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Thread: Ulterior motive?

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    Thank you! These are wonderful ! ����☺☺☺

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    I´m glad they serve you!

    I found that this collection basically is about the theme of the "essence".
    Here is more about that:

    The Essence

    Essence" doesn´t mean, you almost made it, but didn´t.
    Essence means: I want the full, vibrational, visceral,
    that this particular subject represents.

    The particular subject that you think is the detailed thing,
    that you want, is but a SHADOWY example of what you are
    REALLY reaching for!!
    The REAL THING is the essence!

    The example that you think you can´t have,
    is just one way of getting the essence.
    Ohh, that´s so good, that´s so really really good!!
    And then in time, you bless the rascal,
    that won´t come- because it amplified your desire for it´s essence-

    that brought you SO MUCH MORE,
    than it could have been!


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    ...we want to be the
    what you´r going for.

    ...from this fuller quote below:

    You are holding yourself back from your fair share-
    because you´ve got bogus beliefs, and flawed premises
    that keep you from letting your
    self have your fair share.

    So, in that limited thinking, you don´t let yourself
    WANT in the way
    that you NATURALLY do.

    And you practice not letting yourself want,
    with such deliberateness- because,
    you don´t wanna look bad!
    You don´t wanna be talking about stuff,
    that you can´t demonstrate, right now.

    But we want you to be talking about stuff,
    that you can´t demonstrate-
    because we want to be the
    what you´r going for.

    We´r out here on the leading edge, friends!
    Way on the leading edge.
    As we visit with you, most people come to us initially
    they just wanna figure out how to live a better life.

    They just wanna figure out how to have more money,
    and more friends, and have nicer friends in their life-experience.
    And, to fulfill their reason for being, and... it´s a long list
    that you want.

    Few of you understand,
    that the key to what you´r looking for
    IS A FAST MOVING VIBRATION, that you are up to speed with!

    That´s REALLY what you´r looking for.
    If either of those elements is out of whack,
    if you don´t allow a fast moving vibration-
    and you´r not up to speed with it- you don´t feel so good.

    So, in the early days, you allowed a fast moving vibration-
    but you weren´t up to speed with it-
    you felt BAD.
    And so you say "I´m not gonna do that again!"

    And we´r saying: But don´t let the thing that you give up be
    the fast moving vibration!
    The fast moving vibration must be encouraged.
    What you wanna do is GET UP TO SPEED WITH!

    So we want you to talk more, with more sense of ownership,
    about who you really are, and what´s coming!
    We want you to say things as:

    "I am one of the most vibrationally
    prosperous people that I ever met!

    I understand the laws of this Universe!
    I understand how things work.
    I get who I am! I can feel the power of who I was
    when I was born.

    I can feel the perfection of my choices.
    And the contrast that lived was SO PERFECT for me.
    I´ve launched so many rockets early in my life-experience!

    And my vibrational reality, my Vortex, is HUGE as a result
    of that early work, that I did, here in this physical body.
    I am SO happy that I was always on my path,
    and that I did exactly what I was here for,
    and I love that there is a ROBUST vibrational calling,
    that is calling me in a really powerful way!

    And I revel, in every hint of it, every inkling of it that I get,
    And I love being consciously aware of my emotional guidance-system!
    I LOVE KNOWING when I´m letting myself be up to speed, and when I´m not!

    I am poised for the perfect life-experience!

    I don´t compare my life-experience with 1 other person,
    because what they have, what they are doing, what they are thinking
    how they´r being, how they´r feeling REALLY is irrelevant in terms
    of MY relationship with who I am.

    It´s irrelevant with who I was, coming in.
    And who I was when I was born, and who I am, standing here,
    and who I am, as a nonphysical energy.
    is the relationship between who I really am-
    and who I am letting myself be.


    I love thinking about my unlimitedness!
    I love thinking about my worthiness,
    my blessedness!
    I love thinking about the possibilities!

    I love knowing who I am, and I am SO EAGER
    about manifestations of my life showing that to me!
    (Abe tell the story of Esther, manifesting her "castle")
    And as she (Esther) sat there, trying to comprehend the bigness
    of the manifestation,
    she understood the perfection of the alignment
    that she had accomplished.

    She didn´t even know, she had accomplished that alignment-
    until the manifestation came into full, blossoming view to her.
    And that´s the reason why you look for conditions!
    Because conditions feel so good
    when you allowed them to develop, from ALIGNMENT, you see.

    This is what we want for all of you:
    We want you to allow the vibration, that you have contoured,
    the vibrational reality that you have created,
    we want you to FEEL the essence of it,
    -not demand the condition of it, but FEEL the essence of it!

    Because we want the essence of it
    to become FULL FORM into your experience.
    Because when you allow it to become full form
    into your experience, that´s when your culmination
    of your alignment is FULLY REALIZED by you!

    (...) But if the manifestation of it is necessary, before
    you allow to feel it, you can´t get there from there.
    So you have to find some way of being happy with HAPPY.
    You just have to be happy with happy.

    Our message to you is: STOP HOLDING BACK.

    from the clip *NEW* Abraham Hicks (3.21.2015) Fort Lauderdale (2 of 3)

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    We want you to be in love with the idea,
    not for what the idea will produce-
    but for the vibrational content of the idea, when it happens.

    If you heard that, then, here we go!
    We want you to think the thought not for the ulterior motive
    of the thought making something happen-

    but because the thought itself is life-giving in this moment.

    Stamford, CT, 9/28/13

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    Your happiness exists
    only in your understanding of being unconditional.

    From the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Is There A Solution To Israeli Palestinian Conflict

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    Whether it is a castle or a button,
    if you are using it as your object of attention,
    it is summoning Life Force.

    It is the feel of the Life Force that life is about.
    The reason that you are summoning it
    is inconsequential.

    - Abraham

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    So here's the outline:
    I can get to wherever I want to be.

    I've carved out plenty that I want, that I'm not consciously aware of.
    I want to be consciously aware of my desires, because I sense them.
    My main frustration is that I sense something, and I can't find my path.
    The reason that I can't find my path is because I've been looking for it
    in all the wrong places.

    Now I'm on the brink of discovering what that path is:
    It's an emotional path.
    All of a sudden Esther felt clarity come to her, an idea came to her
    in a very powerful way. And she realized, as she just sort of blurted
    out that:

    'Our path is leading to what?
    Our path is leading to Alignment. Period!

    Our path isn't leading to a car or to a relationship
    or to a thing, our path is leading to Alignment,
    which then leads to all the things you want'.

    But if you think your path is leading any where other,
    than to the fullness of who you really are,
    then you're off your path.

    That's got to come first.
    And that's whats been going on. You've been circumventing the thing
    that matters most, all along wanting it more than anything else.
    You can't get the condition without doing the work!

    When you are wanting a condition, and you haven't done the
    vibrational work, you just can't get there.
    That's why after a while, you give up on wanting.
    You're trying to get the condition,
    without doing the work.

    You've got to find the feeling of it, before it can come,
    and if you're not doing that, then it takes long and you feel
    discouraged and you're talking about 'what-is', rather than

    Asheville, North Carolina
    April 11, 2015

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    You are individuals here in this physical experience with a partnership
    that we can't even BEGIN to define in an accurate way for you!
    Everyone who you've ever known, everyone who you've ever revered,
    everyone who you've ever felt interest in, as they re-emerged into NP
    even before because their IB's are also interested in you,
    are focused with you here and now.

    You have a back-up system that is the reason
    for your happiness.
    It is not about the conditions that are surrounding you!

    It is because of the choosing of a vibrational frequency that allows
    the alignment, that allows the happiness, you see...
    Happiness must be your goal! Joy must be your goal!

    This triad of intentions that you were born, as Freedom, and Growth and
    Joy, all equally balanced and all equally important and all equally
    practiced and all equally accomplished.

    You are SO FREE , you can choose bondage!
    You are so free that you can choose not to feel free!
    THAT's freedom! YOU are SO FREE that you can choose
    to be free or not to be free!

    Because no one can think your thoughts, no one can issue the vibration
    for you! NO ONE can accomplish your point of attraction!
    No one can be the reason that things are coming to you, only you!
    THAT'S freedom! That's utter (...) constant steady never ending freedom!
    FREEDOM, the BASIS of your experience! -And expansion.

    (...) The reason that you are physical, hear this...uh, uh, uh, uh!
    The reason that you're physical and not like your IB non-physical,
    the reason that you are in your physical bodies and not like Abraham
    not in a physical body,

    the reason that you are in physical bodies out here
    on the leading edge is because you came to experience
    the deliciousness IN MOVING from where you are
    to where you want to be.

    To have the experience of turning that vibration into
    the tangible. That's why you are here.
    That's why you are here. Because, you don't have to be
    here, to be thought. And you don't have to be here
    to feel good.

    where you get to be the part of and the reason for
    and the experience OF the vibration becoming a
    "see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it" reality!
    -THAT's why you are here!

    Don't you wanna get on, with this joyful experience, you see?
    And did you notice, in reference to those question earlier, that we
    have so much fun with about what do you say when they say,
    "where you have been, where did you come from?"
    Have you noticed that when you've got here, YOU DIDN'T REMEMBER?
    Worth thinking about....

    Because you wanna to come into this new environment where you
    could accomplish your new expectations on your own, you see.
    And when you've reemerged and you have many times into NP,
    you left behind anything not wanted and took pure, perfect, powerful,
    wonderful You. And from that vantage point that you've come again.
    That's a cycle.
    -And what it's for?
    -What's the why of it?

    Because it feels SO GOOD, to focus and see the results
    of your focus. For the joy.

    Boston, 10-10-2015

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    "Don´t care for the CreatION, but for CreatING!"
    -Abe are asking us for that, at the end of Asheville

    ...It´s a mind-game. It´s a vibration-game.
    It´s a focus-game, it´s a momentum-game!

    And so, you are someone who- for a little while at least,
    is distracted from the reality of what´s already manifested.
    And you are ENJOYING the feeling of energy, moving through you!
    And you are enjoying the feeling of new ideas, occuring to you.
    And you are, MOST OF ALL, enjoying the feeling of feeling good.

    So you are feeling good a LOT.
    About whatever subject you have chosen to feel good about!
    Maybe something important- like this one that is so important
    to you (the HS).

    So you brought yourself to a place of feeling good, and now
    an idea comes to you, ohh, a desire that is manifested-
    ohhh, it feels SO GOOD, and you revel in it for just a little bit,
    and you manage to stay in step 3, 4, 5, 3, 4, 5... 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4,
    4, 4, 4, 4... so momentum is flowing, and now you are beginning
    to see the results of what you have wanted!

    You are beginning to FEEL IT happening, you feel it happening,
    and now some sort of manifestation occurs.
    And oh, you REVEL in your deliberateness!!
    You give yourself the badge of a DELIBERATE CREATOR!

    You say: I saw contrast, and I chose from the contrast, and I´ve put
    it into the Vortex, and I trusted that my IB was tending to it, and
    I focused upon that, and I felt it, and I aligned, and I got into step
    3, 4, step 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4... and more ideas came, and off
    I went, and I am a passionate, deliberate creator!
    And look at what I´ve created!!

    And in the moment that you´ve looked to the
    evidence of what you´ve created,
    and then try to defend it and
    -explain it to others,
    that´s where you usually begin to -once again- re-introduce
    resistance into the equation, so that you don´t REALLY ALLOW the
    momentum to continue, as it is capable of doing-

    -because you have this see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it habit,
    that makes you wanna look to the manifestation for the evidence
    of how you´r doing.

    And if there was ONE thing we could convince you of, it would be:
    Don´t create something, and then need to look at it,
    create it FOR THE JOY of the creation of it!

    Be more exited of the creatING, than the creatION!

    So, if you can stay exited about the creatING, then you won´t
    fall into that trap of then putting your creations up, against the
    creation of others. And weighing the value of them, and trying to
    get others to look at your creations, and understand them.

    If you stay in the creatING-mode, you will
    live happily ever after!

    Hm, that´s worth thinking about!

    (...) But if you can stay focused, upon the dream
    that your dreaming-

    if you can stay focused, in what your heart tells you, must be-
    stay focused upon what the vibrational reality is already living,

    if you can find alignment with your IB, who knows this so powerfully-
    so that you´r reveling in not just the progress,
    but the BEINGNESS of it, NOW-
    -and that´s what you´r radiating outwards,
    everwhere around you, LoA must DEMONSTRATE to you THAT.
    Because LoA cannot demonstrate to you anything, that´s not active
    in your vibration!

    -So, you heard her (the HS´s) subject. But did you hear the greater
    context of it? -It doesn´t matter what (...) you´r talking about!
    So, this is the most significant thing that we would ask you in the
    leading-edge-evolution, of this work of deliberate creation, iow
    we just offered something to this equation, that we want you to take
    away and focus on, for just a little while:

    You can do the work! -And you are.
    And you can get into the zone! -And you are.
    And you can get the impulses! -And you are.
    And you will accomplish a manifestation, YES you will!


    Because, that´s the trap, that makes you compare.
    And then, makes you feel guarded, and then makes you protect,
    when somebody asks you: "So, what are you up to?"
    -"Oh, I´m the creator of my own reality."
    -"What are you creating?"
    -"All kinds of wonderful things."
    -"Like what?"
    -"I never talk about them!"
    -"Well, have you created anything?"
    -"Piles and piles and piles and piles of them!"
    -"Like what?"
    -"I´m not really interested in those piles, I´m interested in the fun
    I had, while creating the piles."

    THAT`S what we´r asking!

    -"But don´t you have anything to show for it?"
    -"Yahh, look how happy I am!"
    -"NO! I don´t wanna know how happy you are!
    I wanna see your piles! I wanna see your piles."
    -"Well, there´ve been lots of piles, and they´ve been moving through
    my life, and truthfully, I´m not too interested in the piles that I´m
    creating. I´m interested in the process. In the fun of creating them."

    Let (your manifestations) be the shining light,
    that calls you into light, and let being called
    into the vibrational light, and the light flowing
    through you, be what rings your bells-

    and let the results be inevitable, but don´t let the results be what you´r
    watching all the time, for then you´ll step right back into the
    "humandom"-experience that you´r in, where you´r measuring piles
    of stuff, you see.

    It´s A LOT to ask, and we´r really pleased with how well you´ve heard,
    and how you are answering our asking in so many ways.
    And here is what we´r asking -it´s a lot to ask- we´r asking you,
    to be more vibrational, than human.
    We´r asking you to care more about how you feel, than what that

    Now, it´s tricky! Because we´r saying that if you´r happy,
    you´ll produce good stuff!
    But we don´t want you to look at the good stuff, because then you´ll
    screw up your happiness!

    We´r asking you to care for the energy, and how it feels as it flows-
    and not about the results, that it creates. BUT it gets a little harder,
    still! We´r asking you to sift and sort so then you decide what you want-
    and then, we´r asking you not to think about it, anymore!

    We´r asking you to step 1, which is decide what you want-
    and then we´r asking you to take your attention away from the
    manifestation that you want and identify WHY it is that you want
    what you want.

    And the reason why you want what you want is that you think you´ll
    feel better in the having what you want- no matter what it is that you
    want. (...) STAY in that sweetspot of being lined up with what you want,
    but DON´T NEED the manifestation of it, in order to stay in vibrational
    alignment with what you want!

    And under that formula, what will happen to you is:
    You´ll sort, you´ll align, you´ll flow, you´ll revel, you´ll love it,
    it will come, it won´t matter so much, because you´ve asked and
    it´ll flow, and you will revel, and it´ll come...

    -and you´ll just BE in this continuous cycle of moving through life,
    meeting wonderful people, loving your own ideas, rendezvousing with
    your own sense of worthiness, rendezvousing with the intentions
    that you´ve had when you decided to come here to begin with.

    Rendezvousing with contrasting experiences that make you feel alive!
    Rendezvousing with opportunities to put more into your Vortex!
    Rendezvousing with a more powerful Vortex!
    Rendezvousing with your IB who is always involved with your Vortex.

    Being in and out of alignment, and feeling pretty good, in any case.
    Getting into alignment more and more, consistently-
    and then feeling the power of who you are, beginning to feel
    INVINCIBLE, because you are so TITITO so much of the time,
    that you are just rendezvousing with thing after thing!

    Your body feels great, you are witty and wise,
    you are having a good time, as you are moving
    through- you are LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

    And then, manifestations are happening, too!
    Manifestations that cause more contrast, maybe!
    Because once you´ve got that car, you´ve gotta wash it and insure it,
    and keep putting gas in it and so forth- but, more opportunities
    to put more ITV, and on it goes. This CYCLE of life.
    This eternal cycle of life.
    We WANT YOU to revel in the excellence of your life,
    in the way that WE are reveling in the excellence of your life!

    And in a moment where you feel that euphoric feeling,
    -what that is, is you, for a moment letting yourself UNDERSTAND,
    how we feel about you!

    2016 10-15 & 16 - Asheville

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    I believe, that Heaven on Earth is a possibility. (...)

    We want you to believe it, because it is, where it´s at!
    All that has ever been before, is projected here,
    in this leading-edge-place!
    Iow, THIS is where it ALL IS!

    This is, where it is all happening.
    This is, where this fly wants to be.

    This is true! I think, depending on your vibrational frequency,
    you can manifest whatever you want in this world,
    as we are co-creators with God, or source.

    Yes, yes!
    WHERE ELSE do you think heaven might be?

    It´s all around us!

    Where else COULD it be, then RIGHT HERE,
    on this leading edge, where all that is, is focused?
    Where all the new is becoming?
    Where all the creating is happening?

    As vibrations are BECOMING MANIFESTED, this is where heaven is!
    This is where the manifestations are!
    This is where the consciousness, that has been becoming is becoming,
    this is the most further extension of that which is God!


    Yes, I believe it is! But so many people don´t believe it is.

    We don´t care.

    (laughing) I guess, you know... other people talked about tragedy...

    We don´t care!

    ...the hardships, they´ve experienced in life...
    and we have to change our vibration to raise the vibrational
    frequency of the entire world, to bring the love and the peace...

    But you see, that´s conditional!
    If the reason why you´r wanting to raise your vibration is to
    change a condition, now your attention within that condition is
    keeping you from raising your vibration.

    You just can´t get there, from there!
    You have to want to raise your vibration, because that´s what´s
    natural, and that´s who you are, and that´s what feels good, PERIOD!

    Because when you have an ulterior motive,
    which is the reason you´r doing it, now you introduce
    resistance to it, and it bogs down, and it doesn´t happen.
    "Alright Abraham, I´ll raise my vibration if it´ll get me over there.
    But I´m not over there, I´m over here. But I´ll raise my vibration,
    so that I can get away from this spot."

    And we say: No, you won´t!
    As long your attention is on the spot where you are, and you don´t
    wanna be there, you´r not gonna raise your vibration!
    You have to find SOME WAY of detaching from what is.
    And the only way we know, of detaching from one thought,
    is to give your attention to another.

    And so that is, why we want you to give your attention to the
    UNCONDITION for just a little while- until you show yourself
    that you HAVE THE ABILITY, to feel the flow and the good-
    feeling of ALIGNMENT


    And once you show yourself that, then you are free. Finally free!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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