I think I need to actually tell a new story about practising these teachings.
Abraham tell us that humans are sloppy in their focus and that we just simply allow our focus to just, sort of, bounce around in response to whatever we observe. That is what I did today....which is sort of contrary to the whole point of this thread. Being more deliberate.
Well today has simply been just that. I went to work. It was....erm....sort of ok....I told a new story about work over the last few days and now it doesn't seem like the most Horrible Place In the Entire Universe to work. And it was just very boring. But mainly because I wasn't determined enough to put enough energy into another vision of reality that hasn't yet manifested yet.
And that is what I most want to soothe. I'm putting the cart before the horse here. At the end of the day, I still want that physical manifestation to change before I can actually feel better about those important topics.
Some late night musings here.....