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Thread: My Rampage

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    My Rampage

    Day 1:

    Glad I got a lot done today. It felt good.
    Glad I am no longer floating in a sea of ambivalence about everything. I am CHOOSING stuff now.
    Glad I can sleep in every day.
    Glad I am with my kids more.
    Glad I have a floofy puppy dog to play with and walk.
    Glad I have everything I need financially and more is on the way.
    Glad I have a new house that I can personalize.
    Glad I am so close to town and can walk and enjoy the sites, the foods, the shops.
    Glad the weather has been unseasonably warm.
    Glad for flexibility and predictability.
    Glad I have two awesome neighbors.
    Glad I have a faithful and kind husband.
    Glad my son is so darn sweet-hearted and funny to boot.
    Glad I could go to my training this month and get more insight into life.
    Glad I am losing weight!
    Glad I get to eat cake and donut and still lose weight!
    Glad I get to do martial arts.
    Glad I have a new computer.
    Glad I love my new bedroom.
    Glad my girls have a cute new bedroom and new loft beds.
    Glad my DH has a great job that he loves.
    Glad so many good things are on the way too!

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    My Rampage Day #2

    Glad I have this new MacBook.
    Glad the kids get to sleep in and relax and pursue their interests.
    Glad the sun is beaming today.
    Glad for warm coffee and a gorgeous, good natured dog.
    Glad DH has a job he loves and a good income.
    Glad for such wonderful neighbors.
    Glad I am close to my family.
    Glad M moved back home.
    Glad I got so much organizing done yesterday.
    Glad I only needed 7 hours of sleep last night and am still waking up feeling HEALTHY, WEALTHY, & WISE.
    Glad my new house has MORE than enough room for everything I want to create here.
    Glad I have one new client and she is doing well.
    Glad I got all my admission papers turned in and got a great referral.
    Grateful for the internet and so much wonderful information to assist IN-LIGHT-IN-MIND.

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