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Thread: Rediscovering my alignment to source and being back being happy :-)

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    Rediscovering my alignment to source and being back being happy :-)

    Hello everyone,

    I have been experiencing contrast at the end of last year and in the last month or so, restarted focusing on LOA and Abraham. I realised I lost myself in the pursuit of of my dream, putting pressure on myself and have been on my own way as I forgot that fun and detachment to the outcome were key to manifestations. I am rediscovering what excitement and thrill feel like in relation to what I want and on my way to an exciting journey of everlasting happiness, abundance, wealth and health :-)

    Looking forward to be participating in a cruise. Apparently the French Riveria cruise is now fully booked. Well I am sure something beautiful will manifest as I am feeling excited to be part of the audience and get to the know the wonderful students who have so great energy :-)

    I will be updating my journey regularly and am looking forward to be sharing with you all!

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    Welcome to the Forum, mina!

    Thank you for telling us a little bit about your journey to our Forum. I look forward to hearing about your vibrational journey back to your alignment!

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