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Thread: Vibrational improvements on the subject of money--from general to specifics

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    Acting upon impulses

    I planned to have a haircut, but I thought I'd better do it months later. But one day, I received the impulse of having the haircut. That's something interesting, but when I pondered it, I said to myself, "Why should I do it months later? All the conditions are available to me, why should I delay?" That's the difference between the logical mind and the intuitive mind. The logical mind was usually thinking,"I can do this only when this and this happen. I'd better play safe..."

    So I acted upon it, and enjoyed the ecperience, feeling good about the fresher and neater haircut. Then, I also found the timing was so wonderful. My Inner Being was really combining things together to bring me a lot of benefits at once.

    The most exciting part is that I now can receive money related impulses in a much clearer way than before. This is really worth milking.

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    Receiving money

    There are different ways to receive money. Not just from formal job, but many other avenues. It's a good time for me to milk some of them.

    I would receive a phone call, telling me I had a bank card that hadn't been used for 6 or 7 years. I forgot it totally, but after I asked for some money the day before, I received the phone call from the bank, and I found out there was some money in that bank card.

    I would go to the working place, then receive money as a special benefit for summer days. I could easily make the correlation between my asking (I asked for some more money the day before) and the result.

    I would deliberately relax, and then hours later, find out someone give me 200 yuan to continually use full functions of my mobile phone.

    I would offer some favor to people like my family members, and then receive money from them.

    I usually receive job opportunities by phone calls--it happens a lot. People just call me and ask me whether I want to do a particular job. Then, money came from these jobs I accepted. Based upon my own preferences and readiness, I would refuse those that don't feel good.

    I also find money in my purse out of the blue.

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    Re-post some of the stories I wrote in 2014

    A story happened in 2014

    It happened at a time when I was worried about lack of money. One day, I was walking on the street, doing self-talk. I really wanted to have some money coming to me. But I didn't know how. So I talked to God, and asked him/her/it to give me an answer, letting me get some money. After this self-talk, I chose to let go, and began to focus upon my walking--I love walking, it's my way to calm down. After less than 10 minutes, my phone rang, and I picked it. It was my previous editor calling, asking me whether I wanted to write some short articles or not. I was really shocked, because I had already ended our contract several months ago. It seemed that he totally forgot this thing. And of course I said yes, I'd love to. And I really got the money I wanted then. God answered me so quickly, so amazingly that I just couldn't forget it.

    A story happened in 2013

    There was a money story happened about one year ago.

    I needed some money for some particular reasons. But I didn't have enough money. I already knew LOA and Abraham, but somehow I was lazy in improving my money vibe consistently, so my money stories usually appeared when I was in urgent need of money. One day, I decided to experiment with this ask-and-it-is-given concept, and I asked God for a clear sign about money that day. Yes, I wanted to receive a clear response from God precisely that day. When I was living that day, I held an expectation of receiving the unknown message (I don't know now whether it was positive expectation or negative expectation).

    But the message didn't come until it was late when I would go to bed soon. So at that time I thought that's it, my experiment failed, and let me forget it. Then miracle happened. My brother texted me, asking me to talk to him with the chat software. At that moment, I felt a strong feeling that what he's going to say would be the message. And yes, my brother wanted to give me some money. I knew it was not the ideal way for me to get money, so I immediately refused his offering. But he insisted giving me money, and finally I accepted his money but insisted that it was lent, not given by him.

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