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Thread: My experience with Abraham teachings

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    My experience with Abraham teachings

    4 months back, I was going through so much of upheavel in almost all departments of my life.After I started listening to Abraham, it all changed, and for better.I have more control on me and my feelings, and even situations.
    I have started noticing how manifestations can happen, be it small or big.
    I embraced their teachings wit an open mind, which I think is important.If you start with resistance, then more of it will be offered to you 😊...and then you will say ...see I told you this doesn't work.
    Because humans are wired to question everything and anything, I think we miss upon so many miracles that are out there.

    On lighter note - This may sound a bit funny, but offlate my inner voice talks to me in Esther's voice...probably effect of listening to Abraham's videos on you tube, but I like it

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    Sounds like a Success Story to me!

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