knowing- AND NO DOUBT, no lackful anything-
    ALL things wanted, because:
    YOU SIFTED IT OUT, one experience at a time.

    And now, your IB is there- and, most important, because LoA
    is responding to this entity called "you", and your nonphysical inner
    being, and ALL that youīve asked for -as LoA is responding to that,
    cooperative components are called to that.

    And you- who has the most vibrational... weīll call it "DNA", itīs
    wrong terminology, but the most vibrational hooking to it, because
    -you CREATED IT!- there is NOTHING in all of the Universe, that
    this cooperative... you are THE most desired component!!
    Letīs call it this way!

    Your IB is MOST DESIROUS of you, being a
    cooperative component to your own creation!!

    And thatīs why it feels like such a
    powerful CALLING.

    And thatīs why you feel such satisfaction, when youīr having
    any thought thatīs moving towards it. And thatīs why youīr
    feeling an uneasy tugging, when youīr having a thought that
    takes you from it.

    (...) When you go contrary to ANY of the
    KNOWLEDGE that you have COME TO -through all
    that you have lived!- then you arenīt moving in
    the direction of your DESTINY!

    And the reason that the word destiny is a good word is, can you feel
    the INEVITABILITY of it? The ABSOLUTENESS of it?

    We just donīt think you should have to croak, to get there!
    We think you have the ability to pay attention to how you feel- and
    to, thought by thought, allow yourself to be called by this powerful
    LoA that is calling you, and all of the cooperative components there!

    How many what you call synchronistic things, or maybe even
    coincidental things happen and you marvel at the oddness of that
    coincidence, when we revel
    in the sureness of the attraction!

    (...) In time you will understand, that your destiny

    GOT you! Your destiny HAS you!
    Your destiny, made up of individual choices. But youīve got to make
    the choice to wanna FEEL GOOD, to be anywhere near it.

    Is "Destiny" a word like "God", that we can never speak to you again?
    Donīt mess up the idea of destiny.

    Let it be your longterm-intentionality that you are adding to, every day
    of choices. Destiny couldnīt exist, if it where not for choices.
    And destiny couldnīt be discovered, or you couldnīt find your way
    to it, if it wherenīt for the CHOICE of wanting to feel good.

    There is no destiny, where you have to think those thoughts.
    You have free choices, free will in every thought you think!
    But ultimately, youīll end up in a really goodfeeling place
    -for a minute, for a little while, because youīll jump right back
    with both feet, into MORE choosing.

    Because, choosing is whatīs necessary for eternity.

    San Diego January 14 2017

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    When TITITO, you hold your place in the midst of Chaos!

    Abe tell the story of Esther driving in a heavy rainstorm, and because of her high position in the monsterbus, she could see over all the mist from the tires. Busses and trucks have better visibility under those conditions. Esther said:

    "-I feel invincible!"
    She could see clearly- she just felt INVINCIBLE!
    And we said to her: You are. But others arenīt! SLOW DOWN.

    She was TITITO! She slowed, and in that moment, cars in front of her
    started banging into each other, and banging into the guard-rails,

    banging into each other, and banging into the guard-rails, banging
    into each other, and banging into the guard-rails,
    cars spinning-
    and she just drove through them.

    Now, what weīr getting at (...)
    is that when you are tuned in, you are able
    to hold your place in the midst of chaos.

    And for Esther that doesnīt mean teaching them all how to drive in
    the rain. It didnīt mean explaining to all of them that the roads where
    really slick and there was oil (...) If her wellbeing was dependent on
    what any of them would have been doing, there would not have been
    any wellbeing!

    And we want you to hold that image in your mind.
    If you take the time to get tuned in, you can sail through
    life-experience, you can sail through economics... donīt get all warded
    up in the temporary contrast that is NECESSARY for the outcome that
    you REALLY ARE looking for!

    Often there is upheavel before there is clarity!

    Sacramento 2017-02-18, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Stop blaming others for the way you feel - Part 1

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    (Esther did a focus wheel to prepave a workshop...)

    ... In the middle of her focus wheel this clear thought
    came into her mind. Now, thatīs what you wanna call epiphany!
    We call it the manifestation of the thought, iow, she was able to
    receive what we were thinking which meant she was thinking
    thought that we were thinking- so we were cocreating on a thought,
    and thatīs what epiphany is.

    So, the thought that she received was this:
    "The reason that I love this so much is because
    the expectation that is in place here, is SO...
    there is so much momentum to it, that it just can
    NEVER do OTHER than be WONDERFUL."

    And then she focused more deliberately:
    The expectation of those like you, who are coming.
    The expectation that she holds.
    The expectation that Abraham holds.

    The expectation of nonphysical and physical alike,
    ALL CULMINATING in a moment in time,
    where the best of all of us is evoked.

    We rendezvous at our best, in a situation like this.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Your Life will Fix Whats Wrong Automatically
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    NOTHING is "unchangeable"!

    There is no condition that you cannot modify into something more, any more than there is any painting that you can paint and not like and just paint over it again. There are many limiting thoughts in the human environment that make it feel like it is not so, as you have these incurable illnesses, or these unchangeable conditions. But we say, they are only “unchangeable” because you believe that they are

    Excerpted from San Antonio, TX on 4/21/01

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    Wellbeing, wellness, WELLNESS is
    what’s beating your door down.
    Wellness is what wants in.

    And in the moment that you release anything
    that doesn’t feel good, you relax-
    and that’s the only thing that comes in, you see.

    You can not find vibrational harmony with something
    that feels good and let something bad in. Ever.


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