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Thread: Success: No resistance led to what I want in less than two days.

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    Success: No resistance led to what I want in less than two days.

    So, I just want to share a little success story I have.

    The story: Because of my job (you can read it in my practicing thread) I had to cancel all my hobbies because my job demanded more or less 24 hours a day of me, 7 days a week. With one of that hobby I would have been flown to another country in june to participate in a guest appearance (I'm in theatre) and I was so exited to do that because that never happended to me, that I get paid that much and that I get paid the flight ticket and everything for things I LOVE. Like free vacation PLUS money. But because I couldn't attend to the rehearsals in my hobby that whole tip for me was canceled. So, no free flight, no get paid there for things I love.

    But now, out-of-nowhere, the casting manager of the theatre called me, that she is looking for a young, fit guy to participate in that piece I could not attend because of my job then and my paying are MUCH HIGHER and I will get the flight, TOO! And the best of it: Two days ago I said to myself without any intention: "Wouldn't it be nice if I could participate in that piece as an actor (not musician, as planned) and then could fly to that country on this way?" And I did NOTHING, I did NOTHING (besides having no resistance there) and got a call that she wants ME. And, the casting manager didn't called me for over a year, and I told her last year that I can't work there as a actor because I am a singer there so she can't plan me there.

    So the thing here is that I just felt good, I didn't needed this to make me happy, I was happy without the flight and with kicked out of the guest appearance. I think that was the key. No resistance, so I was in alignment and what I thought, what I felt matches now with what manifested.


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    Congrats !!!

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    BIG BIG time gratulations!!!

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    so cool...

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    I love hearing this!

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    Love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klassik View Post
    Yep, it sure is.

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    Love it theatrefriend!

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    Thank you for this. What a great example and big congrats to u for that. Excellent work x o x

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    Hello Klassik,

    I love your story. It is inspiring to me because I'm in theatre too!

    Anyway, I'm writing on the topic of happy (easy!) manifestations when there is no resistance.

    The other day I was at a children's party, and a little girl I know was crying because she lost her giraffe ring. So I told myself I would find it and just "aligned" with the intention inspired by an exercise in a book by Debra Lynn Katz ("You're psychic"). Next thing I know, someone is sweeping a bunch of trash off the floor and I noticed something in it, glistening. I said: "Is that a ring?" It was and I saved it seconds before it was thrown away, much to the child's happiness.

    YEsterday, my daughter was at her school playground, feeling grumpy and sad, because- among other things- she'd lost a special rock. Now I knew in this case I was more "attached" to the outcome so it might be harder, also the ground is covered in mulch. But I set off with the intention anyway, and even though the task seemed impossible, within seconds my daughter found the rock herself right before my eyes.

    These 'small' manifestations made me so happy and reinforced the importance of being "easy" and "light" about our desires, as AH/Esther say... (or unattached, to borrow from Buddhist tradition).



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