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Thread: the way things manifest is your proof 🌵

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    the way things manifest is your proof 🌵

    "But Esther acknowledged because of the way it turned out, because the way things manifest, thatís your proof, isnít it? The way things manifest, is your proof of whatís going on in your vibration. Oh, oh, thatís painful to hear. ďWhatís happening is proof? Whatís happening is an indication of my vibration? Abraham, give me a break, didnít you hear the recording?Ē We said, we heard the universal recording, we heard the same recording that Law of Attraction heard..

    Well, that right there explains to all of you, the reason that is nobody elseís fault, anything that happens to you. And while we acknowledge that it sure feels better to blame somebody else, than it does to accept your own stupidity, Ö.well we got just a little carried away there, than it does to accept your own guilt. In every case, whatever is coming to you, is a vibrational indicator of what youíve got going on vibrationally.

    There is never ever an injustice that is done, ever, ever, ever. But there are plenty of times that you get something different than what you want. But when you get something different than what you want, itís not because an injustice has occurred, itís because youíve got a different dominant vibration than your own desire. Ah, donít you love knowing that? Not so much."

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    Whether you are thinking about wanted things or unwanted things, you are still sending out a “request” to attract more things like the subject of your thought. And all things that happen to you - all people, things, experiences, situations that come to you - come in response to your Vibrational invitation.

    Noticing how things are turning out for you is one very clear way of understanding which Vibrational requests you are emanating, because you always get the essence of what you are thinking about, whether you want it or not.

    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from the book
    The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

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