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Thread: Vibrational improvements on the subject of money--from general to specifics

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    Vibrational improvements on the subject of money--from general to specifics

    Just share the Vibrational improvements I am sure of. I am still on my way, and still molding my thoughts on this subject diligently. Want to milk my expansion and would be happy if someone get some practical messages from these posts.

    Money is a subject active in our daily life. But sometimes, we just don't want to consicously think about it, or can't--because it's painful.

    I didn't want to think about almost any aspect of money, for some time, until I thought it's time because I was more stable in terms of emotional set-point.

    First of all, I made a decision that this time I decided to continually improve my money vibe until I build financial stability I desire. It doesn't matter how much time it takes, even it means ten years. Determination is important. I don't want sporadic money manifestations, I want easy and stable money flow in and out according to my own desires.

    Self promise is imporant. I remind myself of it often since that decision. This is a very important foundation that will help you continually move on.

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    Measure your primary emotions about a specific subject

    Yes, I am honest with my emotions. It's a painful subject for me to even think about, in a deliberate way. It would easily take me out of the Vortex. So I chose to approach in a vey careful way. From a very general place.

    I am totally new on this subject. So I choose to see myself as a new born, and first of all, what I want to do is to intellectual learn something about it. Not jump into the practice, not randomly grab a process and then try it, but to get some sense and information first.

    I am learning something new. So I may not get it, understand it at first. But I will get better at it.

    I searched on youtube, listen to abe clips about money, feeling about them, and then choosing some that are resonating with me to repeatedly listen to. (at first, those clips that are generally talking about money, resonate with me most, because it is hard for me to get into too many specifics).

    In a good feeling state, and then repeatedly listen to them, again and again, especially those most resonating with me--for example, there is a money rampage clip in which Abe guided a photographer to generally talking about money from a place of appreciating nature. This part resonates with me very much, I would repeat it more times.

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    Milking vibrational improvements no matter how small it is

    Gradually, I feel my engergy begin to shift. It becomes easier to listen to, to read, to ponder those teachings that talk about money in a more specific way. A wonderful vibrational improvement to milk. To milk, repeatedly.

    So I begin to listen to those clips that have specific processes to shift our energy about this specific subject of money. I knew long ago, prosperity game, but that just didn't resonate with me. Then I thought I may try the process of dealing with monthly expenditures.

    Because, no matter what, I would still spend money to buy food, to pay the rent, to buy those important necessities, to pay the phone bills...

    At least by some thought shifts, I could make better use of the money at my hand.

    My state of being has shifted to a place that allows me to look more closely at my present money and what I want to access on a daily or frequently basis.

    I list those important necessities, and decide to put them in a more important position, to let them available to me at least for one month.

    This hepls me to use money in a more clear-minded and purposeful way. While before, sometimes, I would just randomly use some money and then put myself in a not so comfortable way. But when those important necessities are prepared or pre-payed in advance, I can get greater leeway, I can enhance my feeling of security and ease and comfort longer. This is very helpful.

    I am lucky to have the ability to easily implement my own plans if I am clear and sure about them. So, I would directly go to the supermarkets to buy what I planned, no struggling about thoughts like "maybe I could buy this, but..."

    Big vibrational relief comes from this. Really big. Because, I feel very happy for the freedom I get in terms of closely looking at the money I have, and planning about it based upon my own priorities and preferences or you could say also my own resistance about money.

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    Greater freedom of thinking of money. Greater freedom of offering some non-resistant thoughts about money. How wonderful is that! This is a big vibrational shift, attitudinal shift, that is worth milking again and again and again--and I do.

    Any releasing of resistance on the subject is worth milking. And on a subject that has strong resistance, repeating and milking and stabilizing every small improvement is very meaningful and useful.

    Milking it, milking it, on my mind, on my notebook.

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    Some examples of general appreciation or good-feeling thoughts of money along the way

    * I am glad to notice that now I can easily think about money from a non-resistant place.

    * I am glad to feel the empowerment I get because I can look closely at my money at my hand, in many cases, and calmly and more wisely plan about them. I feel more like I am the owner and the master of it.

    * I appreciate money because it brings me enhanced security, ease and comfort when I use it to buy paper rolls, shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, pens, etc.

    * I am glad to notice that now I can relate money to feelings and benefits like ease, comfort, neatness, freedom.

    * I am happy to viscerally feel the vibrational improvements on this subject.

    * I am glad to feel I become better at taking care of myself, taking care of my finance.

    * It is good to be able to frequently go to shops to buy what I want to eat, what I want to drink, what I want to use.

    * I appreciate Abe so much, because that process talking about monthly expenditure works very well for me. It brings much relief to me, open my mind more.


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    One thing lead to another. When my attitude toward how to manage money shifts, new life experiences also come.

    One day, I was consulting something about my smartphone. The customer manage said to me there were some benefitial activities, asking me whether I wanted or not. If I paid 100 yuan, I could immediately got extra 40 yuan as phone fee, and another 100 yuan given to me later on by stage. If it was before, I would immediately say no. But now when I ponder it, now that I use my phone every day, it would be a good deal. So I said yes. This happened about half a year ago, but I'm still benefiting from this deal.

    That day, I felt very happy about my shift, because obviously I had very new attitude toward many specific things related to money. I saw it a pleasing money-spending experience, that not only allowed me to use full functions of my smartphone longer, but lead me to pondering some economic concepts like pre-paying, paying or receiving by stages. Since then, I would remember and milk this experience, from time to time. Glad that I was able to relate money spending with more good feelings.

    Of course, along the journey, more pleasing money spending experiences came, for me to repeat and milk.

    When I feel primarily good, I write "Best feeling thoughts about money" every day. I usually write 3 to 4 pages, repeating non-resistant thoughts about money again and again, and add some new if I have.

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    The presence of money and its benefits--flexible ways to focus upon them

    By repeatedly listening to Abe talk about money and abundance and personal Vortex, I understand more and more that abundance is really totally personal thing. And everyone's abundance is in their Vortex, and no one else could take it away. So no negative comprasion or competition is needed, or beneficial. In fact, any negative comment or judgment about others' thriving only blocks our own abundance flow. By strengthening the above knowledge, my resistant thoughts and emotions related to others' thriving or prosperity become much less.

    Among so many others, I am sure I want my family members to thrive. So I begin to focus upon the benefits money brings to them. I begin to appreciate their thriving in this way or that way. I put these thoughts into the list of "best feeling thoughts about money".

    In fact, this is very beneficial, especially when you yourself don't have so much present money to feel appreciation. Then, feeling happy for others' financial abundance is also good and helpful in shifting your own money vibe.

    So when you have enough money to appreciate its benefits, then list your reasons of appreciation. If conditions shift, and it's hard for you to appreciate money in your own life, but still easy for you to appreciate some people's abundance, then feel good about their thriving.

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    Moving energy from easier aspects

    So many life aspects relate to money, and any releasing of resistance in any aspect of them is useful.

    It's clear that I have moved energy about how to manage money in my hands. And further more, when I am in the receptive mode, I think about how to deliberately use different bank cards, and assign differenct functions to them. I'm getting myself pre-pared better in this aspect. Because it becomes easier and easier for me to offer related thoughts.

    Then I also moved my energy in terms of appreciating money. This aspect is also unfolding. I began to feel happy for more people's thriving. For example, I was reading LaughingHeart's thread with strong appreciation, and felt very happy for his wonderful manifestations.

    Money is a big subject that relates to receiving money, managing money, spending money, etc. We may move energy in some aspects, and not so much in other aspects. So it's important to milk every improvement, even it feels like future oriented. Do not belittle them, instead, stabilize them and move them a little further if possible.
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    Intentional Reading

    I began to read more on abeforum, but my primary intentions was to absorb something that I could practice, I could use to further shift my energy. I was reading a thread in which Jody shared amazing stories of her father. Her father believed--"It's only money, no big deal. Money is easy to come."

    I was pondering this statement. Of course, I hadn't believe it. But I know it's the state I want to achieve one day. When I pondered that story, I understood this statement was a belief, and also a constantly used mantra to quickly release money related resistance and reassure one's trust in abundance in so many situations. When a family member complains about the price of something she wants, say to her, "Just go and buy it. It's only money." When a customer wouldn't pay the money, just remind, "It's only money. No big deal." ... You don't need to be positive about money, but when you rarely offer resistant thoughts about money, money flows in easily. By this continually active statement, you can feel how much less airtime one would give to resistant money thoughts. A specific condition happens, causing some discomfort, activating this belief, one can let go of resistance more quickly.

    From this story, I also get greater clarity of "teaching through the clarity of your example." When you believe something, when you clearly express this belief in different situations, and your life experiences match this belief, then people around you especially those still very aligned kids would be positively affected.
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    Milking pleasing money spending experiences

    Doesn't matter how many times you milk.

    One day, my mom decided to go to the supermarket, and I also wanted to buy something there, so we went together. After we arrived, we separated to pick things respectively. After a while, we met at the cashier counter, just as my mom took out some cash, I said to her, "I will pay." I showed the cashier my smart phone--there was my online account, she brushed it with a digital gadget, so I paid all the stuff my mom and I bought.

    That felt good. Hanging around with my family members in places like supermarkets, restaurants, etc., and pay for the things they buy, or the meal we have, could be a wonderful experience. I appreciate the money I have that allows me to have these experiences. I expect experiences of this kind more.

    So I am glad to have similar experiences with my friend.

    One day, when we were walking on the road, considering where to go and what to do next, an idea popped in my mind, and I expressed it to her, "Why not go to that cafe, and have a cup of coffee there? " She agreed, and we combined this idea with a long walk--because we like walking. So we walked to that cafe, I ordered my favorite coffee there, she ordered a cup of tea, I took out money and gave it to the cashier. We picked the nearby table, having a lighthearted chatting and drinking experience there.

    A week later, I initiated an invitation to her, saying to her, "It is such a nice day, would you like to come out for a walk with me?" She agreed, and we had a really nice afternoon. We discussed something in a very focused way in the cafe, we had pizza as supper, and when we walked out of the pizza restaurant, my friend was curious about the fried chicken sold at the nearby food stand. So I said to her, "Why not try it? Maybe it's delicious. Let's go." We walked to the food stand, and asked the boy behind the counter some questions, my friend picked a flavor, and I paid for it. We shared it on our way home.


    Glad to have more money spending experiences that relate to good feelings like lightheartedness, fun, pleasure, relaxation, ease.

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