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Thread: Ask and it is Given book study 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by treelotus View Post
    Walliegirl..I am so glad you started this thread.

    I'm on Chapter 12, p61

    It's really fun for me to revisit this page. I had forgotten about that term "pulling power" I like that they focus on emotions pulling more thoughts that are a match to that emotion as opposed to pulling stuff.

    I also like how they talk about good-feeling versus bad-feeling emotions. I like that much better than saying positive or negative or good or bad emotion..because that feels like then we shouldn't feel certain emotions. It's not that the emotions are bad, they just feel bad to us depending which direction we are headed.

    It feels really good to feel good about all of my emotions..and relaxing about figuring things out from an emotional state. I did a lot of thinking the last few days. It was really helpful..but I'm ready for more chillax mode now!
    Hi treelotus!

    It's really weird. I was sure I had responded to both you and eostre last week. I was surprised to see that my comments were missing from this thread. Perhaps I composed them, which I often do in Word first, and forgot to paste them in.

    Anyhoo...I, too, love the terms good-feeling vs. bad-feeling emotions vs. positive/negative or good/bad. You made a very good point!

    And I love the term you used..."chillax mode". Really cool!

    I hope you, eostre, and other thread participants, past or present, are having a good day and have a great weekend!

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    It seems we lost some posts...but at least we still have the schedule up!

    I just finished Ch 14. The vibrational essence I feel in this chapter is one of reaching for Joy and relaxing in Wellbeing.

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