Fear about reaching for Enlightenment?

HS wants to line up into enlightenment.

What is the somewhat slight fear that I experience, when the energy in my body starts to move?

Itīs a somewhat slight thought, about somewhat about it!

Esther was afraid she was gonna possessed, she heard that:
"Ohhhh Esther, only bad things will come, when you tune into God!"

(big laughter) -It was basically what she heard people say. Pure positive energy- she KNEW it was good. She could feel it was good. She never felt love like that, before, in her life! And then, some fearful people would warn her about it and she thought: "That CANīT be right! Something that FEELS like this, CANīT be that."

from the clip
Abraham Hicks 2017 Enlightenment, and Fear! Law of Attraction French Riviera Mediterranean Cruise