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Thread: Hello I'm Olera an earth traveler from Manila :)

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    Hello I'm Olera an earth traveler from Manila :)

    Hi everyone. It's a bit peculiar in my country fot many people to be listening to Abraham but I'm feeling we're gaining traction in numbers. How are you all doing? I'm chanelling from time to time and now have an annoying expertise in reading thoughts when I'm with the person face to face, and I could see myself by the end of the year I'll be able to read frequencies with precision and describe them in detail. How are you all doing?

    If you're coming to Manila now is a good time. I have some good quality of time free in my hands and would love to share contrast with you.

    Labels of society no longer define me. Abraham has well helped me through clarity of mind and quieting my mind and hearing more from the Universe. So even if you're not from Manila, I'll be glad to meet all of you. It's a good time to be in this place and space.

    I have fascination with Indian and Middle Eastern Culture. Mostly Indian such as their food, their songs, and their clothes. Well. Everything.

    During this time I am here I'll be going to Indonesia as well. Let me know if you'll be there 31 Mar to 10 Apr!!!


    Much love to everyone of you.

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