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Thread: Me and the Cruise

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    ...So that means, for me, you are a tiled wall?

    You have at least thousands of pictures - AND now, VOICE!!!- from me!


    This piece of contrast that you hate,
    is the very thing that you asked for
    on a vibrational level
    in order to bring clarity to you -
    that you want more than life itself.

    San Diego Jan. 2015

    ...and do you remember this one?

    Life comes, when you make mistakes:
    Enjoy the fun and adventure of "doing it wrong"

    Abe tell a long and very funny story how Esther missed the right exit, boxed herself into a dead end at the airport, picked the worst parking place, got lost and had to walk a very long distance to her gate.

    (Esther) was flowing with such new found SELFRESPECT.
    NOT because she had learned a new airport! But because she didnīt beat up on herself, about how TRULY STUPID she had been!

    -How do you know, until you know?

    The airport is under construction, none of the signs are quite where they ought to be. And thinking back on it, she now sees how silly her mistake was- but HOW MUCH FUN she had, with all these people along the way!

    And then, when she got on to the airplane, THIS is really the part that we want to get to. She was in such a state of new found appreciation NOT because of her brilliant transfer through the airport- it was maybe the worst one anyone has ever done! But because it had been an ADVENTURE that didīnt get her down.

    And a learning experience, that will serve her well, because she will use that airport frequently. (...)
    The revelry in living happily ever after! That is what we wish for all of you, you see! But it takes some opportunities to beat up on yourself, in order to know the deliciousness of no longer doing that.

    Now, that part is done with you!
    Youīve beat upon yourself LONG ENOUGH.

    But what we wish for you to know, is how your IB feels about you, when you do those things, that youīr being hard on yourself, about: Your IB NEVER looks there. Your IB is always solution-oriented.

    And how remarkable it was, that every step along the way there was someone to help Esther out of the pickle, that she had gotten herself into. There is always someone there! There is always a path of less resistance- or a path of more resistance. So you can make life as hard on yourself as you want to, and most people- from the moment of their first realizing that they have made a mistake- they go down a road of harder and harder and harder and harder for quite a while.

    And itīs just not necessary! From the moment that you realize that youīr off your beat from where you want to be, your IB is even MORE available to you, because
    THATīS when the real fun of life begins!!

    When you know exactly what youīr doing, and youīr not doing any strong asking for guidance, and youīr just in a sort of road-way, following the patterns that youīve always done, doing the same thing all day, every day- putting everything right where you meant for it to be,

    -thatīs NOT creation!
    Thatīs regurgitating!

    Thatīs not expansion.
    Thatīs just repeating the same old thing!

    Thatīs not adventure-
    thatīs boredom.

    Life comes, when you make mistakes!

    Life comes, when you REALLY know what you donīt want, because that causes a stronger asking. And so, when you can just get used to that when there is something that you really know that you donīt want- to KNOW that the solution-oriented part of you, which is your IB and the team that is all of us- weīr on the case!

    And weīr offering suggestions, and there is no life MORE FUN or more WORTH LIVING, or more adventures then the life that you live, when youīve made a wrong turn, and your IB- and all of the IBīs friends are ON IT. The entire Universe becomes this cooperative playground, as you watch things balance out FOR YOU!

    Itīs why you seek adventure!
    You want to feel that exhileration-
    of all of that energy, moving with you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Self Criticism - Discover the value of your mistakes and wrong turns

    To me, it's like this_
    every contrast is as AH says a bouncing place...
    and when I have a contrast I know
    should I put a little effort to feel betterr
    betterrr, place I'll come to will be better place than the place I was standing on on the beginning, before contrast happened
    for contrast has energy n it

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    much love, Ana!

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    On the beach :)
    I met someone who had been on the cruise!! She was hilarious. She knew nearly nothing about Abe, her sister dragged her along. She didn’t even really enjoy the workshops and did a hilarious act about how Esther “does her thing” and also about how everyone THINKS they’ve been chosen for the hotseat.

    But she said she LOVED being with all the people and said it was amazing to be with so many people focused on JOY, so much so that the crew talked about how much they love working with Abers. She even got goosebumps telling us about it!!

    I tried to ask her if she met POE but she said she met so many people she couldn’t keep them all straight.

    But she is DEFINITELY going on the Greek Islands Cruise. She can’t wait.

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    Leslie, this lady really sounds like fun!
    thanks for sharing, and for reminding me about the crew- they all have been sooo TITITO. I was blown away by them. You know, I have so much fun with people all day long- I seem to meet them all on the HFD, but this crew from the ship was special! When I thanked the man on the buffet on the very last day for his service and mentioned how incredibly friendly they all are, he looked me deeply into the eyes and answered sincerely "thank YOU!" -I felt his appreciation for us Abers so deeply.

    -Ohh, and it was hard to tell the Abers from the other guests. It happened more than once that I guessed my delightful, highflying vis-ā-vis was for sure an Aber, and they where puzzled and said "no! But please tell me, WHO are you Abers?"

    I have given the "elevator-speech" (after the Abe-clip with same name, where David asked Abe how he can explain the Abers in short form Teachings of abraham "elevator speech") so often, on the cruise!

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    Elevator Speech to explain who you, as an Aber, are:

    (asked by HS David about what being an Aber is about)

    If we would stand in your physical shoes, this is what we would say:
    "This is an environment, -use whatever word you want, a seminar- this is an environment where I explore the art of selfishly devouring the beauty of life."

    (audience laughing and cheering)
    Now, thatīs the right answer! But there are a few things wrong with that answer! Iow, everybody is not gonna like it, are they! And a teacher is only as effective as his ability to understand where his student is, yes?

    So, when you use the word "selfish", immediately they think you are doing hedonistic, sexual things in here. Or something... maybe. So, you want to find a word that will resonate with them, in a way. And so you look for something that EVERYONE wants, that is softer. And so you say:

    "Oh, Iīm on a Joy-Quest, and I found it."

    Or, "Iīm discovering the art of living life from a state of joy, no matter where I am standing, or what Iīm looking at."

    Or, "Iīm discovering how I tune myself to the best that this world has to offer, and the better job I do of tuning myself, the better job this world has, of offering to me!"

    Or: "I come for the fun of it! And boy, am I having fun! Are YOU?"

    -that sort of thing. But before you can exude your joy of what youīve discovered, you gotta be there, you see. And if you are there, the people that LoA is causing you to rendezvous with are either there, too, and will really get what you say, or they are somebody who is reaching for it. And so, not many words are necessary.

    Often, just a smile or a sigh of contentment -"ahh, isnīt that a beautiful day!" -iow, we really, really want you to remember that it is not your work to proselityze anyone or bring them to this work. Let LoA do itīs work, and you just be the joyful being that you are, and let LoA do itīs work-

    -and just say whatever comes from your joyous heart through your joyous mouth, whenever you feel like it.

    Yes, the smile, the smile and the heart say it all, very quickly. Thank you!

    July, 2007 Alaskan Cruise, from the clip

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