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Thread: Quotes about POWER of INFLUENCE

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    Quotes about POWER of INFLUENCE

    I really love the topic of influence and how we can have an effect on world events by closing our own gaps. I feel like Merlin the Enchanter just thinking about it, if you have more like this one, please do share!

    "You can influence NATO and you can influence who is the next president. We’re not kidding you. Or you can evoke different things from the existing president. In other words, by holding anyone or any thing as your object of attention, as you are well connected to the Energy, you are masterful in your influence."

    Abraham-Hicks,St. Petersburg, Florida, March 12 1994

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    It doesn't take many like you to lie in your bed, acknowledge some violence that you worry about, and feel the discomfort of it, and then feel the rocket of desire burst forth, that your children, and children like them, have lovely environments to grow up in. And then, as you reach for thoughts, in the next 30 days, that cause you to lock onto that feeling of Well-being -- you would be amazed at the power of influence that the effort of one individual provides.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Portland. OR on Tuesday, May 8th, 2001

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    Wonderful quotes, bling! Here are more:

    The Power of Your Influence

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