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Thread: Shadow-work? Quotes about "facing the unwanted"

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    Does source see the "Unwanted"?

    Esther will say from time to time,
    “Oh come on, Abraham. You gotta give me this one.
    (audience laughs) You cannot not be noticing THAT. It’s so big, and it’s so bad and it’s so WR-ONNG.” (audience laughs)

    And we say, we notice it.
    We just don’t see it as wrong.
    We just don’t condemn it.

    We see it, and immediately take from it what we prefer, and immediately turn our undivided attention to what we prefer.
    And if you will do that, you will feel as good as we do!

    “But what about righting the wrongs of the world?”, we hear you say; and we say, you will never make the world a better place by beating the drum with what’s wrong with it. However; you came forth as leading edge creators to explore the contrast because you cannot ask for improvement until you stand in a place that CAUSES the improvement to occur to you.

    So, it’s a wonderful thing that you have been willing to come forth to be an exaggerated version of step one of the process. You ask; step one. We stand, as Source Energy, as an exaggerated version of step two. Because when you ask, Source gives undivided attention to what you are asking for, looks right at your vibrational escrow, and holds the thought of that which you have become, because we are Non-Physical Energy.

    We are Non-Physical Energy; we can have the wholeness of the improvement before you can because you’re waiting for physical manifestation in most cases before you allow yourself the improvement. Did you hear that?

    Do you know that you could claim the improvement of your desire as quickly as we do, if you would be willing to look toward the solution and feel the pure positive energy of the solution?

    If you didn’t need the stuff to manifest before you feel better, you’d feel better all the time AND your stuff would manifest more quickly.

    -Abe (Autistic Revolution DVD)

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    Stop doing that...

    We would like you to reach the place where you’re not willing to listen to people criticize one another…
    where you take no satisfaction from somebody being wrong…
    where it matters to you so much that you feel good, that you are only willing to think positive things about people…
    you are only willing to look for positive aspects; you are only willing to look for solutions,
    and you are not willing to beat the drum of all of the problems of the world.

    Excerpted from Cincinnati, OH on 9/22/04

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    "The name of the game is focus with intention. And whatīs the intention? Satisfaction. And if there is anything else going on .... "my satisfaction, not you, honey, I love you, but my satisfaction .... I love you so much, that I am going to selfishly tune to my own resources. And once I am tuned to them Iīll give you everything that weīve all got to give you.

    But Iīm not focus on you to tune - thatīs me out of whack. I am going to tune to my own resources first, and then Iīm gonna shower you with everything good that Iīve got to give, and thatīs a whole lot. And Iīm gonna pay no attention to what you are giving back, because you are not the source of my resources.

    If you run around this world and look for reasons to hook up and love rather than looking for those to love you .... its so easy, because your inner being has already got a whole bunch of them inside. So when you hook up to your Inner being, it is so easy to love.

    But when your concern is how you are being seen or if you are being loved, then it gets all out of whack, because you canīt control it. You might be fortunate, you might find someone who is really a lover and who is really tuned in and who really wants to hold you as their object of attention - for a while. But you canīt count on that because it is not their responsibility to love you. Itīs your responsibility to hook up with love. And once you get there you are happy ever after all the time. "
    Workshop in Seattle, WA, July 1st, 2017

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