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Thread: Is it necessary to incorporate the 68 second rule when Im doing the Emo-scale process

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    please help

    I hate people. I've been angry at people for so long that the universe only brings me people that I totally disagree with and those who disagree with me. Every interaction results in instant rage. I'm beyond myself, it's like every topic of conversation is off limits for me. I feel like I'm surrounded by complete morons or just lying and manipulative POS.

    I cant stand it. I'ts so annoying and overbearing. I feel powerless. I've had all that I can take.

    Id like to believe that every interaction has some sort of benefit. there must be some good people out there. Id like to find them one day. If only I can find the right vibration, then maybe I can attract them into my life. I can feel that it should be better for me. I get pretty jealous when I see happy-go-lucky clicks of friends - I want to have that as well.

    I guess I am where I am and that's just the way it is. Everyone starts from where they are. This is a project that I'm working on right now. Everyone has a project that they're working on. There will always be a project that everyone is working on and I wouldn't want it any other way. I intended it to be a forever continuing journey when I came here, I don't want it to cease. It's ok to always be reaching for something more.

    Actually these people are helping me identify what it is that I truly want. I wouldn't have this clarity without these experiences. My IB is now so much bigger and is experiencing everything that I'm seeking. All those things that I now want more clearly - to be liked, to like, to agree, to be validated, to be in good company, to feel joy and immersed in good conversations, to have exciting relationships, to love, to have fun, to relax and feel good just to be myself around others, to feel togetherness and friendship and closeness and be accepted for who I am

    This is what I really want! The feeling I'm experiencing right now. The feeling of being whole and in alignment! The understanding that I don't need anyone to change or behave differently in order to feel good regardless. I don't even care if they pull me out sometimes, I can get right back in. I can feel love regardless!

    I'm feeling empowerment and excitement and freedom.

    woop woop

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    And you didn't even need our help. Good for you!

    Woop woop, indeed.

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    Awesome. Where is the best place to do these without POE's format? I just like the traditional going-general process.

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    You've created the perfect place for yourself right here. Align on!

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    I have been trying to understand the process intellectually instead of just doing it and let it lead me to clarity via vibration.. but it's ok, ive finally got it.. also, writing it is 100% more effective..

    I'm blessed. thank you

    they will laugh at me
    its embarrassing
    im not good enough
    im a failure
    im a loser
    thats what they all think
    they know
    im no good
    im not worthy
    i suck
    it hurts
    it feels bad
    i cant stand it
    too long
    ive had enough
    its not good
    sucks too much
    ive had it

    things arnt always bad
    i dont always feel like this
    ive been making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be
    cant feel good all the time and it would be exhausting if i did
    didnt come here to be perfect at all times
    no one is perfect at all times
    doesnt really matter
    no one really cares
    theyre too busy with their own shit
    if they do, its about them and not me
    i dont really care

    i can feel good regardless
    i can feel the light is calling me
    i can feel the connection
    i can feel that its effortless and theres no need to try
    no need to figure anything out
    or earn anything
    or prove anything
    or explain anything

    just let go
    feel good
    feels good
    i like to feel easy
    feels nice
    feels good
    its who i am
    its natural to feel like this
    i like it
    im starting to really feel it
    holy crap!

    this is absolutely amazing!

    wtf have I been doing all these years?!
    nah, it's cool.. i know that everything happens for a reason
    everything has its benefit
    all is well

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    OK I'm really in boredom now. If I stay here consistently will it take me into contentment or do I have to meditate in order to start positive momentum?

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