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Thread: Help me build this grid

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    Help me build this grid

    So here is the factual:
    I like this guy
    he is a already manifested artist in the public
    he has so much fun on his job
    I am really happy with myself, my process of becoming, spot where I am standing, my perspective
    I feel insecure though- I am not even sure that's the emotion I feel, I feel as if he would not want me, which makes me feel not good, sad or something
    It is only that he found a way to sell who he is and I am on my way there, but really on my way, not just a way of saying - I have a company, self employed, so I am merging, shifting, doing magic and organizing...
    Thing is his attraction to me was almost purely based on a look - we met on the swimming pool
    we had though some vibe going that was not based solely upon look
    it is later when I saw what he does that I was liking him a lot
    and while at first I was thinking : I don't know if I like you
    second, I was thinking: no way he would like me, he perhaps wishes only sex/ fun...
    we have a contact of each other and it is not impossible to meet on swimming pool again
    But I have this insecure vibe which is not giving me opportunity to shine myselfness
    I don't know, maybe because previous relationship ended like terribly with my ex partner not approving or understanding ( my ) sexuality
    Although I am bold person, now I feel lack of that - I do not have right impulse
    These facts are only vibes though for I don't know actually his side of thinking/ feeling, he might plan to ask me out, I just don't know is possible especially if I clean my vibe
    which is: wish/expectation all best vs. inability to feel him see me

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    well first of ALL

    (that nevers works)


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    And if you just can't stop yourself from continually thinking/fearing about what you don't want, start trying to shift it upward a little! Give yourself solid reasons why it COULD happen, this thing that you want so much. Give yourself reasons to lighten your fears a little bit~ that little bit of shifting upward, up the EGS, will go a long way toward releasing resistance!
    Then go back to focusing on what you want, for the enjoyment of it, how it makes you feel good. Make it thoughts and feelings that make you feel good. Your new story has to blend realistically for you with your old story or it's going to be too big of a leap, and your vibration+true feelings won't be able to follow.
    Just remember that you can't fool the universe with words or brain-thoughts, it has to be what you FEEL. FEEL the thoughts that will bring you relief and lift you up the EGS, so you're not feeling insecure or doubtful. When you're feeling better, FEEL how right it is to meet him, again, and how nice it would be to have a lovely, promising meeting with him, again, where maybe you find out more nice things about him and maybe he is warm to you in a way that is fun and also encouraging. Go baby-step by baby-step on this, if you have any doubt about getting what you want.
    And if you can find a way to release all your doubts, go for the bigger vision of Having him, having this great relationship with him, whatever it is you want, because that release of doubt will pave the way for you to get what you want!
    Respect where you are with this, though, respect where your vibration actually IS, and don't try to force it to be higher than it can actually go. If you have doubts or insecurities, that's OK! You can work with that and make yourself feel a little bit better about it, and also focus on the easy, fun thoughts about how nice it is to talk to him~ just the essence of how it feels to be with him and feel that connection with him, with no thought added to this nice feeling that would bring resistance and split your energy. You want the desire to have an easy, enjoyable flow to it, while you take some time to figure out ways to lift your vibration of insecurity up to a higher emotion on the EGS, like jealousy or discouragement. I know, jealousy and discouragement are not HAPPY, light emotions, but they are a step up from insecurity, so they'll be able to provide you with feelings of Relief, and that's what you're going for. Relief is fantastic and very powerful to feel, even if the emotion that brings it is still in the lower end of the EGS! Relief is your BFF when you're tense and doubtful about getting something you desire!

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    Christine, I am sorry to not answer you that day, but I have read and followed what you said.
    Today I had a date I hate to talk about it before this this this and this happened...but I will keep posting

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